Fire Warriors and Night Warriors Declare War on the Redemption Force – Immortal Alliance Forms

ICE BOX, Fire Warriors Capital – As you are most probably aware, the Fire Warriors and the Redemption Force have experienced relation problems between one another in the past week. You may read my post about their conflicts by clicking HERE. When tensions arise, so does the possibly of a war. As expected, the Fire Warriors and Night Warriors finally took action and have declared war. Read on to view about the war declarations and vote on the poll at the end of the post..

While the tensions arose to the point where only war would be necessary, the Fire Warriors and Night Warriors had no choice but to declare war on the Redemption Force. On February the 5th, the Fire Warriors were the first ones to take action. In a post entitled ‘The immortals – Declaration of War on RF’, the Fire Warriors make open that they have officially declared war on the Redemption Force empire. You may see see an excerpt of the post below:

“Today we declare war on the dumbass redemption force who think they’re a legit army. They multilog and steal troops. They are an army made up with irrelevant SWAT rejects who have been nothing their entire army careers. Today marks the day we kill RF.”

-Epic, Fire Warriors leader

As you can see above, the reason for the declaration of war was chiefly because they claimed the Redemption Force had stolen a bountiful amount of troops in the past week. Another reason previously stated by the Fire Warriors that possibly brought up the war was that the Redemption Force constantly called the two armies feeble, weak, and how they couldn’t take on the Redemption Force in a war.

On the same day, with shortly delay, Verum declared war on the Redemption Force as well. In a post named simply ‘Declaration of War’, Verum explains that the Redemption Force have went to war with the Fire Warriors and because the Night Warriors and Fire Warriors are allies, they will be aiding them. Together, they formed the ‘Immortal Alliance’, possibly with the Night Rebels in the near future as well. Verum also claims that the Redemption Force threatened them and the Night Warriors would not let this drive past easily. You may see Verum’s declaration of war post by viewing the screenshot below:

The Redemption Force have already speculated about getting allies to assist them in the war, as they are one versus two enemies. A week ago, we saw the Doritos declare war on the Fire Warriors and coincidentally, the Doritos and the Redemption Force share a common enemy. Not going unnoticed, it is possible that the Redemption Force ally the Doritos and fight a two versus two war. You may see an excerpt of the post Redemption Force made called ‘The immortals LMAO – Possible alliance with DCP’ to respond to the war declaration below.

Apparently FW are too scared to take us on alone so they had to make the ‘Immortals’ alliance. No one would’ve joined this alliance if Epic and Revan hadn’t made up fake shit up about us and how he troop steal and multi log. That just shows how pathetic FW is and how they’re scared to fight us alone. DCP will be joining us in this fight to help us undo the destruction these armies have caused to the CPA community. Consider this an alliance with the DCP. We end this alliance’s reign of terror now. Get ready for hell.

Since the day the alliance formed, both armies have intruded Redemptions Force’s server, Thermal, on the same day. The Night Warriors first invaded the Thermal. They deployed their troops to the Town and systamized a miniature circle and later a plus formation, acquiring sizes up to 22. You may see a picture of the invasion below:


The Fire Warriors then invaded Thermal again after the Night Warriors. Although the Redemption Force showed up at this battle unlike their defense against the Night Warriors, they still lost just barely. The battle first started at the forts, where we saw the Fire Warriors accumulated around 22 on CP compared to the Redemption Force’s smaller sizes of 16. The Fire Warriors then claimed this room and went to the Ice Berg, who were shortly followed by the Redemption Force. The Redemption Force experienced dilemma and complications moving their troops to the Ice Berg, so the Fire Warriors used this as an advantage and hastily executed three tactics before they saw the presence of the Redemption Force. The Redemption Force slow and deliberately made their way to a circle formation, augmenting their sizes to 20, opposed to the Fire Warriors’ size of 25. Although the winner could have easily been sought, both armies logged off claiming victory. You may see a picture of the battle below:

I managed to grab an interview with Fire Warriors leader, Epic, about why the Fire Warriors declared war on the Redemption Force.


Chip: Why did the Fire Warriors decide to declare war on the Redemption Force?

Epic: We declared war because they multilog and cheat. We are also proving a point of how dominant we are.

Chip: Was it planned by the Fire Warriors to have the Night Warriors jump in the conflict? Or, did the Night Warriors decide to intervene by themselves?

Epic: It was planned because the Redemption Force attempted to steal troops from both of our chats.

Chip: Do you predict that more armies will declare war on the Redemption Force? If so, what armies do you think will jump in?

Epic: Yes, probably. Although I’m not sure which one. Maybe the Night Rebels and the Light Troops in the easter/summer break.

Chip: Do you have any comments to add?

Epic: Thanks for the interview and death to the Redemption Force!


With three armies at one war, many foresee this war will turn out intriguing and vidid. Not going without notice, there has been rumors that many other armies will join in the war as well..

So what do YOU think? Who do YOU think will win the war? Do you think more armies will join in the 4 army war? With multi-logging scandals emerging both armies, do YOU think any of these armies actually cheat? Will the Doritos get ignored or will the other side of the alliance respond to their invasions?

We want YOUR opinions!

Comment them below

Make sure you vote on the poll

~ Chip

CPA Central Reporter


3 Responses

  1. While FW and RF have pretty equal sizes, the adittion of NW, who is current maxing 30-40, would quickly end RF. Nice post, Chip.

  2. RF, please win this. I’m counting on you!

  3. decent nice

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