Sidie9, ACP Leader Retires

BREEZE, ACP Nation – After 5 years of serving Club Penguin Armies, ACP Leader Sidie9 announced his retirement. Formerly, he commanded their AUSIA Division.

Sidie is mostly notorious for being a pioneer of the ausia community. Before household names of the AUSIA community such as Silverburg, Flipmoo, Rockyiceman1, and Vivek were around, Sidie was known as one of the sole AUSIA troops in our community.

Before Flipmoo joined ACP in 2013 and basically revolutionized the AUSIA community with a drastic size increase to the division; even establishing AUSIA as an official division, Sidie lead a multitude of small armies. One example of an army Sidie lead during 2012 were the Heroes.

Over the years and with the evolution of the AUSIA community, Sidie has since gained a more prominent role in our community. In 2014, he joined the Golden Troops during their recreation, alongside Jerry and Sercan. Eventually, Sidie was able to convince Vivek to merge the Smart Penguins, one of the strongest armies of the time and purely AUSIA. From that point onward, one of the greatest AUSIA duos was created.

Since Golden Troops’ departure from the community, Sidie has since moved on and started affiliations within the Army of Club Penguin. At first, he played a side kick roll under Flipmoo, then MrTchy, until eventually succeeding him and becoming leader. Sidie has lead with a vast variety of ACP Leaders to lead other divisions, such as Bam117 and Trader.

ACP is now currently being lead solely by Bam117. CSY was also promoted to the head of the AUSIA division and the 6th person to main control over it. ACP are in hopes to maintain stability as they lose one of their figure heads for over half a year.

Interview with Bam117, ACP Leader and co-leader with Sidie9

CPAC: So what was it like to lead with Sidie?

Bam117: He was more of a f*cking Air Bender. I’m more of a Fire Bender but we worked it out like Zuko and Aang

CPAC: How influential do you believe he was to the creation of the AUSIA division?

Bam117: He first established the “AUSIA” division and deserves as much credit as possible. Without him guiding it to the light many other legends would not be born.

CPAC: Any Last words?

Bam117: You will be missed Sidie

Will the ACP remain stable? How will the AUSIA community be affected by lose of one of it’s most prominent figures?Comment below what YOU think.


CPA Central Associate Producer


14 Responses

  1. miss u

  2. Goodbye Sidie<3 ;c

  3. Nice first post! Remember to quote an excerpt of Sidie9’s retirement, though, and put your sign off at the end and 500+ words. 😉

  4. Anybody else hate it when people mix up an army’s capital

  5. Farewell Lord Sidie, you have done well. In my time I have seen Kenneth, Flipper, and Mchappy lead and retire, and surely you rival them in sure determination to create a guiding influence in this community. In these dark and mess times you were a source of light.

  6. CPAD Forever


  8. pussy ❤

  9. Months ago, you advised me to never return because the community should not interfere with our real lives, and it was for that same reason that I had visited weeks ago to advise you to speed up your retirement, and I am glad it has happened.
    May you succeed in life, thank you for everything.
    Baa bye, old friend.

  10. gl sidie bro will always be thankful for what u did in GT even if we chose Vivek over you, have a good life brother

  11. Bye sidie 😭

  12. Fckme

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