Army of the Republic Defaced

UPDATE: Army of the Republic site has been fully restored. 

Toboggan, AR Capital – Around 9:00 EST on Friday night the Army of the Republic site was taken over by Flen (Night Warriros Co-Leader). Click read more to learn more about the deface.

A day after the declaration of war on the Water Vikings (Found HERE), the Army of the Republic have found themselves defaced by none other than Flen, the Night Warriors Co-Leader.


AR site following the deface. (Click to enlarge.)


The Army of the Republic site found HERE had all of it’s CSS, Media, Pages and Posts removed by Flen on Friday around 9:00 EST. The current owner of the site Vinny, former AR leader, is the only person who can currently restore the site back to the original state. All of the leaders/Owners have been removed from the site. To learn more about the recent AR deface we had an interview with the man behind it, Flen.

Interview with Flen (Night Warriors Co-Leader)


CPAC: “How did you get access to the Army of the Republic site?”

Flen: “Burr was f**k enough to invite me as admin on site”

CPAC: “Was there any reason behind the deface?”

Flen: “Yes. Burr tried to steal my bot script and f**k me up so I bless em’ up”

CPAC: “Is there anyone else behind the deface?”

Flen: “Bad and Me”

CPAC: “Does Night Warriors have anything to do with the deface?”

Flen: “No”

CPAC: “Any last comments?”

Flen: “Might of Night | It gave me Joy”

      From the interview with Flen, he tells us that Burr gave him admin. Badboy, a well known defacer of army sites in the community, is also behind the attack on AR alongside Flen. Flen also says that Night Warriors have nothing to do with the deface, it was just him.

    Soon after Badboy and Flen accessed the site, control of the site was regained by Burrito. For more information on the attack we went to Burr for an interview.

Interview with Burr (AR Legend / Retired Leader)


CPAC: “How did the Army of the Republic get the site back in their hands?”

Burr: “Vinny gave me his sh**”

CPAC: “Rumors are spreading that you were RATTED by Flen and that’s how he accessed site, are these true?”

Burr: “No, some as* f**k admined him lol.”

CPAC: “Is an attack like this likely to happen again?”

Burr: “No.”

CPAC: “Will the Army of the Republic site be fixed, if so, when?”

Burr: “I don’t know.”

CPAC: “Any last comments?”

Burr: “Nah.”

      From the interview with Burr, he tells us that the site was regained after Vinny gave him the information needed to get access to the site. He also says that another attack like this is not likely to happen, but after a talk with Badboy, he says that Flen and him will get access back to the site.


Badboy saying that him and Flen will get back on the Army of the Republic site.

Will Badboy and Flen get access to the Army of the Republic site again? Will Army of the Republic fix the site and restore it back to what it once was? Will the war with Water Vikings still occur with the site in bad condition?

Comment YOUR opinions below!



11 Responses

  1. you’re fucking gay

  2. Nice post trader

  3. 10/10 tbh

  4. Why do people keep hiring faggots like Flen?
    Apart that he’s a hopper and is a shit ausia leader, now he’s defacing army sites. But my question is, if AR admined him, did they not expect to get defaced?

  5. You know your career sucks when your partner in crime is Badboy.

  6. le rod trdr

  7. We are not sure who admined him.

  8. poor ar

  9. NONE of the leaders trusted him, I haven’t figured the rest out.

  10. I hope AR gets them, there is no honor in defacing a website.

  11. Lmao

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