Nachos vs. ACP: The War So Far

Klondike, CP Army Central Headquarters- As both sides are showing no signs of a cessation, CP Army Central will be taking a look at the current status in the war between Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin.

Nachos Invasion of Snow Fort


As tensions between the Nachos and ACP reached a boiling point, the Nachos began the war with a UK invasion on the server Snow Fort. The Nachos bolstered sizes of 9+ while the Army of Club Penguin failed to attend the event.

Victor- Nachos


ACP Invasion of Fjord


Following the Nachos invasion of Snow Fort, the Army of Club Penguin gathered forces to invade the Nachos capitol server, Fjord. At the invasion, ACP reached sizes of 20 and successfully captured Fjord from the Nacho empire.

Victor- ACP


Nachos Cleansing of Fjord


Shortly after ACP’s invasion of Fjord, rumors of the invasion being invalid arose from the Nachos empire. Nacho officials reported that ACP had failed to give 24 hour notice of the invasion. In order to remove ACP, Nachos held a cleansing of the server Fjord. At this event, the Nachos UK force rose to sizes of 12+ to successfully remove ACP from their capital server.

Victor- Nachos


Nachos Cleansing of White House


After using the UK force to remove all Army of Club Penguin forces from the server Fjord, the Nachos US division landed on the beaches of White House to once again cleanse another server. The Nachos reported no signs of Army of Club Penguin activity and later turned the cleansing into a training.

Victor- Nachos


ACP Invasion of Sleet


After multiple one-sided battles, the Invasion of Sleet featured competitive sizes from both armies. The battle took place at the iceberg in which ACP displayed sizes of 25 penguins; however, Nachos were slightly smaller with sizes of 15. As ACP performed superior tactics, the Nachos surrendered victory to the Army of Club Penguin.

Victor- ACP


Nachos Invasion of Breeze


After putting up a good fight in a loss against ACP on the server Sleet, Nachos altered their battle plan to invade ACP capitol, Breeze. The Nachos hit sizes up to 24+ at the battle and conquered the server Breeze.

Victor- Nachos


Nachos Invasion of Crunch


The last battle of the war so far, Nacho leaders decided to invade the server Crunch. As both armies gathered their respective army onto the server, the Nachos quickly overwhelmed the Army of Club Penguin largely due to the absence of ACP leaders, Bam and Trader. Turning out to be a short battle, ACP quickly surrendered the server to the Nachos.

Victor- Nachos


Nachos 5 – ACP 2

As the war continues to be fought, the official war score now resides as 5 Nacho victories compared to the ACP’s two victories. With no conclusion in sight, I predict that the battles between the two armies will become more competitive and the war score may tighten.

Comment YOUR opinion on the war between the Nachos and ACP? Will the Nachos pull out the victory. Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CP Army Central Vice President



25 Responses

  1. Viva los Nachos!

  2. lol xdddd memes

  3. Viva Los Nachos.

  4. How are the nachos winning when their max size is 15

  5. Because ACP’s is 8.

  6. Because those 15 are legitimate soldiers that can withstand snowball attacks. You wouldn’t understand.


  8. Quite funny coming from the guy who couldn’t withstand being ratted by Flen. But hey thats none of my business, I was just honored to be admin on the same site as the legendary 4’3 CPA legend Burr

  9. Well in that case you can’t count, which isn’t surprising to me considering you all look up to some guy who has lived in his mom’s attic to age 25.

  10. Couldn’t withstand? I’m still here making you look like an idiot aren’t I? I don’t know why I still bother pissing you off because I’m legitimately convinced that you suffer from a mental disorder.

  11. You’re lucky I’m busy and can’t be online as much anymore Nachos. You will die.

  12. I would also like to point out the fact that zoomey exposed you for multilogging his penguin and you only max 15 while multilogging. Frail

  13. Lol acp will win

  14. Brad i did not think you would be here

  15. ACP

  16. i love how you make this reply to yourself

  17. lol k
    Congrats, Fluffy! You are now a part of our highly esteemed IP blacklist! This means you are now banned from commenting on our site!

    Nobody will ever use this site as a playground for leaking irl information on anyone. That has never been, and will never be, tolerated by CPAC. I am no longer asking. I am no longer warning. Anybody who uses our comments to post anything regarding irl information will also find themselves on the blacklist.

    Except Phin, she’s fair game.

    – Gobby

  18. lmao what

  19. In all honesty, you know something’s wrong when Flen takes control of your computer. I may look like an idiot, but thats far more satisfying than being mistaken for a hobbit. My dear friend Burr, I am not pissed one bit, it’s just sad to see some 18 year old still getting all fussed up over CP. I may come as mental to some, but at least I drink my milk. Happy trails bilbo

  20. @Gobby What? Why are you bringing me into this?

  21. After years of living a lie, I can now admit that I am in fact Oagalthorp. I created Club Penguin armies and the Army of Club Penguin.

  22. I’ve never been mistaken for a hobbit by anyone besides mentally disturbed individuals over the internet such as yourself who have never seen any evidence of my physical appearance within recent years.

    You, on the other hand, just admitted that you look like an idiot and come off as mentally disturbed. Sorry, drinking milk doesn’t and never will fix autism.

    One final thing before I move on from this little charade; Please never refer to me as your ‘dear friend.’ Frankly, I’d live my life a bit more peacefully knowing my name was never uttered from your hardly comprehensible mouth. In fact, I’d feel very comfortable knowing my name and your own were never spoken within the same sentence.

    Thank you and let me know if you struggled reading this entire wall of text since I know your god given troubled and disabled mind struggles to comprehend lengthy text such as this.

  23. Vivas Los Nachos!

  24. This elf is getting very agitated, everyone hide before this beautiful man at 3’4 eats you up with his big words The KKK intensifies

  25. Jfc just get married already. This is getting you nowhere. Tho, this is entertaining. Carry on if you wish.

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