Top Ten Armies: 3/06/2016

UPDATE: UMA and ACP score have been fixed. RPF score has been redone.

KLONDIKE, Goblins Palace – This week we see very little change in the Top Three, however, on the lower end, we have an army making their first debut on the CPAC Top Ten.


1. Underground Mafias Army [+0] [71.79]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+0][67.78]

3. Night Warriors [+0][64.78]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0][60.25]

5. Nachos [+3][59.00]

6. Golds [+1][56.43]

7. Night Rebels [-2][55.81]

8. Army Republic [-2][55.50]

9. Ice Hounds [NEW][52.00]

10. Chaos [-1][50.00]

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1. Underground Mafias Army: The Underground Mafias Army commenced their week with a UK training session, attaining sizes of 3o+ throughout. They continued on to hold a US war training event on Mittens, achieving sizes of 35+. Also holding an unscheduled US training session, the UMA successfully maxed sizes of 25+ in this. Holding their first AUSIA events this week, the UMA finished their week with 2 events of this division, with the first maxing sizes of 23+, and the other reaching the same sizes.


2. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin started their week off with an unscheduled UK event, maxing sizes of 16. Their week continued on March 3rd with yet another UK event, however, this one being a Practice Battle with long-time rivals, the Nachos. ACP maxed size of 15+. Later that same day, the US division stepped up to the plate, having a training session which saw sizes of 18+. On March 4th, the ACP had their first AUSIA event of the week that earned them sizes of 20+. March 4th also saw a UK training on the server Breeze where the ACP averaged sizes of 15. The third, and final, event of the day was a cleansing of the server Mammoth. The ACP earned sizes of 15+. On March 5th, the Army of Club Penguin had a total of 3 events again. The first, an AUSIA event that saw sizes of 20+. The second, a UK training held on Breeze, sizes of 25 were achieved. The third event of the day, and the last of the week, was a US training session which saw sizes of 20+. 


3. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors commenced their week with a recruiting session, reaching sizes of around 25. The Night Warriors’ only other event this week was a U-Lead session. In this, the Night Warriors successfully attained approximate sizes of 30+ throughout.



4. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation started their week off heavy with a triple-threat PB against NR and AR, sizes of 12+ were seen. On the 29th, the RPF squared off against the Army Republic once more, defending their server from AR advances. This event saw similar sizes of 12+. The RPF started the month of March off with another defense against the invading AR, this event saw sizes of 13+. On March 3rd, the RPF took the fight to AR, invading their nation with sizes of 12+. Continuing the trend of battling AR, the RPF defended their server, Berg, against the AR with sizes of 11+. The RPF had two events on March 4th, the first was an invasion of Wind Chill, that resulted in an AR surrender, with sizes of 11+. The second event was intended to be a defense from AR, however, due to AR failing to attend, the RPF claimed victory with sizes of 16+.


5. Nachos: The Nachos started their week off with a recruiting session on the server Ice Berg where they managed sizes of 12. On February 9th, the Nachos had another UK recruiting session where they saw sizes of 7+. On March 1st, the Nachos had a training session on Flippers where they maxed 11, the event was originally intended to be a PB against the Golds, however, the Golds failed to attend. Later that day, the Nachos had another training session, this one on their capitol server, Fjord. Sizes of 10+ was achieved. The following day, the Nachos had a training session, and maxed 8. On March 3rd, the practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin had a turnout of 7+ for the Nachos. During the Nachos “Insane Training Session”, which took place on Fjord, the Nachos managed sizes of 15. On March 4th, a training session on White Out had sizes of 16 in store for the Nachos. Later that same day, the Nachos had a PB with the Chaos army where they received sizes of 10. The Nachos had two events on March 5th, the first training session had sizes of 19+, the second had sizes of 14+ which concluded the Nachos week. 


6. Golds: The Golds started off their week with a practice battle against the Night Warriors where they saw sizes averaging around 10. Their week continued with a recruiting session on the server Blizzard which saw sizes of 10+. On March 2nd, the Golds had a recruiting session that saw sizes of 14+. On March 3rd, the Golds had a UK recruiting session with sizes of 11. On March 5th, the Golds had a heated practice battle against the rising Wild Ninjas where the Golds saw sizes of 11. Later that day, the Golds had an unsched AUSIA which saw sizes of 12 and a UK training which saw sizes of 15+. 


7. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels started their week off with a training session during UK times that saw sizes of 17+. On March 5th, the Night Rebels were scheduled to have a PB with the Fire Warriors, however, due to a failure to show from FW, the NR had a training session where they maxed 16+. The Night Rebels finished their week off with a UK training session that saw sizes of 10+.


8. Army Republic: The Army Republic started off their week with what was intended to be an invasion of RPF, but quickly turned into a training session when the RPF failed to attend. The Republic achieved sizes of 13+. On the 29th, the RPF and AR collided on the server Ice Box where AR obtained sizes of 13. On March 4th, the Republic once again found themselves in a conflict with RPF where they achieved sizes of roughly 8+. During the UK defense of the server Snowball on March 5th, the AR found themselves averaging sizes of 20+.


9. Ice Hounds: The Ice Hounds began the week with a US recruiting session wherein they maxed and averaged 15, then held a US training session wherein they maxed 4 and averaged 3. Midway into the week, aforementioned army had a US recruiting/training session in which they maxed 16 and averaged 12, then they had a US U-lead where they maxed 10 and averaged 8. The Ice Hounds held a US recruiting session wherein they maxed 24 and averaged 16, then held a US recruiting session whilst maxing around 20+. The Ice Hounds ended the week with an unscheduled US training session whilst maxing and averaging 11.


10. Chaos: The Chaos started their week off with an unscheduled event that saw sizes of 11+ on 2/28. On the 29th, the Chaos had a training session on the server Snowboard, sizes of 12+ were met. The next day, another training session on Snowboard commenced, again with sizes of 12+. Another training session followed the next day with sizes of 11+. March 3rd, another training session, this time with sizes of 12+. March 5th ended the Chaos week with a training session that achieved sizes of 9. 








SMAC Person


54 Responses

  1. Good job to UMA, NW, and ACP.


  3. Lolwut our tactics were worth way more than 24 points ? Same thing with UMA’s ??? Compare the top 3 pictures and tell me the difference tactic wise

  4. Event quality mistakes as well but whatever fuck me right

  5. Good job to all armies!

  6. Night Rebels had more than 2 events :S please correct your description and position

  7. This is why you don’t underestimate Golds. Gj.

  8. and the event in fw we maxed 22 count

  9. Good to all armies

  10. Good job!

  11. No pics for IH?


    RPF indeed had an AUSIA event. We maxed 13. Please fix the Top Ten.

  13. We (ACP) have had nine events compared to NW two, and yet they get second place. I am sensing some bias.

  14. LOL @ RPF & Nachos score. LOL tho xD

  15. Also, nice post, Gob.

  16. Keep Up the Good work NACHOS! BETTER THAN GOLDS!

  17. Nice top ten, but there’s one tiny mistake…it’s 2016 not 2015 :). Anyways gj.

  18. good job ice hounds

  19. Hey, NW has been the subject of possible hacking for 3 weeks. I’ll take the bias for once.

  20. Our best event was title “Red Out on White Out” for Nachos

  21. the stats doe

  22. I like pie

  23. Right

  24. Lmfao

  25. The only thing I can’t stand about top19 is that he had to say fricking swaggy just wtfh

  26. Top10* screw this keyboard too

  27. Ffs

  28. Catchy

  29. Yoooo

  30. Gotem


  32. why aren’t los tyrones here this is bias

  33. Nah – our position will be updated later tonight lol

  34. I’d like to point out that NW leaders are/were hackers, and these people did not “possibly hack” they admitted to hacking. My point, those who live in glass house should not throw stones.

  35. “swaggy”
    funy meme z Xdd

  36. […] we achieved the 9th spot on CPAC (major armies) which you can view for yourself by clicking here. We can now officially call this generation a golden age, and now with many more troops, we can […]


  38. Only flen hacked. And he’s with ACP now. So can everyone shut up about it? (Expected response: No. WE ARE THE INTERNET GOD DAMMIT!)

  39. What about Toy and Drake?

  40. Toy is questionable. But Drake has to much to deal with as it is. Besides, why can’t you care about your own army? Why can’t you keep stuff to yourself?

  41. Good job Nachos

  42. I am glad we are doing so well but I have right to be annoyed that NW had so few events but got a better spot.

  43. 1. Underground Mafias Army [+0] [68.79]
    2. Night Warriors [+1] [67.00]
    3. Army of Club Penguin [-1][64.78]
    4T. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0][69.00]

    look at acp’s score for a moment
    compare it to the army below it

  44. Just realised that RPF’s and Nachos’ score isn’t 69; it’s 59 😥 😦

  45. Can’t help it if one leader is with his family, another is dealing with cancer, another retires, and another leaves for another army.

  46. UMA is still alive. o wow

  47. When you try to move your multilogs to the cove but some cunt on the map keeps telling you to go to the gift shop #thestruggle #trump #imcancerplskillmepls

  48. K SIDIE K

  49. Where’s Water Vikings? LOL.

  50. rip wv…

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