Top Ten Armies: 2/28/2016

UPDATE: Descriptions have been added.

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – Activity hit a massive drop this week, lets see how it impacted the standings.


1. Underground Mafias Army [+0] [70.50]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+0][66.64]

3. Night Warriors [+4][66.50]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+5][60.11]

5. Night Rebels [+5][59.37]

6. Army Republic [-3][56.00]

7. Golds [NEW!][54.50]

8. Nachos [-2][50.50]

9. Chaos [NEW!][47.50]

10. Wild Ninjas [NEW!][44.30]

Full stats? Full stats. 


1. Underground Mafias Army: The Underground Mafias Army commenced their week with an unscheduled US training event. In this, the army maxed sizes of 50+. The UMA’s next two events were UK sessions, one being a tactics session and the other an unscheduled training. In both events, the army attained sizes of around 30. Their next event was a US training session, with an average size of 39, which was raided by a small army; putting no dent in their success. Continuing on to raid the Night Warriors’ capital server, Fog, after finding out they had done the same, the UMA then finished their week with an invasion of Mittens from the Rebel Penguin Federation, achieving sizes of around 45.


2. Army of Club PenguinACP started their week with a U-LEAD event maxing sizes of 18. Then they held a UK event maxing 14. After this, ACP assisted UMA in a event maxing 30. One day later the Army of CP held a battle against an unknown group maxing 19. While with the AUSIA division ACP managed to get 22 troops online against a bot raid. To end their week, ACP held two events; maxing 17 in a UK event and then 18 in a US training session.


3. Night Warriors: Night Warriors started the week with a training where they maxed 30. Night Warriors also held a raid on the UMA capital Mammoth where they maxed 15. NW held a battle vs Nachos in which they reached sizes of 20+.


4. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF started off the week with an invasion of Big Foot where they maxed 9. The following day the Rebel Penguin Federation logged on Tuxedo for a defense of their capital where they maxed 18. The same day, the RPF had an invasion of Ice Box, maxing 9. The following day the RPF had a defense of Alaska where they maxed 13 and an invasion of Snowy River, maxing 10. RPF had a defense of Mammoth where they maxed 20. The next day RPF logged on Mittens for another invasion, maxing 12 and a defense of Tundra where they maxed 18. RPF also held an invasion on Walrus, maxing 11 and a defense of Adventure maxing 17. RPF had a training session on Tuxedo where they maxed 12 and an ausia recruiting session, maxing 35. RPF ended the eventful week with an invasion of Toboggan, maxing 25.

5. Night Rebels: NR hit off the week with the Color Wars where they maxed 13 and a practice battle vs RF where they reached sizes of 20. Night Rebels also had a training session where they were able to reach sizes of 18+. Night Rebels held another training session, maxing 16+ and an ausia recruiting session, maxing 20+. Night Rebels had a UK recruiting session on Blizzard where they maxed 22, later that day NR logged on for a training session, maxing 8. The next day, NR logged on for a training session and maxed 11, they also had a USA training session maxing 12. Later on, NR held an ausia recruiting event, maxing 15. Night Rebels ended the big week with a training session, maxing 16 and ausia training session where they maxed 16.

6. Army Republic: The Army republic had a busy week with their war with RPF still raging on. They started their week off with an invasion of of Tuxedo with sizes of 17. The following day AR had an invasion of Mammoth where they maxed and averaged sizes of 11. Later that week AR had a defense of Mittens along with an invasion of Tundra where they both saw sizes of 11. To end their week they defended Toboggan with sizes of 11.


7. Golds: The Golds Army started their week with training session maxing 16 and averaging 14. After this they held a UK event maxing 11 and averaging 8. Then they had another UK training maxing 14 while averaging 10. To end their week Golds held two events; one maxing 15 and averaging 13 and the other event maxing and averaging sizes of 10.


8. Nachos: The Nachos started off their week by participating in the Color wars event, maxing sizes of 6+. Their week continued two days later with a UK recruiting on their server Ice Berg with sizes of 9+, followed by another recruiting session from the US division maxing sizes of 12. On the 23rd, what was originally planned to be a PB with the Water Vikings turned into a recruiting session with sizes of 11+. A training session on the 25th saw sizes of 11. Two days later, an impromptu recruiting session achieved sizes of 7+. On the 27th, the Nachos participated in a PB with the Night Warriors which saw sizes of 9+. In their final event of the week, the Nachos had a recruiting session which saw sizes of 10+. 

9. Chaos: Chaos had two events this week. A training session, which saw sizes of 20, and an unscheduled event which saw sizes of 12+. 

10. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas introduced themselves for the first time this week, starting off with US training session in which they maxed 10 and averaged 7, then they held another US training session in which they maxed 6 and averaged 5. The army had a US training session wherein they maxed 6 and averaged 4, then maxed 7 and averaged 6 at another US training session. To end the week, the Wild Ninjas held one last US training session whilst maxing 17 and averaging 15.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 9.02.26 PM





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CPAC Editor-in-Chief 




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  2. hey this top ten is in 2016 instead of 2026. Good job this week acp.

  3. Good job, UMA.

  4. So i got to ask, who was in charge of the bios?


  6. rip armies

  7. Well we didn’t get first, but we didn’t get worse either. Good job ACP.

  8. Golds always coming back up.

  9. The bios are amazing.

  10. Good job NR!

  11. #Trump2016

  12. dont be a cpac ceo if you’re gonna do shitty top 10’s

  13. wtf is this

  14. Professional.

  15. Haven’t you been saying that since like 2014?

  16. I agree.


  18. Aww, all the blind hate for me unified RPF & Nachos, how sweet (,:

  19. Results are garbage.

  20. Uh, what’s with the bios? By the way, “Massive drop in activity” no s*** goblin.

  21. I hope they update it.

  22. The fuck happened lol

  23. What about that evidence against NW :/.

  24. Who am I kidding? “It’s Club Penguin! Armies will never die!” -.-

  25. There’s either a deduction with no evidence laid down or a top ten with no biographies. As a CPAC CEO you should post huge articles like these COMPLETED. Please remind your staff to complete their duties or suffer consequences for doing their jobs half ass.

  26. 100% TRUE

  27. lay off on him will ya? IK it looks shitty, but give him a break, it must be “hard” being CEO!

  28. The bios will be updated tonight, as will the NW evidence. All easy fixes.

    However there is no remedy for your stupidity, hideousness, your affinity for being someone’s bitch (musta, ganger, & now UMA), your crippling depression due to all the things listed above, or your rampant obesity.

  29. 9th isn’t the best but good job this week chaos. Next week we will be in the top 3.

  30. NW evidence? Is this circumstantial evidence, or solid?

  31. RF would’ve done well on this if we weren’t defaced.

  32. Just because you’re a shitty CEO doesn’t mean you have to go off topic to prove it by bringing someones appearance up to show CPAC is unprofessional.

    Sorry, bud.

  33. unless youve actually seen that person, you shouldnt be calling anyone fat. js. 😉

  34. hey, calm your chapped lips down big boi!!

  35. Gonna multilogg in AR events now. AR dosen’t deserve to live.

  36. let me help ya there. in fact, why dont we all multilog! its not like we have any friends irl anyways!

  37. Nice job to all armies this week 🙂

  38. I think it’s time for the algorithm to change, inflate the stats a bit so they appear higher and we no longer have a range of 70-40

  39. No thanks.

  40. ^ did phin really just way in on a conversation using the word “fat” ?

  41. does it matter?

  42. UMA? WTF?!

  43. Jester, you f*** traitor (mad)


  45. Nah. It’s good that current top tens can be accurately compared to past ones.

  46. tbh these last few top tens have been quite lazy

  47. lack of proofreading, lack of content, the deduction for NW in the last top ten said explanation coming soon and never came, etc

  48. This is an inflated formula, we’ve been giving armies a score boost since July when the current formula was released, we made it easier to score higher:

    -divisional flexibility was removed
    -solo events and battles became worth more points
    -tactics (which are a freebie) got weighted more
    -most types of deductions got removed

    We are already going easy and fooling ourselves, must we continue to push it?

  49. you never know when badboy is moderator on chaos chat….

  50. underground massive airforce xD cant stop laughing xD such a troll xD

  51. Reblogged this on CP Night Rebellion and commented:
    Great job Night Rebels! We’re 5th!

  52. I never seen a top ten post that has no bios in it and it’s really short. 😐

  53. Another brand new number one congrats for multiple consecutive weeks now 😀

  54. I actually was surprised they had never been first previously

  55. Glad that I ain’t obsessed

  56. I may not like certain people from specific armies but overall I dont hate any of them because the people I dislike in them in minor lols

  57. But I never multilogged, wary

  58. Wowing

  59. Does you got a kik my neega?

  60. Jester left the Chaos army

  61. Holocaust

  62. Well there is obviously a problem when the highest point of a top ten is a score of 70. I’d say make an entirely new formula to grade armies on.

  63. She didn’t way in, she weighed in.

    Weight is kinda her specialty.

  64. Goblin, I’m wondering; why are you a CEO? I noticed that you hardly ever finish your work on time and you don’t give your best on CPAC. I think a CPAC CEO should be way more passionate. Don’t leave CPAC die…

  65. I legit laughed when I read this. Like a genuine laugh.

    Thanks for that, brother.

  66. When Phinny tries to act smart

  67. Give him some slack, he had a life outside of CPA you know.

  68. Once you have a reason to call me fat, gimme a call! Until then, stfu and go be useful somewhere.

  69. I just realized DCP isn’t on the TT. Man, I’ve gotta start reading cpac more…

  70. No problem! 🙂

  71. Um, I’m still waiting on the NW multilog evidence. It’s 8 days late. Get it up or issue a apology.

  72. I would have shown the pastebin with your nudes but bestiality is illegal where I live.

  73. youre all pretty damn stupid if you still think they were mine.

  74. Hey guys, Im Alex42152, some of you remember me, former IW 2ic, and now Wild Ninjas Supreme Leader, as we are new to armies (we are #10) we are looking for some allies, so we are welcoming some offers for being our allies. Thank you and good luck guys!

  75. CPAC ain’t an ally finder site :/

  76. I don’t really see what’s laughable here considering the comment is completely valid. I normally don’t agree with Legofan, but it’s quite clear that CPAC has had a rather notable drop in quality. Poor descriptions and failure to provide them on the top ten’s due date are indications of this.

    Also, I don’t really think saying “calm your titties” in an edit on the top ten is too appropriate. But whatever, I’m just a retired cunt meaning my opinion is obviously invalid. Do whatever you’d like, this is your website mate.

  77. I had been CPAC for just over six months before receiving CEO. I received CEO so early because there was quite literally nobody else who could fill the shoes of my predecessors.

    I blatantly had less training than anyone who has held the rank prior to me.

    However, since acquiring CEO, I have mass overhauled the majority of the previous staff and hired an entire batch of new blood. While they’re far from media experienced, they’re a lot more animated than my past staff. A lot more eager. Experience will come with time.

    The point I’m getting at is simple, so incredibly simple it shouldn’t even have to be said. New CEO, new staff, new approach means theres gonna be a bit of a fucking learning curve mate.

  78. Hey guys, Im Alex42152, some of you remember me, former IW 2ic, and now Wild Ninjas Supreme Leader, as we are new to armies (we are #10) we are looking for some allies, so we are welcoming some offers for being our allies. Thank you and good luck guys!


  80. You fvcking w0t m8? …

  81. Look, we have chat logs, doxes, and pictures that prove those were yours. And even if they weren’t, the only thing you have been providing as ‘you’ is a picture of a girl who clearly spends too much time inside a Hot Topic, that mind you was reverse searched with over 1k results around the internet. Please stop trying, its really cringy now.

  82. reading that comment gave me cancer. youre irrelevant. go be ueful where people actually pay attention to you.

  83. I’m the irrelevant one? The only reason anyone here knows your name is because you flashed your whale tits for 500 xats.

  84. Are you fucking, kidding me?

  85. Hey guys, Im Alex42152, some of you remember me, former IW 2ic, and now Wild Ninjas Supreme Leader, as we are new to armies (we are #10) we are looking for some allies, so we are welcoming some offers for being our allies. Thank you and good luck guys!

  86. Where’s that NW evidence at Gob?!?!

  87. Sick people-clones. Sick! 😯

  88. 1. you’re
    2. You’re in dcp, your opinions don’t matter.

  89. 1. It wasn’t even 500 xats.
    2. If I really had flashed, I’d have waaaay more powers other than namecolour and blueman, (which I bought) and 3. People know me for being a skinny bit*h who’s normally very happy unless they’re pissed off. (can’t deal with comment moderation)

  90. uh… on the post…

  91. S k i n n y?
    Please check again, you have a serious issue.

  92. Last I checked, I was skinny as fu*k

  93. Check the definition of skinny.

  94. I did, tyvm.

  95. Check it again, cause you sure as hell don’t fit the description.

  96. The post that is total crap?

  97. What the hell is that sidebar? Are you trying to prove your idioticness Gob?

  98. Only Gob would laugh at a fart. Nice job showing you are immature Gob.

  99. good job acp i salut u guys

  100. you remember that time you tried to be lorenzo and restart nw but then you got caught then you were fired from uma then you tried to lead dw

    good times

  101. CP armies in a nutshell shrek edition cuz why not

  102. I remember. Good times…

  103. 3/3 – still waiting for le evidence

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