March Madness IV: Championship Times


We started this tournament off with sixteen armies striving for the crown. After a month of tournament rounds, many close battles, and historic moments, it’s finally time for the March Madness Tournament Championship Battle. Read on for the times.


  • No army may enter the predetermined battle room before a judge calls the start of the battle.
  • No asking for assistance from allies.
  • No use of bots, multilogging, hacking, or threats.
  • Any other instances of foul play can and will be punished at our discretion.
  • Judges will judge on size, tactics, organization, and consistency.
  • Championship battle will be 45 minutes with two room changes. The first at :15, the second at :30.
  • If no winner can be determined within the given time, a 15-minute overtime will be initiated.


Championship Battle Times:

Saturday, April 2nd

[3] Night Warriors vs [7] Army Republic vs

 [9] Nachos








Since a 1v1v1 tournament final is somewhat unorthodox, so will our format of judging. For this battle, there will be a total of four judges, to prevent the voting from ending in a 1-1-1 result. If the voting results in a 2-2 vote, the battle will enter a 15-minute overtime with another room change between the two armies with the highest votes.





65 Responses

  1. go nachos

  2. first btw

  3. Good luck to those participating

  4. Lets go Nachos we must win this!

  5. This is it, NW!

  6. Good luck to everyone! Also goblin, I request that no ACP member judges this battle.

  7. second that

  8. Nachos!
    Please, win this tournament. For your the best enemy, RPF! 😀
    Yes, I’m crazy/stupid lol.

  9. 3PM EST – 8pm UK

  10. UK time is 1 hour after GMT so correct!

  11. Who do i speak to about remaking an army

  12. You have to talk to Jodie, just go ahead and spam her PC until she replies. She’s in charge of these things.

  13. this isnt fair

    NW automatically wins because nachos and AR wont be able to help each other such bias…

  14. Third that

  15. And you will be watching on the sidelines crying as usual.

  16. Let’s not forget NW will max 60, so yeah it’s only a matter of time. #DARKNESSBEFOREDAWN

  17. And you’ll be getting shoved into a locker, as usual. Calm down little man. If anyones still worked up over armies its you, someone who’s 18 and still in armies is more insulting than Chip 😦

  18. Everyone knows NW will win obviously.

  19. Rightttttt; chill out.

  20. Hey badboy, do you know if swat is still alive

  21. I cant get on xat without it screwing up. How do i go about contacting Jodie

  22. Does anyone know is S.W.A.T is still alive, i havent heard from Ganger in ages

  23. yo, the only army that maxes 60+ is LT, k kid? NW maxes 30. Chill ur pants. XXfucksoldier isn’t as good as you think he is.

  24. I second the motion for no Acp/UMA being allowed to judge. Including gob.

  25. Rooting for Army Republic here but its either them of NW that wins and how do the Nachos always seem to make the finals but when there isn’t a tourney they don’t even come close to averaging as much?

  26. Well, I’m the gamesmaster/CEO who hasn’t been UMA since 2012, so that’s a no.

  27. I honestly don’t understand the mentality behind “ofc NW is gonna win.”

    Three massive armies are going to be trying to fit into one room at a time, you really think NW is going to get all 60 in that room before Nachos and AR fill it?

    There is the ever-present issue of Multilogging. Since theres no solid evidence against anyone in particular, I’ll speak generally.

    The armies that are most known for their legitimacy, whoever that may be, will have an easier time getting genuine troops in the room as apposed to an army that is not known for their legitimacy, whoever that may be.

    In other words, this battle is honestly anyones game. Don’t count yourself out before the tournament battle even begins. As so as you start thinking like victim, you become one.

  28. Good one, bro. (Y)

  29. Good luck to all three armies, I look forward to witnessing an epic battle for the crown. Although my army lost in the Final Four, I am still cheering u guys on!

  30. I’m not one to do this, but observe the like to dislike ratio on any comment you have ever made to me and the reality of your mental state as well as your social skills may start to kick in.

  31. dont mess wit us we got LT on our side

  32. You are still biased

  33. you’re like peter dinklage in elf, always so angry

  34. Actually, you are still biased.

  35. All I’m saying is…

    “In 2012, Dinklage’s role on “Game of Thrones” won him a Golden Globe for best supporting actor in a mini-series, series or motion picture made for television. CelebrityNetWorth reports Dinklage makes $150,000 per episode and is worth a cool $10 million.”

    And you’re a kid sitting on the internet who thinks his superiority complex extends to kids who may or may not be shorter than him over the internet because that’s all you have. Oh and you feel as if I’m too old for this game even though you have no idea what my age is seeing as you’ve tried to berate me with three different numbers in a week.

    Your short jokes don’t bother me and they never will. I’ve been called far worse by people far more important over much more serious issues so please, save it for someone who cares to digest the stupidity of the filth you leave on these comments. How you can look at the words you write and know that in months, maybe even years, these comments will forever stand as your writing with your alias entitled upon them is beyond me.

    I’m just going to hope you’re one of those challenged individuals whose defected brain has left them a limited life span so the world doesn’t have to deal with you any longer than it has to. Amen and goodnight.

  36. Obviously none of us will be judging you dumb ass, you’re opinion matters not

  37. Neither does the correct form of your/you’re, apparently.

  38. you must be a south pole elf…..

  39. Its funny I have this kid writing essays just by calling him short. When will you stop taking armies so seriously man???

  40. shut up, Bad. I’m probably taller than you and I’m 5’8. I’m genetically tall….

  41. I doubt you’re taller than me, and if you are then I’d rather be short than look like a muffin that is so heavily buttered. And I do not care if you are genetically tall, because if we’re talking about genetics here then that leads me to believe your parents are also fat, and if so, thats a hilarious family portrait I would love to see

  42. If you’re still calling me fat, it means you’re unhappy with yourself. And for the record, none of the members in my family are fat. Do us all a favour, and just stop checking CPAC. You obviously have no interest in armies, so why are you still here?? So what if Burr is short? Does’t mean you need to bully him about it. So wa if images got leaed? Doesn’t mean they were mine. Before you go calling others out, how about looking at yourself in the mirror. :^)

  43. Jesus christ phin… do you have an off button???? ( nvm don’t answer that, she’ll take pictures of it and scar us all )

    First of all, my argument with Burr had nothing to do with you to begin with so you’re literally asking for a problem by butting in. If hes so big and strong I don’t think he needs you to defend him lol.

    How would calling you fat have anything to do with me being unhappy???? Is autism speaking loudly once more???? You said you were genetically tall, so I assumed the genetics passed over and that they were fat before giving birth to your ratchet self. The doctor probably performed a double c-section for the first and only time in his career. Why should I stop checking CPAC? I work here lol. A week ago I had no interest but I was asked to help out at CPAC so thats what I’m doing. You, on the other hand, are in no armies, and work for no news site, you’re just moping around starting shit with people as per fucking usual, so why aren’t you the one to go away, its what we all want. if you havent gotten the memo already, no one seems to like you 😦

    “So what if Burr is short” see i could understand where you’re coming from if it were the first offense, but like you, Big bad burr over here has a tendency to start shit with people for absolutely no reason. He, too, commented first to start an argument, which is where you two relate.

    Now heres the part where I literally want to hit you. You continue on and on to deny those pictures were yours, but it’s a proven fact around here that it was you, and we’ve been here before Phin. All you have to do is admit it, and people will maybe start to show the littlest of respect for you. Lying just makes things worse and makes people hate your annoying ass even more. Lastly, I would love to go look in the mirror, because I’d see the greatest man alive, opposed to having the glass crack and grow legs and run away when I look into it, like you.

    Now to sum this up Phin, stop commenting back to me, unless you want me to embarrass you further. My argument with Burr, even if it is an argument bc I don’t see the sense in his essay’s, had nothing to do with you, and has nothing to do with you, so stay out of it. Go eat a twinkie or something….

  44. Four paragraphs qualifies as an essay for you? Thanks for the insight on your general educational standards…

  45. Actually phinny, you are fat, if that photo you once showed me was actually you.. 😉

  46. Yes you dick

  47. *Yes, you dick

  48. As a matter of fact, I am in IH, and I help LT during events. I don’t even LIKE twinkies lol. Get over it, even if it WAS me, it was in June. If you’re STILL going on about it, you obviously don’t know how to move on like 75% of the community has. Just because someone in a pictureis fat, DOESN’T give you the rigt to make fun of them for it. Didn’t Waterkid expose you and the rest of DCP once? I wouldn’t be talking if I were you.

  49. Four inches still doesn’t qualify as a man tho..

  50. Wait hold up, I thought you claimed before that you were less interested than I am, and now apparently you’re in IH and helping at LT events. seems legit

    “Even if it was me”. Exactly why I still go on about it is because you still won’t gain some courage and admit it already. And tbh no one has really moved on from it, i’m just the only one who addresses it publicly but legit EVERYONE still talks about it. If it wasn’t you why are you getting so defensive over me calling ‘them’ fat, why would it bother you so much??? And yeah, I guess using a cropped picture from 3 years ago claiming it was recent is really exposing me. Not to mention I had a girl with me, but according to him its my cousin lol…. I’ll admit that picture looks horrible, but its not half as bad as getting ugly ass nudes leaked and not having the balls to admit it was you. When you gain some integrity and take responsibility for something you did wrong then maybe I’ll take you seriously, but for now I suggest you get off the comments before I embarrass you further.

  51. Then you better hook yourself up with a strap on.

  52. I didn’t need one to impregnate your mother

  53. Fuck, my family is doing alright, but we don’t have the kind of money to support a mentally challenged child for 18 years.

  54. Well thats odd, havent they been doing that for 18 years already?

  55. Cancerous comment above ^

  56. cancerous body fat above ^ don’t look or you’ll turn to stone :I

  57. cancerous dumbf*ck who bullies people for a living. ^^^ Don’t hire this thing as a PT instructor.

  58. Dude the times are wrong, GMT = 5 Hours+ from EST

  59. Good Luck to all 😀

  60. Shaddap Badboy, Your a princess bear waiting in bed to kiss the frog.
    Besides you’d automatically be tazered with 1800 force.
    And don’t even get me started with the beast!

  61. Triggered^^^ 😦

  62. I’ve never seen such a solid dislike to like ratio. :^)

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