Sidie and Trader Join ACP Leadership

Breeze, ACP Capital- After solo leading ACP for the last few weeks, former leaders; Sidie and Trader have joined the ACP leadership to aid Bam in their quest to win the upcoming March Madness tournament.

On March 5th, 2016, the Army of Club Penguin received an addition of two former leaders being Sidie and Trader. Best known for his multi logging allegations in November of 2015, many speculate the recent modification of adding Trader to the ACP leadership. On the other hand, Sidie retired from his position of ACP main leader on February 10th due to his activity decreasing.

Sidie is best known for being a pioneer for the ausia division. Sidie is largely known for leading Heroes, Golden Troops, and eventually joining the Army of Club Penguin. Following his addition to the ACP, Sidie served under Flipmoo and Mrtchy until finally becoming leader of the ACP ausia division and a main leader in the army.

As well to the addition of Sidie to the ACP leadership, Trader has returned to lead ACP for a 2nd time. Last leading in November of 2015, Trader’s administration was cut short due to his involvement in a multilogging scandal. Following his leave, Trader has went on to lead UMA, Chaos, DCP, and a variety of other major armies.


Event from Trader, Bam, and Sidie leadership

Prior to the affixing of the ACP leadership, ACP stabilized themselves as a continuous top 3 power in the weekly CPA Central Top Ten. The Army of Club Penguin has placed 2nd in the last two weeks. This rise is largely credited to Bam117; who has had the endeavor of turning ACP into a major power.

With the recent diversification, the Army of Club Penguin is expecting to withhold a huge boost to their recruiting and a increase in size. With the CPA Central March Madness upcoming, ACP is now expected to be a front runner in taking the victory. However, many things can ensue in a short period of time.

Interview with ACP Leader, Trader

Atticus- What led you to give leading ACP another try?

Trader- When I first led ACP I left on a very bad note. I was doing things without fully thinking about it, and acting in ways I shouldn’t have been. I’ve matured and I thought I would show the rest of ACP that I’m not the bad person that people thought I was when I first led ACP. 

Atticus- With the two recent additions to the leadership, should we expect any more changes to the army?

Trader- Rank wise, no. The ranks are fine where they are right now, but changes will be made to the army over time and we will do things people thought we were unable to do. ACP will rise from where it is now and we will become the biggest current army. 

Atticus- How do you expect ACP to perform in the upcoming March Madness tournament?

Trader- I strongly believe the Army of Club Penguin will be taking the March Madness trophy home. 

Atticus- You’ve led with Sidie and Bam before. Do you expect the plans to be smoother than before?

Trader- Obviously me and Sidie have had issues in the past, after both retiring we talked about it and we understand each other. We both had the same goals but the route to take was differently for both of us. I plan to fix the relationship with Sidie  that was broken before. As for Bam, me and him have been friends for awhile and we haven’t had any problems. I believe that me, Bam, and Sidie will be able to achieve great things while in ACP.

Atticus- Alright. Thank you and good luck.

Shown in the interview above, Trader discusses how his tenure as ACP leader did not go as how he wanted it to go. He stated that members of ACP even see him as a bad guy. However, Trader has explained that he has matured and he plans to improve upon his actions and become a closer friend to Sidie and other members of the Army of Club Penguin.

Comment YOUR opinion of the newly adapted ACP leadership? Will ACP take home the March Madness trophy? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Vice President



23 Responses

  1. Good and friendly faces in ACP. O Yea!

  2. Intriguing

  3. No shit lol

  4. not mention I am ACP 2IC now

  5. Fuck yes

  6. Good luck to ACP. Hope they return to their glory days from 2011.

  7. Good Job Trader& Sidie for joining acp leadership with Bam!

  8. Omdg

  9. not to mention YOU were ACP MOD for years

  10. good but brad and Maciek would’ve been better owners

  11. *leaders I mean

  12. not to mention YOU were a thunder cunt and still ARE for many years to come.

  13. yeah, also phin could be ACP’s technical advisor
    At least now, ACP knows to go into Control Panel and change IP whenever ACP gets hacked!

  14. is shocked

  15. LOL

  16. LOL do you even know me

  17. Thanks for noticing me Bam

  18. No problem bro, its been a while since I’ve officially seen you- how have you been?

  19. Pretty good. Not been in an army for a long time, only come here to roast Phin and be a sarcastic douchebag. Also quietly regretting the days of me being a power-hungry faggot in ACP. You?

  20. Pretty much the same shit, dealing with idiots and spectating cpac as always lol

  21. Of course. Watching her contradict herself is great.

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