RPF: How They Fell And Rose

TUXEDO, RPF Capital –  Over the past few months, we saw the RPF on the brink of death. But recently with the forces of powerful leaders joining the RPF are back on their feet once again. Will they become the greatest army of 2016? Click read more to follow on.

The Rebel Penguin Federation has made such a remarkable comeback. Over the past few months they have been struggling left and right. This post will be a timeline to their fall and to their rise.

September: The Leaving of Elmikey and Silverburg

In september, we remembered that two former RPF Legends had stepped down from their roles as leaders. As they both had too much going on. Serpent was appointed leader along with Robot. Slowly RPF had begun to fall, struggling to stay in and out of the Top Ten.

September 2015

September 2015

Then in the month of October they had little success for a short period of time and then they had begun to fall even greater than they did in September. They had suffered a loss in the Champions Cup against the Nachos.  Then in November they hit a new low.

November: RPF Hits A New Low


With barely maxing more than 10, the RPF manage to stay in the Top Ten. Lady Clout had been appointed leader and has success with making them stay strong through the months of both November and December. Having constant wars with the Nachos.  Then in January, everything changes for the better.

January: A Era Reborn


The RPF, kick off there 2016 by having joy of making 1st on the top ten. They had also had many stars of the community join. People such as xxtoysoldier,Drake,Ghost,Chip, and Tompenguin had returned to the RPF to help make them rise.

Shortly after they engaged in a war with the Nachos and the Water Vikings. So far they claim they won almost all the battles as the Nachos fight that they haven’t.  This war looks like it will be ongoing for quite a while. For maybe even a few months.

The Comeback the RPF has made is truly remarkable. This is a comeback we were not expecting to see. As there had been many changes in the community in the last month, the RPF have already made 2016 their year.

What do you all think? Do you think the RPF’s comeback was powerful? Or do you think that this will only last for a few more days or weeks till they all leave. Do you think the RPF are truly playing fair in the game? Or do you think that RPF could be cheating?

What do YOU think? RPF rise or phase? Comment YOUR Opinion!


CPA Central Editor in Chief


17 Responses

  1. First. Good job RPF. About time a post exposing SWAT is made:

  2. Donald Trump 2016

  3. Fight the Good Fight and you shall thrive.



  6. I wonder who made that post 😎

  7. a smart ass did xD

  8. Rpf’s rise mainly started after Christsmas Chaos championship and winter break with me and serpent having rpf max 30-40. In January rpf began to max 50 with ease.

  9. No, DCP is a fake army that consists of their leaders and their leaders multilogs. Rpf does not cheat.

  10. Not only are we in a war with the Nachos and Water Vikings, but the Army of the Republic has foolishly sided with are opponents. They shall pay for their mistake. Long live the RPF! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  11. Rpf will always rise.

  12. Guy…you’re stupid? Where’s evidence? Hm?

  13. RPF never multilogging.

  14. ftgf

  15. Lmfao, those accusations of us are funny. So, how’s SWAT doing?

    Btw, the Rebel Penguin Federation never cheats.

  16. its not cheating but its annoying as fuck and makes cp want to kill armies even more

  17. Tragic

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