RPF vs Nachos: Battle of Cloudy

CLOUDY, RPF Nation – The Nachos, now formally backed by the Water Vikings and Army Republic, attempted to invade Cloudy today and clashed with RPF troops. Read more for the full report. The recently-formed TACO alliance scheduled a double invasion of RPF territory today, with the Nachos invading Cloudy, and Army Republic invading Fjord both at 3:30pm EST. The Rebel Penguin Federation chose to defend Cloudy, meeting their opponent in the Boiler Room at 3:28. They charged in with a joke bomb to attack the Nachos’ line across the room. The sizes at the beginning slightly favored RPF; the Nachos had about 18 in the room, and RPF had somewhere around 22.


The two side went back-and-forth with emote and word tactics, then the Nachos did an E+G bomb before moving to the Pet Shop. As they were forming a diagonal line, RPF troops flooded the room with an E+9 bomb. The Nachos put up jokes in their line to defend themselves, but they had taken a severe hit to their size, down to 11 troops in the room. Meanwhile, RPF had grown to about 26. The armies continued to battle with various emote and word tactics for several minutes.


At 3:44, the battle moved to the Beach, where the Nachos managed to regain some size in their line along the bottom of the room. However, their force of 16 was still overwhelmed by RPF, who was holding strong at 26. After a couple of minutes, the Nachos scattered and did E+7 winks, while RPF countered with E+6 tongues in their plus formation. Another few tactics went by, and the Nachos stormed into the Lighthouse, RPF hot on their heels. Once in the room, both armies chose to quickly get in lines, the Nachos in a chatbar line, and RPF troops in a horizontal line above them.


They only did a couple tactics before the Nachos moved again, this time to the Town. They quickly made a diagonal line and did E+W chocolate ice creams, and RPF entered the room and formed a circle. At this point, RPF was still well ahead in terms of size, now maxing 30 compared to the Nachos’ 16. The battle continued here until 3:59, when the Nachos charged into the Snow Forts and made a backwards ‘L’. They put up E+Z pizzas in response to RPF’s joke bomb into the room. Right after this, RPF claimed victory over the battle and began logging off. The Nachos responded with E+5 shocked faces in their line.


Both armies had good tactic performance during the battle, and things were kept interesting by the many room switches. Many of the battle rooms were tightly confined, which restricted movement and tactic options, certainly affecting the Nachos, who are known for their tactical prowess and creativity. But the size advantage RPF had was too great for the Nachos to overcome, solidifying their victory claim.

Who do you think won the battle? Comment with your opinion below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer



7 Responses

  1. RPF Victory.

  2. Props to both armies for having an actual battle. Love to see armies out of formation and move around the map, rather than staying in a single room and line for 30 minutes and pressing emotes.

  3. And especially since we did more than just Town, Forts and Berg

  4. When you realize the RPF maxed twice their size and destroyed them but the Nachos claimed victory because they know they lost and had to cover it up. The nachos have officially lost their morals.

  5. you’re a stupid muslim faggot

  6. bragging doesn’t make you cool


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