Green Mercenaries Defaced

After surrendering to Night Rebels, Green Mercenaries’ site has been defaced by former leader, Trains2014. Will Green Mercenaries be able to recover, or will they drop back down to SMAC?

Yesterday, Green Mercenaries surrendered to Night Rebels after a war that lasted only one day. Green Mercenaries surrendered their whole nation to Night Rebels. Here is a post made by Rishron about GMA surrendering.

Greetings NR,

Today, after the Ausia Defense, GMA surrendered the war. They were scared too much to fight us. We get all of their servers as stated below.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 4.29.43 PM

It is now official. GMA transfers their nation to NR. GG Multilog Army.

~Rishron, Robot, Finwobbler and Kyle103

NR Leaders

Trains2014 surrendered to Night Rebels on behalf of the Night Rebels Empire, but then ten minutes later he also told Night Rebels that he had multilogged 7 accounts for Green Mercenaries and that their sizes were illegitimate. Trains alleges that Samsungy commanded all the leaders to multilog four accounts at events. At the time, Green Mercenaries had four leaders so according to Trains they had been multilogging 16 accounts every battle.

Soon after Trains admitted that he multilogged for Green Mercenaries, Greeny gained administrator on site and defaced it with Trains. They posted pornography on site and then reporter the site to WordPress. It is against the rules to post pornography on WordPress sites, so the site was suspended by WordPress staff. This had happened to Ice Warriors and CP Army Central when Zack and Coff defaced them by RATing Cody.

Green Mercenaries deny that they multilogged and have accused Trains of lying. Trains has went under many different aliases in the past and has claimed he was led the Underground Mafias Army under a different name. It is possible that Greeny and Trains could have been collaborating to frame Samsungy, so Trains could get LGA Commander in the coming weeks.

Interview with Samsungy, Green Mercenaries’ Leader

Is it true that Trains2014 and Greeny defaced site?

Wel,l Trains became leader and Greeny got his dox and said if he didn’t add him to GMA site then he would release it, then Greeny defaced site.

Why does Greeny hate Green Mercenaries?

I’m not sure, he wanted to be US Leader, but we chose Burberry instead.

Is it true you asked Trains to multilog penguins during events?

No, there isn’t any proof of me even saying that.

Samsungy then linked me this

What does the future hold for Green Mercenaries?

A good string of events where we will eventually reach 5th on the Top Ten.

Any further comments?

Don’t delay, join GMA today.

It seems that GMA site was defaced out of jealously that Burburry was given leader and not Greeny. Here we have another example of blackmail and hacking in armies which led to the deface of a rising army in the Top Ten. Samsungy is still confident that Green Mercenaries will still rise and has already scheduled events for this week. I doubt Trains will be rehired as leader even though he was blackmailed. I think that GMA will suffer this week from the deface, but they will be fine in the long-term.


CP Army Central AP


18 Responses

  1. Poor them.

  2. LOL that trains guy always saying he is brigade3 and trying to join large armies

  3. Poor them lool.

  4. He said I got his dox LMAO? He pc’d me saying GM is ruined and that he would add me to site. He then doesn’t add me to site until he is finished defacing. I never got his dox lol.

  5. Another multilogging army? What are the odds!

  6. >i have a life
    >i dont care about armies
    >you guys take this too seriously
    >yall need to get a life
    most comments made by one person on CPAC

  7. Like you, I’m not on xat that much. On weekdays I’m on for about an hour, then I go off and do stuff. Yea, I have a life. :^)

    I only comment when people reply bc they’re CPA noobs. I don’t get mch free time bc I’m always busy. Does that help you out a little?

  8. I highly doubt you’re busy. I mean after all, you have the most comments on CPAC. And let’s be honest, you’re notorious for constant lying. ex: You lying about your nudes and hilarious trying to cover it up with 1000 different stories.

    So it’s blatantly obvious that your claims are a bunch of lies.

  9. You realise that sending pictures is considered a felony, and you can get arrested for it? I’m obviously stil here, and not behind bars.

    Second, I actually became busy with school, so I’m not on xat as much as others. I’m most active on weekends, otherwise I’m offline %75 of the time.

    Why do you still comment if you’re not even in armies? Last I checked, Rocky has the most comments on CPAC. Have you seen the TT comments?

    You’re just as pathetic as Badboy when he leas SWAT to failure for who knows how many times lol. Just another CP Army failed leader.

  10. Yet at least I have a far more respectable reputation than yours. I don’t get called a “whale” every time I enter a xat chat.

    And yes, I’ve seen the comments on TT. You comment just as much or even more than Rocky. I would like it if a CPAC staff would post a screenshot for the list of people with most comments on the site.

    You’re calling someone pathetic yet you’re the one to go nude on a tinychat and then make up blatantly false stories just to cover it up.

    You act as if you are superior to everyone in this community, when in fact it’s the complete opposite. Phin, you’re the most disrespected figure in this community. You need to get a life sometime, alright? And no don’t give me that bullshit about you being busy because everyone knows it’s not true lmao.

  11. You just like to start sh*t, don’t ya? I don’t even get called a whale o xat. Nobody in LT,IH, NR, NW call me that. I don’t know about the rest.

    You think I care what other people think or say about me? This is the inernet, unless you can say it to my face, you’re nothing but a weak, heartless Aussie cu*t who likes putting others down.

    I actually do have a life, I just read CPAC in my free time. I have exams and other sh*t irl so I’m almost never on. Besides, who would want to stay on xat 24/7 anyways?

    I’m going to end this rant before I kill your 5 brain cells due to reading this wall of text. Hope your Special ED instructor can help you read this. :^)

  12. Phin, you do realize you almost always start shit with another person in the comments section right? Literally every comment thread you begin to argue with someone because you intentionally write your comments to provoke and piss off another person. Don’t act innocent.

    You have exams? Well I’m sure you’re failing them right now because with your intelligence and the amount of time you put into make over 100 CPAC comments, CLEARLY you’re not studying. I’m not even basing them on just comments either, you have the intelligence of an year old.

    This is why the entire community hates you, you act as if you are the innocent one but we all know you’re always the one starting shit.

    You can barely comprehend others and emphasize others, you always think you are right and you never accept others.

    You are just a fat friendless girl acting tough behind a screen, when in reality we all know that you are the girl in the leaked picture trying to justify the abuse you receive at school.

    Don’t act all smart enough, you have one of the lowest IQs in this community, and that’s saying something.

  13. HAHA LOL! Don’t make me laugh. I’m actually one of the smartest kids in year 10, and my IQ is higher than 130.

    “Fat friendless girl” Yeah ok. I’m neither fat, nor friendless. Unlike you, I don’t depend on intenet friends to consider “friends”.

    I may act dumb, but that’s because I don’t like feeling like a nerd on the internet. Call me fat all you like, but just know it will come back to haunt you.

    I know I sometimes start sh*t in the comments, I will admit that. However, you commented back, causing this argument. In this case, you started it.

    “You have the intelligence of an year old” What’s the age? Can’t type right or something? I think you have too many chromosomes.

  14. If you think that just because someone made a typo it means they have a disorder then you’re mentally retarded. You’ve made typos before, so you’re saying that you have too many chromosomes as well?

    “I know I sometimes start sh*t in the comments, I will admit that. However, you commented back, causing this argument. In this case, you started it.”
    Are you seriously that dumb? You do realize you just contradicted yourself right? Please, do not start an argument if you have a poor claim and have poor argumentative skills.

    Phin, just stop. You can say all these things to make yourself feel better. Such as calling yourself smart when in reality you’re not, and you’re only saying that to gain more confidence.

    Truth hurts buddy, just because you make claims doesn’t mean they are all true.

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    I never said you had a disorder, though you probably have some that might not have been discovered. Nobody knows with you. If you really had a life, you wouldn’t even bother checking CPAC and commenting. Yeah, you TOTALLY have a life. Unless your life is going on xat?

    I for one have no time to be dealing with autists, such as yourself. You and Badboy are the only two in this community who still call me fat. Go to hell, wanker. I personally don’t give a bloody fu*k about yours or anybody else’s opinions. You think you can get me to “kms” over a club penguin chat? Wrong.

    Since you love pointing out things wrong with me, shall I point out your flaws?

    For one, you’re an aussie fa*got. Nobody really even misses you in this community. You haven’t done anything worth gaining respect. No, leading an army that multilogs doesn’t count as doing something either.
    You are not, and will not be the best in this community either. You’re the one who thinks he’s superior to others by putting them down. You can’t put me down. You can call me stupid all you want, but will I care? No. You’re just some loser on the internet who thinks his opinions matter, when they don’t.

    Try all you want, but you can’t and won’t make me quit checking CPAC. “Just because you make claims, doesn’t mean they are all true” What claims? LOL! Trader “claims” I actually stripped, when none of that is even CLOSE to being true. You’re just like the rest of this community, autistic, cancerous, and mentally retarded. In fact, nobody is or will be perfect. If you think you’re superior just because you call somebody out for being “fat”, then you can just go rot in the gas chambers like all the other ignorant pengfags in this community.


  16. “Why am I at the top of my class then?”
    Stop bullshit everyone knows that’s a lie, for an individual that is completely ignorant and lack common sense like you, that’s impossible. Unless you attend a school with others who need special needs like you, then it’s partially believable.

    Cancerous comments? Since you obviously care about this community so much, go ask anyone how they feel about YOUR comments, you are clearly failing to realize that you’re the most cancerous person in this community.

    No I don’t think I’m superior to everyone, because clearly’s that false. I know to admit to my mistakes and I learn to accept that I do things that I should not do. While YOU on the other hand, you’re too arrogant and selfish to accept that.

    At least I have friends in this community, I have those who I can trust and simply have a nice chat with. While you? No. Just look at the CPAC comments, every post you comment you argue with someone new. Look at the comments on the TT. It’s not just me, Trader, or Badboy, everyone from different armies despises you, this is why you’re known as the most cancerous figure in this community, the epitome of a lonely fat girl.

    Are you seriously that dumb? Unlike you I havn’t been on xat in months, and for you this is probably your 200th comment on CPAC in months, while this is my fifth. If you truly did have a life, you wouldn’t even be over 50. You claim you have a life? Yet you have the most comments on CPAC. Pathetic.

    “You’re giving me autism my making these irrelevant comments.”
    I’m giving you autism “my” making these irrelevant comments? That makes no sense. Learn how to type. As quoted from YOU, I guess you have an extra chromosome since you don’t know how to type.
    Nah, I’m not as irrational as you. People make mistakes, and obviously you are the type to make a lot of them.

    This is why the entire community hates you Phin. You are arrogant and ignorant, you put yourself above everyone else when in reality, no one likes you. This is why you were fired from IW LOL, your BFF Icey didn’t save you there.

  17. For starters, I was typing on my phone, and iPhones often have autocorrect. Get with the 21st century. Yes, I am one of the highly intelligent kids. Whatever you say can’t prove otherwise.

    Ok, if you think weighing 8.5- 9 stone is fat, you obviously need a brain transplant with one that has more than 5 brain cells. Calling me fat is one of the most irrelevant insults you have come up with so far.

    You want me to admit it? Fine. I’m only doing it to get you to shut the f*ck up, not because its true.

    Fired from IW? When?? I was inactive during that time. Icey wasn’t my “BFF”, he was just a friend.

    To name a few, Albc, Gtu, Katie, Toto, Sammie, Dominus, Domsamillion, Linny, Kyle, Rayzee Dawix, some of the LT, IH, etc actually are SOME of the friends that I have. On xat, that is.

    How would you feel if you got called “fat” over some “pictures” which clearly looked edited? Not a good feeling. Before you bully others, put yourself in THEIR shoes.

    Cheers, mate

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