Matt/Teh Pie Inaugurated as AR Leader

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Capital – The Army Republic, currently ranked 9th on the most recent edition of our Top Ten, has recently made a brand new addition to their leadership. Could this be the change that will skyrocket them to a higher Top Ten position?

Screenshot at Feb 15 11-42-40


On February 14th, Teh Pie, better known as Matt, was introduced into the Army Republic leadership. Matt/Teh Pie is best known for his time leading UMA, alongside Wgfv, to World Power sizes in 2013. Teh Pie had permanently retired from army involvement back in 2012.

Matt/Teh Pie’s inauguration post as the new AR Leader:

I don’t want to have to write a long boring ramble on how I’m going to be this amazing leader and go above and beyond and set the bar high for future generations. I would just like for you all to know who I am. I am Matthew, also known as Teh Pie. I am your new leader. If you’ve heard of me then you probably knew me from UMA. If you haven’t heard of me then I look forward to getting to know you.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. Like I said, I didn’t want to make a long post introducing myself so I kept it short and sweet.


picture of UMA under Teh Pie/Matt’s leadership:


I got ahold of Matt and asked him a few questions:

Me: Black || Matt: Red

Me: You are now Army Republic leader, how will you flex your muscles on the other armies in the top ten?

Matt: Precision.

Me: After being absent for quite some time, how does it feel being back in the leader position again?

Matt: Nothing has really changed. Feels good, though. Just wish Wg would fill me up with all of his homosexuality.

Me: What plans/ideas does the Army Republic have that the community should know about going forward in your leadership?

Matt: I intend on enhancing sizes and boosting morale.

Me: Any last words?


So now that Matt has joined the Army Republic could there potentially be a substantial rise within the army given the history of Matt’s previous leaderships being a undoubted success?


What do YOU think?  Will the Army Republic rise? Will Matt be able to find the same success with AR that he did with UMA in the past? What Do YOU think will happen in the coming weeks? 

Jester Your Friendly Neighborhood Flexer

Club Penguin Army Central Associate Producer




9 Responses

  1. MOO! 😀 Cool beans

  2. fuck you

  3. clearly the greatest of all cpac posts

  4. LOL when one day before this was posted they fired teh pie

  5. you’re misinformed

    ryan tried to fire me
    ryan has 0 power
    i got leader back within 5 minutes

    UMA boss now

  6. clearly

  7. wait are you serious? teh pie from uma?

  8. Holy shit hes still around

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