Shadow Troops Shut Down and Merge into Army Republic

BERG, Army Republic Empire – The Shadow Troops have recently re-entered the Top Ten listings and were preparing themselves for a long and successfully generation. However, things have taken a much darker turn, as they have now been shut down and merged into the Army Republic.

The Shadow Troops reopened on January 21st with a strong recruiting event on the server Flurry. This event saw them hit sizes of up to 24, with some well executed tactics to compliment this. It was the first event back for the army, and was one of the better events in comparison to previous unsuccessful generations. Morale high, the Shadow Troops held a training event just a day later and again produced respectable sizes, this time with an acclaimed average of 16. Despite having “slow” tactics due to inactive troops, the army organised themselves in neat formations.

On January 24th, the Shadow Troops held their first battle – round one of the Winter League tournament against the Star Wars Army, and in a short battle managed to take a striking victory with a potent size of 27, alongside strong and consistent tactics, such as the word tactic demonstrated below.

Yesterday, Shadow Troops leader Step Up made an official statement on the army website, declaring the shutdown and merge into the Army Republic. The following is an extract from this post, which is simply entitled, “Shutdown”:

Shadow Troops are shut down, things just aren’t working out anymore. Thank you to anyone who contributed to this generation, we hit 30+ on multiple occasions.

Leaders recommend you go and join AR.

Army Republic leader Darth Flame later made a statement regarding the merge, putting it down to “a growing great friendship”. The following is an excerpt from this post, which also addressed the newly reformed Soda Pop Army joining the Army Republic’s “cause”:

The Shadow Troops have merged into the Army of the Republic. Over the past few days AR and ST were growing a great friendship. However the Shadow Troops were falling so they finally pulled the plug. Which I am in mixed feelings due to my history with the Shadow Troops.

The most recent Army Republic event took place on January 24th, the same day as when the Shadow Troops battled the Star Wars Army. Unlike the Shadow Troops, however, the Army Republic only managed to hit sizes of 16 troops in their cleansing of the RPF server Fjord. Below shows the army arranged at the Town in a horizontal formation, executing a near-perfect ‘Joke’ tactic.


The Army Republic has not had an event since, and so they could be massively benefited by the merge of the Shadow Troops, who had been hitting sizes of up to 30 just last week. The Army Republic has recently dropped out of the Top Ten listings, and so with the added boost from this merge, we could see them reappearing very soon.

What do YOU think? How will the Army Republic do now that the Shadow Troops have merged into them? Is this the last we will see of the Shadow Troops? Comment with YOUR opinion below!

Mister Max

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief


5 Responses

  1. Another thunder cunt bites the dust.

  2. 1st

  3. Please stop reporting SWAT shutdowns

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