Top Ten Armies: 3/27/2016

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – One former titan falls entirely from the Top Ten, leaving many in contention for their spot.


1. Night Warriors [+1][73.50]

2. Water Vikings [+2][68.00]

3. Nachos [+3][65.50]

4. Army of Club Penguin [-1][65.37]

5T. Rebel Penguin Federation [+3][63.00]

5T. Army Republic [+0][63.00]

7. Night Rebels [+0][56.73]

8. Golds [+1][56.50]

9. Club Penguin Police Department [NEW!][55.00]

10. Green Mercenaries [NEW!][51.50]



1. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors kicked off the week by facing the Nachos in March Madness, winning the battle and maxing about 36. Next, they had a training session with a top size of about 37. Their next event was a recruiting/training session which saw them reach around 25. NW trained to prepare for the next March Madness battle with a max of 33, and at the battle itself, 39.


2. Water Vikings:The Water Vikings commenced the week with a UK U-Lead event in which sizes of 28+ was reached. The following day saw a patrol of Yukon were they maxed 30+. They celebrated WV lead er Jack’s birthday on Club Penguin and attained sizes of 34+ before proceeding to end the week off with yet another UK training session where they saw 33+ troops online.


3. Nachos: The Nachos began the week with their Quarter Final battle in the March Madness Tournament against the Night Warriors. They maxed 35 during the battle. The next day, they successfully invaded Cabin with a top size of 17. Then they hit 18 for their invasion of Cream Soda. Later that day, the Nachos invaded Sleet unopposed with 14 troops. At the invasion of Ice Shelf, they topped off at 22. They continued chipping away at ACP’s nation, reaching sizes between 12-25. At the end of the week, they won the Redemption Round of the March Madness Tournament and maxed 30.


4. Army of Club Penguin: The ACP had many events from dates 3/20-3/26. They had many sizes at these events, and did many tactics at these events. This is why they’re at 4th. 


5T. Rebel Penguin Federation:The Rebel Penguin Federation began their week participating in CPAC’s March Madness, rendering a victory against the Night Rebels with sizes of 16+. In preparation for the next round, the RPF held two training sessions where they reached sizes of 13+ and 15+ respectively. The RPF then proceeded onto a practice battle with the Army Republic in which they suffered a loss amidst attaining respectable sizes of 18+. The RPF proceeded onto holding a formation training session where they managed to get 13+ troops online, a UK training session where they maxed sizes of 11+, as well as a U-Lead with sizes of 12+. Nearing the end of the week, they partook in a practice battle against the Green Mercenaries Army where they took home a victory with sizes of 19+. Finally, they lost against the Night Warriors in the Final Four round of the March Madness, where they managed sizes of 16+.


5T. Army Republic: AR’s first event this week was a UK training session where they maxed 20. They followed up with a US training session and reached 25. The next day, they got 16 at a UK U-Lead, then 17 at a US training session. At their next UK training, Army Republic peaked at 16 again. Then they had a practice battle against RPF with a top size of 21. Following that, they invaded Rocky Road with 14 troops. Later in the week they faced the Golds in a practice battle and topped off at 16. AR’s final event this week was the March Madness battle against ACP, where they maxed 30.

7. Night Rebels: NR’s first event this week was their March Madness battle against RPF, where they claimed to have maxed 30. After that, they had a UK practice battle against the Green Mercenaries with a top size of 15. They maxed 15 again at a UK training session the next day. Their AUSIA division defended Marshmallow from GM, maxing 9. Lastly, NR faced the Nachos in the March Madness Redemption Round with 23 troops.


8. Golds: The Golds commenced the week with a UK training event where they maxed 16+ as well as a UK recruiting event with sizes of 19+. They moved on to two US training events with sizes of 12+ and 15+ respectively. Nearing the end of the week, they partook in a PB against the Army Republic where they claimed sizes of 18 and a UK training session with sizes of 20+.


 9. Club Penguin Police Department: CPPD had their opening training event March 26th with sizes of 22+. Later that same day, they had better luck with another training session that saw sizes of 25+.

10. Green Mercenaries: The Green Mercenaries have faced a turbulent week, after dealing with a deface which lead to the loss of the majority of their events. Amongst the images recovered were two events, with the first being a training event. In this, the army maxed sizes of 24, averaging 22. Their only other recovered event was a practice battle versus the Night Rebels. In this, the GM attained sizes of 25 throughout.



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  3. this legit came out 5 seconds ago and zoomy won…

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  7. Happy easter!

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  10. Congratulation, you win the 2nd place prize in our contest!

    You win a firm handshake and a cookie.

  11. thanks xD eats cookie. SCREW XAT I GOT COOKIES LOSERS

  12. You’ve selected option C! Feel free to collect your love and emotional support anytime! No take backs, refunds, or exchanges!

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  14. Get yo ass on golds chat *redface*

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    lol we are on top10 already!

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    Keep up the rise, 2nd on the Top Ten!

  18. When the top ten forgets SWAT and LT

  19. ACP’s bio so short?

  20. Great job WV!!! We are a force to be reckoned with. Keep up the hard work!!! ❤

  21. ACP 4th? Pfft. Look at the size of them.

  22. 4. Army of Club Penguin: The ACP had many events from dates 3/20-3/26. They had many sizes at these events, and did many tactics at these events. This is why they’re at 4th.

    Kill Yourself

  23. Not bias at all,
    Wheres the Light Troops at?

  24. im in nachos but how did AR not go up they beat act

  25. Good Job WV, where is LT?

  26. *ACP

  27. good stuff wv nachos & ar

    lmao uma is bad

  28. also wheres the love for my lt buddies

  29. aye lets get it WV, NACHOS, AR

  30. ur lucky ur still in top 10

  31. Nice work to everybody who made the top 10!

  32. We also maxed 103 yesterday.

  33. Add LT, CPAC cunts

  34. Good job, Nachos! Let’s aim for 1st next week!


  36. It’s about time we got back to the top spot. #DARKNESSBEFOREDAWN

  37. Well done, NW.

  38. Wait, why did I say SWAT??

  39. ACP’s Bio is complete biased bullshit and AR respectively did better then the nachos this week. Go fuck yourselves CPAC.

  40. “Our docks are bigger.” Damn that’s so nostalgic

  41. I like pie

  42. I wrote an extensive research essay over the past two weeks, any thoughts?

    Hey, Spam, don’t do it. Thank you.

    – Gob

  43. I attend Water Viking events in the bathtub for best results.

  44. irrelevent but nice job

  45. Give me it.

  46. what the actual fuck dude..

  47. I’m totally NOT gonna read this..

  48. Fuck off Toy ;/

  49. i liked the part on how you said Franz von Papen what a puppet but instead used that tp gain power, yes very informative.

  50. Probably one of the best papers I’ve read. Really good job lol

  51. Pretty accurate and informative. Should have been concluded with a conclusion of the difference before and after. 90% – Good work!

  52. Please don’t copy your essays from online websites. Thanks!

  53. Top 5 four times out of five. Well done RPF. We’re on the rise once again. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! And I have a special message for all armies: I may be from RPF, but deep down, I respect every single army that exists in CP, even my enemies. Hope u guys continue to have fun with armies! -Zottffss, RPF Warlord. 🙂

  54. good job everyone who made top ten, but more importantly, how tf did Zoomey comment so fast.

  55. Tflmao

  56. dang LT were proud to be your allies


  58. First time I’ve actually died of laughter from a Gob comment

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  60. Overlooked

  61. Wow the comments section has prostitution but in a joking matter

  62. You’re like, 20, and you still comment on a CP website. Don’t you have a life? Not to be rude, I still respect you, but come on, this is a kids game lol.

  63. I don’t comment every day and as matter of fact I actually have a life compared to many of these muppets

  64. Yes, yes you do comment everyday. Multiple times a day.

  65. you should had chosen B (wary)

  66. Actually if you cared enough to pay attention I have reduced the number of days to 3 at most so get your facts straight before basing your shit off the past prick

  67. Nice try though but unrealistic now that I actually have better things to do and got a real iPhone too

  68. Anything else you would like to accuse me of ridiculously?

  69. Kbye studying for class and charging Phone now

  70. luv the message from gob

  71. I got a 6s+ lol. Where have you been? “I got a real iPhone too” Is it your first phone? jkily Rocky. But yea, chill out on the comments pls mate :^)

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