Hypothetically, What Good Will A 3D Design of Club Penguin Do?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – With the rumored Project Super Secret becoming closer and closer, this hints to major changes to the gaming platform and to the actual game play, including a design overhaul.

Spike Hike and other Club Penguin employees (whom are very well known) have also given out hints to what Project Super Secret is going to be, and a majority of players and members of the Club Penguin army community have even claimed that Project Super Secret will actually be CPNext.

“Chris, we get it. CPNext is going to end all armies as we know it, since the gameplay mechanics are going to just f**k us over, right?” Precisely, and since everyone knows what CPNext is going to do, we have to assume this will be in the Project Super Secret plans.

According to what other employees have said on Twitter, there will also be a change to Rockhopper’s ship, new tutorial mechanic, a [hinted] 3D design to the gaming platform, etc.

But.. will this bring any good?

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 7.34.57 AM

A tweet created by Spike Hike, hinting at Club Penguin’s game design. 


There are technical, psychological, and gameplay aspects of this massive overhaul.

Beginning with gameplay, from a thorough analysis of a game that will have a 3D design (quite similar to Club Penguin’s mobile application), gameplay will interfere with our senses as we go through an event. The way the game might be designed, it’s kind of gentle on the eyes, it appeals to players.

Gameplay will possibly remain as a point-and-click genre, or else they might include movement of the arrow keys or by four different letters. While this was never mentioned by Club Penguin, I’ve even heard rumors that Club Penguin might include an aspect of gameplay that includes 1st-person gameplay. For any of you who have played Call of Duty, you might be used to that type of gameplay; however, it’s going to make our events much more difficult. Let’s be honest, we already have Club Penguin moderators on our backs, rooms constantly get smaller every single month (depending on the parties), and we’re already under the threat of CPNext.

If one plays 1-st person on this gaming platform, how will a troop count be determined? How!?

Even though that sounds scary, the majority has doubts of that happening. According to a video posted on Youtube by Club Penguin, 3D, 3rd person penguin sprite motions have been tested. This video can be found here.

One last thing about the gameplay will be a new tutorial mechanic and a mentioned “Fun Hut” that can be found on Club Penguin’s website.

The Fun Hut and the tutorial mechanic can be found here and here, respectively.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 7.55.57 AM

When technical was mentioned, we’re talking about how the gameplay will affect our events.

With CPNext, we can already include the difficulty of keeping every troop in the same room, unless every troop has the leader on their friends lists. Server jumping in this aspect shouldn’t be a huge issue; however, technical aspects go far beyond gameplay and just Club Penguin army events.

Club Penguin uses JSON and JAVA as their programming codes, also using C++ and other programming clients. JSON coding programs are not the most secured programming language in the book, as people who know how to gain access to hidden files in the game can reveal future events. JSON files are never deleted by Club Penguin’s team, they are archived forever. 

JSON files store countless amounts of data, but this programming language stores bigger things, such as igloo locations, Club Penguin Times, Map Triggers, and other mechanics.

Though.. JSON files cannot be complete without ShockWave Flash (SWF) files. SWF files include the small things that compile a foundation for the JSON files, such as rooms, music files, post cards, catalogs, puffle items (on and off the puffles), in-game awards, post cards, stamps, Card Jitsu Cards, etc.

Though, with CP getting huge changes, there is a possibility that a part, or all of the database is going to be reformatted or redone with an entirely different coding language. There is the possibility of lag in the gameplay and updating the game while in this state.

An example of a coding process for a JSON file can be found here.

Oh, and before anyone asks. I did NOT get that code by gaining access to the codes by myself. The website I got those codes from were from here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 8.20.09 AM

Concluding with the psychological aspects of this massive overhaul of Club Penguin, there are some psychological aspects to be considered.

Club Penguin armies will endure an increase of neophyte income with a newfound feeling of Club Penguin, and older soldiers may return, giving the new and improved Club Penguin game a chance.

Army uniforms would no longer look pixelated and under-detailed, as the 3D design would make it seem like the real deal.

With new expressions now being coded into Club Penguin player avatars, this might add a new spin to an army’s tactics. Such as: “DO THE LAUGHING MOTION! LAUGH AT OUR OPPONENT’S SMALL SIZES!” or to reply to an opponent’s tactic with a penguin expression.

While Club Penguin might add a new spin to our armies, there still is CPNext to worry about, and by doing an observation of a multitude of armies in this vast community, the majority ultimately prefers Club Penguin the way it is now: an army-friendly gaming platform with uncomplicated gameplay mechanics. The 2D design is meant to be a type of nostalgic trip for those who have been with CP since 2011 and earlier.

In short terms, this new gaming platform may get us more neophytes and have an increase exodus of older soldiers in our community, since they wouldn’t get along with a newly designed Club Penguin.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 8.27.49 AM

With all this said and done, there still remains a wide amount of Club Penguin users that would love this massive overhaul.

So, which leads us to the conclusion of this post. I know lend this post to you, the viewers. Feel free to debate over this with all your hearts content.

Here at Club Penguin Army Central, we want YOUR opinions! Please leave your thoughts down in the comments below! 


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian 



8 Responses

  1. CPNext is like Half-Life 3. A theory that will destroy us all.

  2. It may make us as popular as club penguin, it may destroy us all. Who knows? This may be good. (not really)

  3. Hey, nice post

  4. Of course they’re trying to fuck us over. I hate to say it, but Disney hates us.

  5. U do know a JSON is a JavaScript file (not a language) and not associated with Java, right?

  6. Oh. Thank you for telling me. I’ve been studying programming.. I may have to brush up some more.

  7. Nice post, Chris.

  8. Are we even sure that this isn’t a hint off to a new Club Penguin based Wii game or what not? It looks familiar to that one they released ages ago.

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