Night Warriors Declare War On Water Vikings; Accusations Follow

FOG, Night Warriors Capital –  After returning three weeks ago, the Night Warriors of Club Penguin have declared war upon the newly 2nd placed Water Vikings, who have announced that they will be “boycotting” NW.

After once again receiving first place on this week’s Top Ten, the Night Warriors announced that they will be declaring war on WV for several reasons. Drake announced the declaration of war, along with their reasons.  In addition, Drake posted a meaningful speech to his fellow troops.  An excerpt from his post can be seen below:

NW will not tolerate ANY army who accuses us of cheating. WV’s artificial rise has led their leaders to act cocky. A notable Water Viking “Chip” has begged to join NW for leader and is now running his mouth after being refused the position. So congratulations. You have royally pissed off the NW empire, and now you will pay. We will march onto WV soil and happily burn your “kingdom” to the ground. We’ve had enough of your frequent requests to attend your events. Your place on this week’s top ten was the result of all your allies contributions. You have used every army to benefit your own without helping out in return. The Night Warriors will not have that.
 We do not chat recruit as you claim simply because we do not need to. We have soldiers from club penguin and do a damn fine job at growing our army legitimately. To accuse our troops of being robots is deeply insulting and resorting to making fun of a leader’s condition is pathetic.
Prepare yourselves, Night Warriors. We begin the war by raiding the Water Vikings capital, “Frostbite”. Our war campaign will be vicious and merciless. Give them hell.
~Drake, NW Main Commander

NW’s reasons for declaring war include: NW are not cheaters and will not take any accusations as such and WV’s ownership for acting “cocky” (mainly Chip along with a “constant call to help at events”).  Drake also stated that he believed WV’s current placement on the Top Ten was “the results of your allies”. He ended his speech with a hardy battle cry, stating they would be raiding WV’s capital Frostbite shortly after.

With the announcement clear and the declaration posted, NW logged in soon after to raid WV’s capital, facing nearly no response and no opposition.  NW reached sizes of 40+. Below is a picture taken from the results of their raid:

NW’s raid of Frostbite

Current adviser, Chip, responded to NW a day later.  In this post, he “fired shots” at NW along with its leadership.  He also revealed his recent situation and involvement with NW. Below is an excerpt from WV’s response:

They have declared war on us and we will be ignoring all their war events at us. 
We’re here to have fun and not to battle 50 bots.
We shall use the time to improve the Water Vikings 🙂
A week ago before I returned to WV as advisor, I was planning on joining the Night Warriors for leader. I was most most probably going to get it. Drake agreed, Toy hesitated a bit but right after their event, I changed my mind. Hell, I wasn’t going to lead an army of 50 multilogs LOL. The battle was so poorly executed I was laughing my head off at their bombs and word tactic failures. 20 minutes before the event, Toy had 5 of his multilogs stored at Ice Berg so he doesn’t have to go through logging them on during event time. I was about to record my video but by the time I loaded up the software, Toy saw my penguin there and immediately logged them off, so believe whoever you want. Coincidentally, theclearsky and ninjas way were there too. These are two multilogs he used in IW, RPF, and now in NW.
I’m not one that claims I’m a hacker god and that I can rat every single person in the community. But, hell, I am one that can completely expose an army within a week time.
Stop the crap talk or you’re probably going to face consequences.
Have fun multilogging.

-Chip, WV Adviser

As read above, Chip responds with several stabs at Night Warriors figure, Toysoldier, and throwing several defacing and multilogging accusations.  Chip continued to blast NW, proclaiming NW as an “Army of 50 multilogs.”

Recently, Night Warriors and Water Vikings have been getting bigger sizes, which will make for an interesting war.   The main concern is WV’s boycotting of NW and the accusations from both armies.


I think this will result in something huge and an interesting dramatic situation [if it hasn’t already].  This is just what this community needs to spice things up. This issue is bound to get more and more interesting.  With this being said, I will be following this topic and posting updates as they are released.

What do YOU think about NW declaring war on WV? What do YOU think about WV’s response? What do YOU think about all the accusations being thrown around?


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

Bad-Grammar Machine


CPA World Media Board Deputy


12 Responses

  1. i think this will be a bloody war and many young boys on both sides will be killed… then in a week all land will be returned and we’ll forget this ever happened

  2. I think i’m a homosexual! I watch MLP, some Anime and I vape. Not to mention I have pictures of JB allover my room, please cleanse me!

  3. I was never truly cocky. Take it this way – make it look like you’re cocky about your army but deep within, don’t be too arrogant as it could lead to your fall at any moment. Almost every single person acknowledges that the Night Warriors are a fake army. I must say, they are improving and slowing down their multilogs as time passes but really, I don’t care if you multilog one or fifty; you still multilog. The army is led by Drake, whom I somewhat respect but do not enjoy how he troop steals from every army. He even asked me to troop steal from armies that have an ausia (ie Night Rebels, RPF, WV) but I said I am not that kind of guy and he got angry. Hell, he even faked a merge between RPF and NW. Then we have Toysoldier, the guy that tries to act as if he’s the Hitler of Club Penguin and mister Einstein, but really, he’s actually the meme. This guy fell right into my simple trap and ultimately, exposed himself and his own army. Everyone knows that Ninjas way and TheClearSky are Toysoldier. Why multilog two penguins? You even indirectly confessed it in a post on NW. If you’re so huge and max 60, why even bother multilogging two? You aren’t smart, Toy. You can’t fool anyone. You can’t hack, you can’t rat. You don’t have a single person on your so called botnet. Play the game, enjoy it, and stop ruining the experience for everyone..

  4. I’ve had various interesting conversations with several army leaders. Armies stem from a roleplaying game. For instance, in the war of Nachos vs RPF, Kevin did a great job bringing in roleplay/comedy as we fought. Something armies today are beginning to lack as we progress and children become teens. I’ve also aimed to do this in the war with Water Vikings. Making it interactive with the troops with posts like “assault plans”. Armies nowadays straight up invade the capitals of their opposition. This makes no sense in a real world situation. (we’re roleplaying armies here. its what brought us to armies from the start) Therefore, NW is capturing “key servers” first before marching onto the capital.

    It’s a pity that advisors like Chip and Funks don’t see eye to eye. They wouldn’t care for wars since they are retired from armies. This kind of deteriorates the experience. We’ve already proven that our sizes are real. NW did not care about battling multilog armies like DCP and RF(under max). We would rather give our troops the army experience from 2011 where armies didn’t “invalidate” attacks against their empire. Heck the NW in 2011 logged on with 6 people when we were being raided. (I was a mod and got our unit on. Ven came on in the middle of it and took over. It resulted in a fun battle.) I’d like it if armies started to revert back to their glory days where it wasn’t all about the leaders, but playing in club penguin wars.

  5. You hyped yourself up saying you’re coming out of retirement to join Night Warriors. You said you wouldn’t be “motivated” as 2ic and only gave us the option of appointing you as leader. I knew that you would slack off and hardly contribute once you started making excuses that bot recruiting never worked for you. I didn’t get “angry”, you need to stop twisting words to manipulate everyone else. I gave you methods to contribute, one of them being to gather a following of AUSIA troops. I never asked you to troop steal.

    Your greed for recognition ruined our relationship. I don’t hire leaders just because they are friends with me. The role carries a lot of responsibilities. Toy and I were the only people to recruit. We did this so that the owners could focus on keeping the site active and to keep the troops interested. I kept giving you methods to contribute so you could make your debut as an army leader, but you made excuse after excuse. I knew then that you wouldn’t make the cut.

    Don’t be fake. When Toy/Sprite was accused of multilogging in RPF, you inherently defended them. And now you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum because relationships are different. It’s the same thing Elmikey does. Claim a leader is great and made tons of contributions, to erasing the history of what they’ve done if you weren’t friends anymore.

  6. I am the best…

  7. Who knows? Maybe this will help us enter the 3D club penguin era. It’s always nice to start off a era kicking someone’s ***. Of course they will try to avoid us. What that says is that you are a coward. It is really surrendering before the fight. And Chip, saying that “Toy saw my penguin there and immediately logged them off”, is the perfect excuse for a accusation with no proof. Personal message with some proof later will ya? Oh and don’t try those virus links. I maybe getting a new computer soon, but I’d like to keep this one clean. -General Sports of the Night Warriors. #MIGHTOFTHENIGHT

  8. “WWV(ACP vs NW) is probably known as the last “righteous” war. In this world war, cheating was uncommon compared to the conflicts that occurred in WWVI and today. Armies were able to accept defeat honorably and they had common goals. This era was soon brought to an end after WWV, which can be seen more in WWVI.”

  9. if i were to describe this war in 5 characters it would have to be ‘tl;dr’

  10. 5-0 for NW. Victory is ours.

  11. This message is for Drake and Chip, two of the amazing people I have met, I wish you both good luck. I hope this war between you two will end sometime soon. -Zottffss, RPF Warlord

  12. goodluck…

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