Verum Removed From Night Warriors’ Leadership

FOG, Night Warriors Nation – Amidst a victorious war against the Redemption Force and rising tensions with the Doritos of Club Penguin, a recent announcement has led to the removal of Verum from the Night Warriors’ leadership.

First inaugurated under the leadership of Cowboysfan13 in 2009, the Night Warriors were brought back to life by Xxtoysoldier and Drake on January 29th 2016. Under Xxtoysoldier, Drake and Verum, the Night Warriors quickly re-established their position within the community, partaking in numerous victorious practice battles against armies such as the Nachos, the Army of Club Penguin and the Army Republic, making it as first on CPAC’s Top 10 last week with sizes of 30+.


Night Warriors in recent invasion against DCP

On the 10th of February 2016, a post entitled “Night Warriors are now a Duo Leadership” outlined Verum’s official removal from the army’s executive ranks:

Due to inactivity, Verum has been released from the leadership. The past results and contributions have come from the efforts of only 2 leaders. Night Warriors will now be recognized under the legendary duo Drake/Toy. NW are hiring committed and active owners to fill in our upper ranks. There have been few mods and owners, yet tons of members on chat. This makes our rankings more valuable. Join the best. Join the Night Warriors.

Claiming that the Night Warriors current success was mainly attributed to the joint efforts of Drake and Xxtoysoldier, he announces Verum’s dismissal from the army’s leadership.

Interview with Xxtoysoldier, Night Warriors Leader

I was given the opportunity to interview Xxtoysoldier about Verum’s performance and his subsequent removal from the army’s leadership.

With you and Drake at the helm, what spurred your decision to allow Verum into the leadership in the first place?

We knew he would be beneficial as long as he was active, he’s one of the best left in the community.

Verum, however, has found himself in the spotlight of several multilogging scandals. Knowing that this may jeopardize the Night Warriors’ name, and raise questions about your legitimacy, did this, in any way, faze your decision to hire him into the leadership?

No. We know he didn’t multilog in NW, that was irrelevant to the entire situation.

What urged your decision to remove him from a seemingly thriving leadership?

We decided to remove him because he mysteriously became inactive. In NW, we’re looking for people who can allocate time while doing all of their required work, which he didn’t fulfill.

Would you consider rehiring Verum and giving him another chance should he pledge activity in the future?

We’ll consider it.

Believing that Verum was one of the remaining capable leaders within the community, Xxtoysoldier hoped that he would be able to extend his previous success to the Night Warriors. However, descending into inactivity for unknown reasons, the duo ultimately made the decision to discharge their fellow leader.

In an exclusive conversation with Drake, he gave the following statement in regard to the recent coup d’etat:

Him [Verum] being couped is not very significant. He went AWOL/inactive and appropriate measures were taken. Verum didn’t do anything anyways, he hasn’t recruited yet or stayed for an event.

Seeing sizes of 30+ in their second week back is definitely no easy feat. If Verum only introduced bureaucratic inefficiencies and made minimal contributions to the army, perhaps the Night Warriors will continue to thrive in the midst of the leadership reformations.

What do you think about Verum’s removal from the Night Warriors’ leadership? Will they be able to thrive under the duo, and sustain their recent success? Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPAC Vice President

SMAC Executive Producer


4 Responses

  1. whatever
    toy carries anywayz

  2. Like nobody saw this coming due to the fact that hes an obnoxious douchebag and attention seeking prickish whore

  3. So… you?

  4. oh well, best of luck NW

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