Night Warriors Announce Return Under Drake8893 And XxToysoldier

FOG, Night Warriors Nation – After years of inactivity, with the exception of failed generations, the Night Warriors rush their way to the grand stage with near World Power sizes under a new hegemony.

I made my debut as leader in the Dark Warriors, helping them reach sizes of 100 during the Christmas Chaos Finals and making them the most prominent army of 2014. I’ve led the Ice Warriors along with Toy and saw them bolster in size from our techniques. From the Ice Warriors, we transitioned into RPF and maintained first on CPAC for three weeks. But I do not feel as comfortable leading these armies. I plan to utilize my full potential and commitment into the army where I first started.

– Drake, Night Warriors recreator

Above was an excerpt from a post titled “I Drake8893, Revive the Night Warriors”. In the post, Drake explained his history as a Night Warriors troop. In the final paragraphs, Drake discusses his modern-day army accomplishments and articulates his desire to reestablish the Night Warriors as a World Power in the modern community. Drake also announces his recreation and leadership.

However, Drake wasn’t the only recognizable figure to pledge allegiance under the NW banner. XxToySoldier, most notable for his work with the Dark Warriors and the Doritos, also made a post announcing himself a co-leader alongside Drake in the new Night Warriors generation. The post started with a barrage of words regarding the current state of the community, however, his plans for the Night Warriors were also mentioned, including the rules for the army. An excerpt can be seen below.

  1. If you’re an NW, you’re an NW. You pledge your allegiance to us only.
  2. If you happen to leave NW for any other faction, you will be formally dismissed from NW, for ever.
  3. Showing as sign of rebellion towards Drake & Xxtoysoldier will cause your ultimate banishment.
  4. Everyone is treated similarly. No single citizen in NW-TNO shall be considered inferior, or receive any less benefits.
  5. You must understand the importance of your presence in NW. Moderator in NW is equivalent to owner in any other army. Being high in the ranks is something you earn, and in order to be ranked accordingly, you must show you can.

– Xxtoysoldier, NW leader

Both posts were published on January 29th, just two days prior to their reopening event. You can view the results of the first Night Warriors event under the new regime here.

Night Warriors showing off their signature N formation at their return event.

Night Warriors showing off their signature N formation at their return event.

Along the way, Toysoldier and Drake have constructed their NW regime featuring many recognizable figures such as Flen, Verum, Shad, and most importantly, Alessandro. Below is an image of the current ranks listed on the Night Warriors site.

NW ranks

Despite being open for less than a week, the Night Warriors have already reached Top Ten standards, making their first appearance in a formidable amount of time.

Night Warriors achieving 5th on Top Ten 1/31/16.

Night Warriors achieving 5th on Top Ten 1/31/16.

We want to know what YOU think! Will the Night Warriors be able to remain consistent in the Top Ten? Or are the Night Warriors destined to remain just history? Are Drake and Toy fit to be NW leader? Why did Amber Rose have to slay our beloved Kanye? RIP Kanye. 




21 Responses

  1. KK is weed fool.

  2. This post smells like beef.

  3. So I was doing a little research on the Night Warriors and here is what I found online archives (If you want to see the original website go on online archives and look up Night Warriors of CP.)

    Many people claim that ACP was the first Club Penguin army to be created, but that is not true. I have exposed the lies and deceptions of the corrupt media. Cowboysfan13 created Night Warriors on February 4th of 2009. Oagalthorp created ACP on February 11th of 2009. Making Cowboysfan13’s Night Warriors the mother of Club Penguin warfare. Now many people will deny that what I’m saying is true, but that won’t stop the community from moving on and accepting Cowboysfan13 as the true founder of CP armies. You can ignore this comment but you can’t ignore the facts.


  4. “You guys are boring” lol thug life

  5. NW is now hiring professional officers. We will retain our first spot on CPAC and require the best of the best in our army. Contact DrakeForever on xat.

  6. Khalifa Kush bro beans

  7. Phi! Lmao. xxToySoldier kill IW and DW. This army is a fake deckel his actions ;/
    (Tirodoragon, you know c: )

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  9. “you guys are boring” lol thug life

  10. Amber is my queen #fingersinthebootyassbitch

  11. Might of the Night.

  12. How many?

  13. Why the hell is that cunt named Alessandro in there?

  14. Welcome back Night Warriors! (;

  15. Sir, you’re a fucking RETARD!

    ACP was created in 2006 you fucking ignorant twat!

  16. 3 goin on 4

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  18. True Night Warriors return, when Vendetta and Tomb1234 comeback, m8.

  19. […] Night warriors recently returned with Toysoldier, Drake and Verum which can be seen HERE  -With this trio spearheading the newly reformed NW they have had several battles this past week […]

  20. update that ranks page boys.

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