Silverburg Announces his Return to the RPF Leadership

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – With continual modifications throughout the RPF leadership, from various usurps, to bountiful retirements and promotions; we see former RPF leader, Silverburg, take the throne once again.

On January the 27th, Former RPF legend and now leader, Silverburg, discloses his return to the Rebel Penguin Federations’ leadership. Although not much is affirmed in his post, many know who he is and what he’s known for around the community. You may basically see his entire post in the ‘excerpt’ below:

I have returned to the RPF!

Lets Rise Once Again


[Legendary RPF Leader]

[Person Of The Year 2015]

[Most Achieved Leader of 2015]

For those who don’t know about Silverburg, he is a Rebel Penguin Federation legend and former leader, currently leading them once again. Silverburg led the army in 2013 when they were at war with the Army Republic in huge clashes. Silverburg also led the Rebel Penguin Federation in an arguable victory against a then powerhouse, the Nachos. Leading them with the help of Elmikey through devastating back-to-back wars and battles, never giving up on them, the Rebel Penguin Federation were considered to be at their second golden age since their creation, even being classed with their 2007 generation. You may see a picture of a battle Silverburg led against the Nachos while they were at war with each other below:

RPF executing E+P puffles while Nachos perform E+Z pizzas.

Silverburg also led the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2015 where he took home the Legends Cup VI alongside Elmikey. The Rebel Penguin Federation claimed to have maxed sizes of 80 troops during this battle, hitting nearly 130 users on chat. While the battle was extremely close against the opposing army, the Water Vikings, the judges announced that the Rebel Penguin Federation will go home victorious. This of course, corralled great amounts of buildup and motivation throughout the army afterwards, thus concluding into a successful job well done. You may see a picture of the over-time battle in the Legends Cup below:

RPF chanting the “For Charles” word tactic against the “Here comes the Wave” word tactic by the Water Vikings.

Upon Silverburgs return, the Rebel Penguin Federation have had two events so far – one which has not been posted and one in which they maxed 30 at their raid of fog. In this raid, the Army Republic failed to show up and go against the raid on their server, concluding in RPF victory. This server was later invaded and captured by their allies, the Night Rebels, the next day. You may see a picture of the battle below:

 I decided to grab an interview with current Rebel Penguin Federation leader, Silverburg, to get a better understanding what his goals are upon his return to the army.

Me = Blue

Red = Silverburg

Chip: “Now that you’re leading the Rebel Penguin Federation once again, what do you plan on initially doing to improve the army?”

Silverburg: “I would like to stop the bot recruiting in the army because it will eventually kill us and it’s not doing the community any good. We’ll go back to using autotypers, except using much better lines. The lines I create can get thousands of recruits a day with a single autotyper being used.”


Chip: “As you are most probably aware, two RPF leaders have been recently couped, do you think this will cause a decline within the army at any given moment?”

Silverburg: “Nah. From what I saw, Drake was doing most of the work out of any of the leaders. As well as that, Elmikey was really putting the script he received for good use and RPF was able to rise that way. The Rebel PenguiN Federation will rise without those two.


Chip: “The Rebel Penguin Federation has proved to have many enemies and very few allies. Do you plan on changing this? If so, what armies will you ally?”

Silverburg: “The best army usually receives the most hate (as proved in 2013 with RPF), no matter how many armies we ally with, there will always be haters trying to bring us down. We have great allies in the Night Rebels who are currently aiding us in our war. We plan on making more alliances with more armies.”

Chip: “Well said.”


Chip: “With the long-lasting war currently in place, how long do you predict this will carry on? Do you lan on ending the war sooner or later?”

Silverburg: “Soon. The Nachos are a troll army who are at the point where they can do nothing but claim victory. Hopefully RPF can move onto bigger and better things.”


Chip: “Thank you for your time.”
Chip: “Do you have any comments to add?”

Silverburg: “Fight the Good Fight!”

As you may see, Silverburg has announced his official return to the Rebel Penguin Federation. While sitting as an advisor for a few months, Silverburg feels like it’s time to officially return home.

So, what do YOU think? Do YOU think the Rebel Penguin Federation will recover from their tragic two leader loss? Or, do YOU think the Rebel Penguin Federation will not seen any changes? With legendary Silverburg leading the army, do YOU think he can improve foreign army relationships? Seeing as the Rebel Penguin Federation is currently facing relation problems, this should be inevitable and extremely needed to do.

We want your opinions.

Comment them below!


CPA Central Reporter/Legend/God/Leader/2ic


10 Responses

  1. This is getting boring…

  2. There’s really no point of Sliver coming back.I mean RPF is already the #1 army.

  3. How many Times has Sliver lead RPf?

  4. Are you retired, or are you not?

  5. RPF IS falling because I left.

  6. You should check the RPF site now. It is trashed.

  7. Wtf are you talking about? Elmikey is the true leader that can actually rise the Rebel Penguin Federation. Where tf were you in one of those events where you were inactive and Elmikey led getting huge sizes?

  8. They fixed it now though.

  9. beast silverbeg

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