Top Ten Armies: 2/14/2016

**UPDATE**: The Army of Club Penguins score has recently been fixed. Their true rank is now reflected on the Top Ten.

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – This week, two unpredicted forces make their way into the Top Three and a World Power continues to dominate.


1. Night Warriors [+0] [76.00]

2. Water Vikings [+6] [64.86]

3. Night Rebels [+2] [58.50]

4. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [-57.90]

5T. Golds [+4] [54.00]

5T. Nachos [+1] [[54.00]

7. Redemption Force [-5] [48.75]

8. Fire Warriors [-5] [47.50]

9. Army Republic [-2] [43.50]

10. Star Wars Army [NEW!] [41.26]

Hey, click me for the full stats, big boy. 

1. Night Warriors: Night Warriors kicked off the week with an invasion of Ice Box where they maxed 35 and averaged 30. The next day NW had another invasion on the Doritos capital Summit, maxing 45 and averaging 40. Another invasion on the Doritos empire was held on Slushy, in which NW maxed 50. Doritos didn’t attend either of these invasions. Later on in the week Night Warriors had a training session on Fog where they maxed 55 and averaged 50. To end the week Night Warriors had a recruiting session on Slushy, maxing 35 and a training session on Fog where they maxed 50.


2. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings began their week with an unscheduled US recruiting event where they reached sizes of 19+, an AUSIA recruiting event with sizes of 7+ and a UK recruiting session with sizes of 10+. The following day saw a UK training event with sizes of 20+. Entering the state of war with the Army Republic, the Water Vikings moved on with yet another UK training event with sizes of 22+. With the return of Adden to the Water Vikings’ leadership, the Water Vikings successfully defended Mittens in a UK defense against the Army Republic with sizes of 18+, and replicated sizes of 18+ in a US training event on the same day. Towards the end of the week, the Water Vikings held a US/UK training event with sizes of 31+.

3. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels commenced their week participating in the Winter League tournament against the Fire Warriors where they claimed victory with sizes of 24+. They moved on to a UK training event where they maxed 14+. To end their week off, they held a retirement event for Perry with sizes of 25+.


4. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin faced the wrath of a leader retirement this week, as Sidie9 departed from the army. Nevertheless, the army still continued on to hold a successful US division training session on Breeze, maxing sizes of 20+ throughout. Their next event was an Ausia, attaining successful sizes of 19+. To conclude their week, the Army of Club Penguin held an unscheduled Ausia recruiting event, which maxed sizes of 20 before being raided by bots which are claimed to be owned by members of the UMA.qvs1trc

5T. Nachos: Nachos started off the week with a recruiting session where they averaged 20. On Tuesday the Nachos logged on for a recruiting session in which they averaged 15. The following day the Nachos another recruiting sesson on Blizzard, the nacho capital, where they averaged 18. Heading towards the end of the week the Nachos had a short recruiting session, averaging 20. Nachos ended the week by having a training session on Saturday, finishing up the week averaging 15.


5T. Golds: The Golds Army started their week with a battle against Elites maxing 11 and averaging 8. Then they invaded Frozen, one of Golds’ birth servers, with sizes of 10. After this they held a training session on Ice Berg maxing 11. To end their week, Golds had a battle against the Army Republic maxing 11 and averaging 9.

7. Redemption Force: Redemption Force hit off the week with 3 events. They started off the week with a training session, maxing 17. Halfway through the week the Redemption Force held an ausia event where they maxed 6. Redemption Force finished off the week with a training session on Thermal in which they maxed 19 and averaged 16.

8. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors began the week by facing the Night Rebels in the Winter League Finals. They lost with a top size of around 21. Next up, they maxed 14 at a training session.

9. Army Republic: Army of the Republic had a short week this week with a total of 4 events. AR started the week off on Toboggan for a training session where they maxed 8 and averaged 7. On the same day Army of the Republic had a practice battle with Golds on Flippers where they maxed sizes of 14 and averaged 11. Later on in the week AR had an unscheduled UK training session where they maxed 10 and averaged 10. AR finished off the week with an invasion of Mittens in which they maxed 11 and averaged 10.


10. Star Wars Army: The Star Wars army had only two events this week, the first one being an AUSIA training session in which they maxed 9 and averaged 8, then held an AUSIA recruiting session whilst maxing 15 and averaging 1o. Even though they’ve had a short week, the Star Wars Army looks forward to having more events in the new week.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 8.36.31 PM




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51 Responses

  1. ANOTHER slow week….Soon there will be no denial of the huge fall. Good job WV tho

  2. Go WV! 2nd place!

  3. The Future is Blue!

  4. Good job NR!


  6. I’d like to inquire about ACP’s placement in the Top 10.
    According to your screenshot, our AUSIA averaged 8. This week, we held 2 events:

    I definitely count more than 8 in all of those pictures.

  7. You’re right. The average was 18, not 8. I keep a file with all of the data entry on my computer, and I had 18 for ACP this week. I just input into the formula wrong, I’m out all day, but I’ll fix it first thing when I get home.

  8. Thanks a lot for clearing it up (so quickly too)!

  9. Well Done WV

  10. Good job on the rise, Star Wars Army!

  11. star wars army got into the top 10 by multilogging. prime exposed them

  12. Good work WV. Although even if the mistakes get fixed we won’t get our standings changed, you may want to fix the thing where you counted our UK recruiting sessions as a max of 10. We had 15 actual WV troops along with 5-6 rogues. Even if you don’t count the rogues, we maxed 15 at that event. I’ve recently been aware that you count the size AVERAGE rather than the size max per event – You should have counted our last event with a size average of 34. We never went below 33 on CP. Thanks!

  13. Oh and I believe you forgot to count our US training we had yesterday. It’s on site and we maxed 27.

  14. The tide is rising. Great work WV. Keep it up everyone ❤ Also, good job Golds. 🙂

  15. The future is unclear. But I do see one thing…. Darkness.

  16. rip armies

  17. RPF maxed 20+…

  18. Fucking flen…

  19. You’d still max 20 anyway.

  20. And we would’ve gotten back on CPAC.

  21. flexes

  22. EXPOSE HIM!!!


  24. If you look closely, you weren’t anywhere near 20 on cp. Stop pretending to be so surprised. Gob doesn’t count your chat size as your size on cp because the two are distinguishably different.

  25. Flen raided us 30 seconds after we announced the server. How the fuck could all of troops log on in that matter of time?

  26. Nicely done, Night Warriors. RF and DCP were all talk.

  27. Reblogged this on Night Warriors || Official NW Of Club Penguin and commented:
    Rank number one! Hard work pays off, NW!

  28. Thanks…. Flexes

  29. How come when I came a week off ACP collapses? Well it looks like I have some for ahead of me.

  30. It was Sprite. You’re even clueless on who’s doing the raiding. Then again, RPF is known to point fingers at empty air and then call it a night.

  31. Reblogged this on Golds Army of Club Penguin and commented:
    Good job staying in.

  32. Score needs to be updated they got the calculations wrong lol

  33. Derp

  34. Gawd my grammar is atrocious.

  35. Nice job SWA! I hope that you can keep your place on the Top Ten, and if not, allow yourselves your fifteen minutes of glory. And ACP, we aren’t an army that stands for 6th! Next week let’s aim for Top Three!

    ~Tamiyami, ACP 4ic

  36. Apparently they messed up our calculations, we’re not 6th.


  37. No. It was flen. It’s hilarious how Sprite wasn’t even online nor in NW yet the bots were saying to go to the server you were having your event in.

  38. Thanks Tami we finally got what we deserved: a place on CPAC. ACP being 6th is obviously wrong. Hopefully ACP will get back into the Top 3 next week.

    ~Rookie, Star Wars Army Leader

  39. u ok hun xoxo

  40. you mean swa got into the top 10 by multilogging.

  41. Great job Night Rebels! :mrgreen:

  42. Reblogged this on CP Night Rebellion and commented:
    Proud of you guys! Great job, lets keep this up!

  43. prime was wrong abt us so they deleted the posts

  44. ACP = -57.90 gg

  45. great moves FW, keep it up


  47. […] kept the Water Vikings at a stable size of 25+ and have achieved 2nd on the CPAC Top 10 (Found here) have pronounced their choice to make Wozza a leader of the Water […]

  48. they are coming for us

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