Light Troops Announce Return

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – After shutting down 3 months ago, the Light Troops have announced their return once again. Will Light Troops dominate once again, or lay stagnant in the Top Ten?

After three months of being dead, Waterkid made a post on Light Troops site announcing their return to the community. Here is what Waterkid had to say.

Easter 2016

I will be out of college for 2 and a half weeks for Easter Holidays… 

and this time I will be giving out 6 month membership codes 🙂
Many armies claim to own Ice Box lol…. so our return event will be to cleanse it.

I went on Ice Box yesterday and I was overwhelmed by the amount of non yellow penguins I saw. It appears that penguins from other nations have migrated to Ice Box and taken advantage of the Light Empire sleeping. Christianity, the main religion of the Light Troops, has been replaced by Penguinslam.  Our return event will be an ethnic cleansing of Ice Box, and then we shall resume as being the bosses of the community.

I heard ACP and UMA were colonizing armies lol…. try colonize us🙂

Waterkid has always been a controversial figure in armies, since he led Pirates against the Army of Club Penguin in countless wars and making “threats” towards Purpleslime. Waterkid announced in December, he wouldn’t be able to lead the army when he had school, but they would return during Easter and the Summer. Light Troops are already making threats to the Army of Club Penguin and the Underground Mafias Army who have made attempts to colonize S/M armies to honor Wgfv. He released another post aimed at UMA, NW and ACP. Here is an excerpt from his post.

There is only one army that can save us… the glorious Light Troops. We have a history for fighting communist armies, but this threat is the biggest yet. We are not only against two armies, but we are also against the media. The communist Jews will use CPAC to their advantage to hurt the Light Troops. They will leak our IPs and try get out e-mails, but we will prevail. We will stand strong. Armies have a choice: they can join the Yellow Reich in liberating the community from the filthy Jews, or they can watch and cry when the community is in total control of the communist Jews in the UMA & ACP.

In this post, Waterkid claims that the media is controlled by “Jews” in UMA and ACP. He promises to go after these armies and end the “corruption” inside Club Penguin Armies. Light Troops have allied with Nachos and Water Vikings to take down these armies, so far and we can be sure that Light Troops will go to war with either UMA or Night Warriors.

LT event in January.

I think Light Troops will be able to reach sizes seen in the previous generations, but because of school I’m pretty sure Light Troops will close down until May. Waterkid has already threatened various armies and it seems like there will be more war in the community. Also, Waterkid declined an interview.

What do YOU think? Will Light Troops go to war? Will Light Troops dethrone UMA and become first on CPAC? Comment Your Opinion Below!


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25 Responses

  1. LT? Really? Meh. Ok…

  2. LT are gunna be first on this week’s TT :^)

  3. You’re the new Rocky.

  4. you’re 5 comments behind Rocky for the most comments

  5. the jewpac oligarchy ends here ladies and gentleman

  6. Rocky comments way more than I do xD

  7. No he doesn’t look at the pic.

  8. I did…. :S

  9. my panties are dropping as I speak

  10. he claims to be a Christianity yet hates Jews? wtf?!

  11. lol sounds like hitler speaking

  12. Lol

  13. Welcome back, Lt.

  14. They definitely made the return

  15. Lmfao your killing me bruh

  16. Rekt

  17. That is what I said

  18. Ever?

  19. Don’t forget he hates gays

  20. I disagree with homosexuality but I won’t go as far as judge or hate gays because that’s wrong

  21. Rofl

  22. How weren’t they in last top10 lmao

  23. You’re still an abusive hyena

  24. Problem?

  25. You’ve replied to every comment on this post…. Literally….

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