Top Ten Armies: 3/20/2016

UPDATE: The first commenter on next weeks Top Ten, 3/27, wins 400 xats!

Klondike, CPAC HQ – This week, stuff happened. Stuff such as, but not limited to, armies falling, armies rising, people retiring, wars happening, and more! Read on!


1. Underground Mafias Army [+0] [78.14]

2. Night Warriors [+0][74.00]

3. Army of Club Penguin [+5][73.23]

4. Water Vikings [+1][66.50]

5. Army Republic [+3][61.50]

6. Nachos [NEW!][61.00]

7. Night Rebels [-1][59.00]

8. Rebel Penguin Federation [-4][55.50]

9. Golds [-6][52.00]

10. Green Mercenaries [NEW!][40.50]

Hey, hows your day going? Hope your army did well!


1. Underground Mafias Army: The Underground Mafias Army started their week with an AUSIA invasion of Thermal from Chaos. In this, the army successfully attained sizes of around 30 throughout. They continued to hold a US cleansing of Mammoth, maxing sizes of 35. The UMA’s next two events were both of the AUSIA time zone, being training events which reached sizes of around 25. Also invading the server of Parka, the UMA successfully added this server to their empire, maxing 33+ throughout the invasion. They also invaded Sub Zero, attaining the same standard of sizes. The army held 4 more training sessions, two of which being AUSIA, before finishing their week with an unscheduled UK event, maxing sizes of 35.

 photo 364375 2_zpsqkuo7ep2.png

2. Night Warriors:  The Night Warriors commenced their week by invading the server of Hockey. In this, the army successfully reached sizes of around 25+. With an invasion of Sleet being the next on their agenda, the NW successfully invaded the server, maxing sizes of 30. Their next two events were training sessions, with one maxing sizes of 40, and the other 25. Their next event was a practice battle versus the Night Rebels, in which they claimed to max sizes of 40. The Night Warriors finished their week with an event in preparation for a tournament, claiming to attain sizes of 50.


3. Army of Club Penguin: ACP had a total of 8 events this week. Starting with march madness round 1 where they saw sizes of 35. later a practice battle was held along with an ausia training session soon after both with similar sizes of 20. Later ACP would invade Fjord and cleanse Breeze with sizes of 25 and 20. They finished up their week with MM tound 2 where they meet with sizes of 30 along with another invasion against nachos which saw a max of 20.


4. Water Vikings: Water Vikings had an eventful week this week, starting off with a Practice Battle with Night Rebels, maxing 27. The next day the WV held a UK Training, maxing 28. Few days later they held a training session on Frostbite where they reached sizes of 36. To celebrate St Patricks Day, the Water Vikings logged on for a St Patricks Day march, maxing 33. Water Vikings ended the week with a training session on their capital, ended the week with a 31 max.


5. Army Republic: AR started off the week with a Training on Toboggan reaching sizes of 18+, they also had a practice battle with Night Rebels, maxing 12. Army of the Republic held a practice battle with Nachos, maxing 16+. To prepare for the March Madness battle the AR had another practice battle with Water Vikings, reaching 15. Army of the Republic ended the week with the March Madness battle in which they were able to come out victorious with a 20+ max!


6. NachosThe Nachos began the week with a victory in the March Madness Sweet 16 tournament wherein they maxed 30 and averaged 28, then they held a US training session wherein they maxed 16 and averaged 15. The army had a US recruiting session whilst maxing and averaging approximately 10, then had a US invasion of Snow Fort wherein they maxed and averaged 9. The Nachos then had a US practice battle against the Army Republic, maxing and averaging 9, then maxed 12, averaged 11 at a US cleansing of Fjord. The Nachos cleansed White House whilst maxing 13, averaging 12, then held a UK defense of Crunch against the ACP, maxing 16 and averaging 15. The Nachos held a US invasion of Breeze while maxing 24, averaging 21 to end the week.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 9.36.11 PM

7. Night Rebels: The night rebels started their week off with the MM battle against wild ninjas where they managed sizes of 20. Later in the week they cleansed Mammoth with a max of 16. Soon after a UK training session and a practice battle were held with similar sizes.


8. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF had a total of 4 events this week starting with a quick training with sizes of 20. Soon after they held a “PB” with golds  maxing sizes of 15. Finally RPF attends a PB against NR seeing sizes of 17 and soon after maxing 15 at a “speed training” session.


9. Golds: Golds started off the week with the March Madness event where they were able to get sizes of 35+! Few days later the Golds held a tactic session, maxing 15. Golds also held a recruiting session on the server Ice Berg, reaching sizes of 23+!


10. Green Mercenaries: GMA started off their week with an invasion of Ice Cave maxing 11 and averaging 10. Then they held a training session maxing 15 with decent tactics. Following this, GMA logged on for another training session maxing 17 and averaging 15. To end their week, Green Mercenaries hosted an AUSIA event maxing 19 while averaging 17.






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Shia LaBam

CPAC Editor-in-Chief




idk his rank tbh

Chief Keef 

CPAC Chief of Keefing


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  1. idk, is it

  2. Good work UMA. Joseph’s work will never be forgotten.

  3. i posted this literally 8 seconds ago wtf get a life noob

  4. Gj ppl ;D

  5. Congratulations Green Mercenaries we made it to Top 10 on CPAC 😀

  6. FIRST! And there is a mistake with GM as in rankings it says 40 but on the formula it says 50

  7. LMAO

  8. Maybe not first actually

  9. Good job to all armies this week!

  10. Well done on 1st, ACP!
    Close 2nd for WV – ever improving.

  11. Luis’s rank is legit

  12. I see what you done there O.O

  13. Congrats to UMA, but I am still curious on how compared to NW we got better stats in everything except US/UK and yet they come in second place while ACP ended up with third.

  14. Golds were inactive, with people on leave, we’re all back tho, top 5 by next week.

  15. Reblogged this on Army Of The Republic – Ghost Troopers Club Penguin and commented:
    We are now the 5th largest army in the community, nice job AR. We are rising and next week we will take the throne as the largest army there is.

  16. I don’t mind waiting an extra 30 minutes for the top ten if the bios and everything else is all done. I’m pretty sure everyone else does too. The bios are probably the easiest thing to do because you’re making a paragraph on how army x preformed this week.

  17. & normally if im just missing 3 bios, ill do it no problem. but they just put daredevil season 2 on netflix so i kinda sorta mismanaged my time this morning and didn’t have time to. my staff can handle it this time around.

  18. Agreed.

  19. I am agreeing with Fluffyboy not with you 😀

  20. Id also like to point out how 7 of you did the top ten yet the bios arent complete… its only just more than 1 bio per person.

  21. … can’t really agree with facts but ok

  22. Gay top ten

  23. Add up the points and you’ll see NW had more.

  24. 7 people helped make this top ten yet it’s incomplete

  25. I know, because ACP climbed up some positions 🙂 .

  26. ikr


  28. i asked chief to take some bios, but he said he had a hot date with a girl named mary jane. idk.

  29. (inlove)

  30. Wowing

  31. Please stop commenting. You’re turning into Rocky.

  32. You mean nachos right? I mean you were in SMAC last week right lol

  33. It looks pretty complete to me…

  34. phin just told someone else to stop commenting, thats irony inside irony

  35. Oh we were in smac cause most of the events we held that week weren’t posted as results. So in short, we haven’t climbed at all; that’s our standard spot. Also, at least we don’t multilog 😀 .

  36. When did you last go to check your eyes? Seems that you have to make a visit. 😀

  37. LOL.

  38. Well tbh I’m only glanced it over and I am still not quite sure on how these things are determined.

  39. “First person to comment on next week’s Top Ten, 3/17” Pretty sure 3/17 was 3 days ago, unless time travel is real?

  40. I meant I agree with waiting if the bios are complete.

  41. First off who and lmao?

  42. Nope

  43. Cough

  44. Probably.

  45. LilD is still gayer, wary

  46. Yeah who said that one day armies would die soon?

  47. Jinx much to those lols

  48. I thought it could happen but no confidence

  49. Wronged

  50. huh..

  51. You’ve gone over your comment limit again.

  52. You keep saying that but who was using zoomeys old account 😦

  53. Doubtful the Earth will exist in 6969 but okay….

  54. Holy cancer do you stay in the comment section?

  55. Every Time you reply to me i get an automatic 2 disliked lmao, thats not weird is it

  56. I don’t think so because it’s 10 lols

  57. Congratulations Green Mercenaries we made it to Top 10 on CPAC Keep it up

  58. Congratulations, ACP. This week we will try to knock UMA off their pedestal. ACP Forever

  59. Sorta yeah; I was bored at that point.

  60. What makes you think that NW won’t do that first hoss?

  61. Can someone please explain me how is RPF’s event quality 11.5 and NR’s 20?

  62. Because we are faster.

  63. Unscheduled events should be a crime.

  64. #CPGTReturnConfirmed

  65. Why did the Water Vikings get their worst event picture added on their description and ACP got their best?

  66. #CPACIsBiased2K16

  67. ACP had in big beautiful letters “Requested Top Ten picture” stickied on their site.

    WV didn’t.

    Considering it was at 3 AM for me, choosing a random event picture from a random event seemed to suffice for me.

  68. I could use 400 xats, but how did RPF suddenly fall to 8th?

  69. lol

  70. Hey Brigade! 😮

  71. Apologies young padawan. What I meant to ask was: Why did ACP, UMA, GOLDS, RPF, NW, GM, NR, Nachos, and the Army Republic get a decent/their best picture added for their description and WV got their worst, aka 10 people didnt do the tactic added to their description.

  72. Well, more often than not, my staff will include a picture when they submit their contributions to me. However, on occasion, they’ll leave it out. I think there was 2 or three instances of that in this weeks Top Ten. So, I grabbed a picture from the first event I clicked on when revisiting their site. That was the one grabbed for WV.

  73. Follow, I am starting this organization that is promoting end of many issues in our society today that you can see on the first post or about page bud

  74. “my staff will include a picture”
    and trader and bam contributed to this top ten… oh, the humanity!

  75. Fair enough. Please try and use a moderate picture in comparison to other armies next time for the WV.

  76. Please try and fix the judging system as well. Let’s completely eradicate all bias so rightful positions can be seen again. Ty

  77. Kik me rocky25721akamatt please

  78. Lols

  79. Oh shit I wasn’t thinking

  80. Well I am dead lmao

  81. Fmlrn

  82. Explain to me how a judging system that has been around for like 5 years is bias?

  83. You should make this comment’s year 2016 because now it’s and it will always be on the top of the recent comments widget on the left column. Sucrifise for CPAC. 😛

  84. l o l

  85. only until year 6969 bro

  86. ^ @ phin’s comment. We might not exist in 6969 but lmao ok. XD

  87. This is great

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