Redemption Force Concludes War With Night Warriors

Thermal, Redemption Force Capital- Following a joint declaration of war from both the Fire Warriors and the Night Warriors against the Redemption Force, leaders from each side congregated with each other to end the war.

On February 8th, Redemption Force leader, Epicmaster, released an ultimatum stating that the Redemption Force’s actions towards the Fire Warriors and fellow allies would not be tolerated. Therefore, both the Night Warriors and the Fire Warriors agreed to double up against the Redemption Force.

“Today we declare war on the dumbass redemption force who think they’re a legit army. They multilog and steal troops. They are an army made up with irrelevant SWAT rejects who have been nothing their entire army careers. Today marks the day we kill RF.”

-Epic, Fire Warriors leader

Two days later on the 10th of February, Reacon and Drake met to discuss the current state of the war. Neither side was facing any type of improvement in their army deriving from the war. With that in mind, a treaty was concluded to end the war.


Shown in the picture above, Night Warriors legend, Drake, then approached Konrad with the intention of ending the war. The war then reached a cessation. However, this would not be the biggest circumstance that the Redemption Force would face.

Following the agreement to end the war, Konrad then followed to state that Max48310 service would no longer be needed in RF due to his unfair invasions and accusations of multilogging and nulling the chat. Once again, multi logging or any act of cheating will not be tolerated at Club Penguin Army Central.


Due to the lack of stability in the Redemption Force leadership, RF’s goals of reaching first on CP Army Central seem to be a stone’s throw away. However, the expulsion of Max could also create a better image of the Redemption Force to outsiders.

I managed to grab an interview with Redemption Force leader, Konrad, to discuss the recent events involving his army. 


Atticus: Why did you no longer find the need to continue the war with the Night Warriors?

Konrad: The war occurred because of Max. 

Atticus: Did Max multilog any penguins during RF events?

Konrad: As far as I know, Max only nulled the chat during events.

Atticus: During the rebuilding stage, does Redemption Force have any plans of adding new leaders?

Konrad: Maybe.

Atticus: Any final statements?

Konrad: We the Force


Stated by Konrad in the interview above, he points all blame to Max48310 as the source of starting the war between Redemption Force and the Night Warriors. He also mentions that Max in fact did null the chats during events, but, denies that Max multilogged any penguins during events.

In my opinion, the removal of Max48310 was indeed a positive sign for the future of the Redemption Force. The best way to remove the problem is to find the root of it first. If the rebuilding stage of RF continues in a positive direction, we should all expect to seem them in the top half of our weekly top ten.

Comment YOUR opinion on the removal of Max and the conclusion of the NW and RF war? Will the Redemption Force get out of their current slump. Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Vice President







7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. So serious question.. Why did Max call himself “Queen” exactly?

  3. Maybe because he’s openly gay and likes to inflate his ego? Idk famalam, just throwing out stuff from my mind

  4. Meant weak conclusion to the war, your post was fine.

  5. Lmfao

  6. No hate but there is a part which it says epicmaster redemption force leader in the 2nd paragraph.

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