Ice Warriors Announce Shut Down

Husky, Ice Warriors Capital – On January 16th, Iceyfeet, IW creator, announced the official shutdown of the army. With one of the most legendary armies ever to thrive in the community now shut down, how will this affect other armies?

After having no events for an entire week, and surrounded by massive inactivity, Iceyfeet decides to shut down the Ice Warriors army.

On a post titled “Bye for now [The official shutdown of the Ice Warriors” three Ice Warrior legends embellished why they shut down the army even said a few messages to the entire community as a whole. You may see a passage of the long post below, or click HERE to read the full post.

“Although there is so much I can say, I will have the most important parts of the post in this next paragraph, and then later add edits in regarding the history of the Ice Warriors. To start things off, it wasn’t an easy decision to end one of the oldest and most legendary CP armies. The fact is that CP armies are long gone. We are living in a continuous cycle of pointless events that are for the most part faked to somehow show that the community is still “alive”. The heart of CP warfare stopped beating long ago, and I don’t want my creation to take part in this fake world any longer. The Club Penguin army community will unfortunately never decide as a whole on what to do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t decide as a majority. Some people will want to stay, others will want to change games, and some will want to separate forever. As for the current Ice Warriors, the remaining troops can either choose to join another army and/or hangout on IW chat and possibly take part in future plans. All former troops and other members of CP armies are always welcome to hangout on IW chat.”

-Iceyfeet, Ice Warriors creator

The reason to the why the Ice Warriors shut down was rather evident, when four leaders retired from the army, the Ice Warriors fell tremendously and quickly. From maxing sizes up to 40 to slouching down to as low as having no events for an entire week. You may see an event picture when Spi, Toysoldier, Freezie, and Drake led below:

Rumored that Freezie, Toysoldier, and Drake attempted to merge the Ice Warriors into the Rebel Penguin Federation, Andrew24 promptly came and handled the situation. From that day forth, unfortunately, the Ice Warriors were rather demised. Due to having no events, the Ice Warriors were not spotted on the most recent Top Ten.

My opinion

Unfortunately, one of the most legendary armies to ever live in the community has shut down. What does this mean for armies you ask? It means that people are losing hope on the community, people no longer are motivated by the game. This quick shutdown could be nothing, but really, it truly means a lot. Aeonians of memories put into one post, from meritorious battle pictures to the shut out of many loyal people that served the army. The Ice Warriors will be remembered as one of the most respectable armies in the community to me.

May the Ice Warriors rest in peace.

June 1st 2007 – January 2016


With the shutdown of a great army, what do YOU think? Do YOU think the Ice Warriors will return someday? What army do YOU think the former Ice Warriors will join? We want YOUR opinions! Comment them below


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25 Responses

  1. RIP IW
    An army that had accomplished a lot throughout their years and months. Not forgotten.
    Btw good post Chip

  2. rip iw

  3. bye IW.. Hope to battle you again soon..

  4. It’s sad to see one of the greatest armies in history die and it should serve as a sign of the impending end to this community unless we act soon and fast to reverse its decline.

  5. Its very sad to see Ice Warriors go, one of the greatest armies in history and not once to shut down… RIP IW.

  6. Rest easy, IW.

  7. Good and Bad memories for IW, I hate seeing my home army go.

  8. IW LIVES, in a NR fashion,

  9. MARK my words. You will return, no matter how long it takes.

    Mark my words…

  10. Goodbye, Ice Warriors. So many memories… they knew me before I was even a writer. And let me tell you guys, I WAS A NOOB! ^_^

  11. u still r a noob hahhhahahahaha

  12. Seeing Ice Warriors since 2010 staying strong as an army was a site to see. I never really fit in there, but I can say that IW was just an amazing army. I really do hate to see it end like this. It just won’t feel right without them…

  13. Even though IW shut down, I’m happy that I can say I was apart of something great.

    -Hurricanex1 former IW 3ic

  14. I was the one who killed IW. Don’t fear the ice, FEAR ME

  15. Ice Warriors were my first army, I saw them recruiting back in 2010 and Iceyfeet introduced me to everything on IW chat, good memories.

    I can say that I am sad to see Ice Warriors shutting down, but I completely understand Icey and his decision, congrats on everything you have done dude and thanks for introducing me to armies 🙂

  16. The Ice Warriors were the first army that I ever had a grest history with despite only achieving high mod and this is very tragic for me to freaking even believe right now

  17. RIP Ice Warriors

  18. The Ice Warriors were my first army, and the army I’ve spent the majority of my 4-year long CP Army career in. I was quite sad when I heard about their shutdown. They were a great army, filled with a lot of great history and fun times.

    Hopefully they come back soon. But if not, may this big and strong army not be forgotten in the community of armies. 🙂

  19. okay

  20. No! I never was in IW but this is heart breaking to hear 😦

  21. IW is back on future. I know. I KNOW THIS! *salute to Icefeet1234*

  22. Rest in MAJOR peace IW

  23. RIP IW. I served from December 2012 to April 2013 and made it as far as 3rd in Command. It’s a shame that my own family shut down. I still remember when I came on frequently and almost skipped classes just for my own army. Oh well. Icey and the leaders will always have a spot in my heart. I know Icey is not finished yet I know someday he might return and I would do the same for 1 last shot at victory. Icey was one of my own best friends and I know that he would give 1 last shot for all of us. (Sorry for the long speech but keep reading if you’re interested). So we had our downfalls like the Veterans Banning and all that but I stuck around a bit longer and came back frequently for a week in 2014 but I failed since I grew up, I grew dominantly in life, and I knew I had less time for games like this. So to end this crazy long speech that I’m currently writing before I study for my exams, #LongLiveIceWarriors #LongLiveIceyfeet1234 and to you Icey and IW *salutes*


  24. A move like this is like euthanizing a dog so that it does not die a horrible death; it’s a very humane and respectable thing for Icey to do.
    He understood that had IW continued to participate in this awful community, the army would turn out to be even worse than what it had started to become before Icey shut it down. I know Icey wouldn’t want to see that happen to his own creation, and there is no hope that the community can change for the better to circumvent this. The only way to preserve IW before it collapsed would be to kill it early, and that’s exactly what he did.
    From 5 years of serving this army, I can say that IW would not be where it is today without Icey, and the fact that he stayed this long to look after it, although the other Old Legends of his time had moved on, was arguably the best thing that ever happened to the army. I’m glad Icey still had his wits about him even with the corruption of the community, and I wouldn’t want to see IW die any other way.
    ~ War has come home

  25. Oh dear. <: ( This was not what I was hoping to see on my nostalgia trip..

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