Doritos of CP Enter Lockdown || Badboy Removed From The Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos of CP Capital – After an attempt from Mach to colonize the Doritos under the Underground Mafias Army, Trader, Doritos leader, has made the decision to enter DCP in a lockdown state. On other topic, we have also seen that Badboy, another leader of the Doritos, was removed from the leadership due to him being caught multilogging and rejoining the returning Special Weapons and Tactics.

The Doritos hasn’t been doing well recently, even though DCP was called the best army of 2015, there has been many multilogging accusations thrown at the orange army and they also fell from major standards to the very bottom of SM Army Press’ Top Ten with .0001 points (this is due to Zing King To’s multilogging constitution that is being current enforced at SMAP. Click HERE to give it a view).

These things had not reflected in the performance of the Doritos until yesterday, January 17th, 2016, when Trader, DCP leader, made a quite short post on Doritos’ site entitled “Doritos Locked Down”. In the post, Trader goes straight to the point, only stating that the Doritos would be entering a lockdown until further notice. He also advises that the post shall not be removed by anyone. You may read the full post here:

Doritos Army is locked down until further notice.

Do not remove this post.

We will be back.

-Trader, DCP Leader

As you can see above, Trader states that no one should delete that post. This is because he made a post exactly like this earlier and it got replaced by a post made by Mach stating DCP would be being recolonized by the historic Underground Mafias Army, however, this was taken down and Mach was removed from Doritos’ site.

Yet, after DCP entered lockdown, Badboy, another Doritos of CP leader, was removed from the army by Mustapha10. In a quite funny post, Mustapha states his reasons for the removal of Badboy from the Doritos. Below is an excerpt of it, but you can click HERE to read the full post of the removal of Badboy.

I told you not to! You said you wouldn’t! You thought it was all a front?

You can’t open up extra tabs cause it takes away the fun, it’ll make our army diediedie and it’ll make clubpenguin blogs write about us. I mean yeah, people are gonna hate when you dominate (iMnotArappeR) but that doesn’t mean you can actually become a sinner! Silly goose, now I have to fire you!

DCP doesn’t multilog, we never have. Only a f***ing moron within this army multilogged, and he got removed for it. Do your own research, just because we don’t reply to those little ole’ essays doesn’t mean we’re guilty. Truth is not measured by mass appeal. Don’t play yourself…

-Mustapha10, DCP Leader

In the post above, Mustapha is firing Badboy because he “opened up extra tabs”, meaning Badboy multilogged. He also says that multilogging makes the army die and it also makes news sites to write about it. However, on the same day Badboy got removed from the Doritos he rejoined the Special Weapons and Tactics as leader. Another report regarding this will be published soon.

I managed to grab an interview with Trader, Doritos leader, to ask him some questions regarding DCP lockdown and the firing of Badboy.

Interview with Trader, Doritos of CP Leader

CPAC: Why did the Doritos of CP enter lockdown?

Trader: We wanted time to regroup and repair whatever was damaged from Badboy and Spite.

CPAC: Badboy was removed from the army. What can you tell me about this? Why did the leadership decide to do it? Is he guilty of multilogging?

Trader: We figured out Badboy was cheating and decided to remove him from the army.

CPAC: Does DCP have any plans for the future? When will Doritos return?

Trader: We plan on returning in around 1-2 weeks.

As you can see above, Badboy was fired because he was, indeed, guilty of multilogging in the orange army. Trader also told us that the Doritos army of CP will be returning in around 1 or 2 weeks because they need to regroup and repair from the damage caused because of the multilogging within the army.

After these events, we will see if the Doritos return with all of their strength but as many people think they are still multilogging and they fired the supposed multiloggers from the army, we will see if they continue doing this, or if they regain the top without cheating.


What do YOU think of the Doritos of CP entering lockdown? Will they recover and get back on without cheating, or will they have to multilog to get the great sizes they once got again? What do YOU think of the removal of Badboy from DCP and then he rejoining SWAT?

Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central Reporter

SM Army Press Editor in Chief


42 Responses

  1. More scapegoating…

  2. lockdown to give them time to make new penguins

  3. He deserves it

  4. think almost all of us foresaw this coming.

  5. If the colonists dare to reopen, the UMA will immediately invade all of their servers. For now, we will let them suffer and wallow in their own filth, as we are occupied by decimating SWAT, but let it be known:

    DCP, you may only live as a colony.

  6. Musta acting innocent after all that, it’s pathetic. He seriously needs to open his eyes and see that no matter what he does or says, it won’t fool the community. Can’t believe everything his parrot says.

  7. Hello, it’s me

  8. Still nothing being done about Musta, the real multilogger

  9. Why all the dislikes. y

  10. mach, the only reason UMA colonised us the first time was because our leader didnt know how to read a treaty, but if you think that the doritos are yours to play with you are gravely mistaken, Fear the Shield

  11. Biggest hypocrite of the year award goes to Mustapha. It’s barely 2016 bro.. calm down! BTW nice fake downvoting these comments. Do you really think we’re stupid? 25 dislikes on comments when there are only around 9 comments? LOL!

  12. Great post!

  13. Good, but musta and the crew are just as bad.

  14. Yo Sky, what chat you usually on?

  15. Armies are getting worse and worse

  16. Badboys just a Grade A retard. DCP have been at it for a year and none of their leaders have been caught saying shit until he came along.

  17. Fuck up Colonist

  18. We will gain power once again in 1 or 2 week.s But for now we need a break..

  19. Lmfao

  20. Shut up. Nobody’s scared of a few brainwashed multiloggers.

  21. Wow, look at Musta. We know you’re using your multiple tabs to dislike comments

  22. The Hnngg Warriors now legitimately own DCPs former capital, Summit! Rejoice, and spread the word!

  23. Getting past all of the hate of the retarded people in this community, especially from you AKA, you 30 year old rascal, will be easy. It’s a shame to see how much an amazing army can make a bunch of irrelevant nerds rage on the comment section.

    @ Commander Four: Who are you?
    @ Maxy: Keep crying in the comments section like the ACP Reject you are.
    @ Akabob: …get a life. I can’t even count the number of years you are older than me on my hands. You get so stressed about armies. You make me cringe with every thing you say. I must say though, I really like the amount of knives and trash you have in your moms attic. You’re a big shot.

  24. 3 cant win an invasion nice try multiloggers

  25. ur obsessed af

  26. average rpf owner cant even comprehend the overwhelming amount of evidence i just brung to the table. Here ill make it simple in a way rpf would proclaim it. “O no rpf we didnt lie dcp is terrorist fight the good fight!”

  27. are you okay? rpf didn’t invade summit, wv did.

  28. wv is also a weak ass army that has a leader that sits around and makes members ban people for telling the truth. Your point?

  29. dcp doesnt multilog

  30. this post proves the idiocy of this community. Leaches on to every false assumption in hopes of trying to stop us. Were the strongest army and we wont let some weak armies get in our way.

  31. kek

  32. how so

  33. Sheeps will rage comment here

  34. Not the good sheep lols

  35. Loool this community has sheep

  36. Sheep

  37. Because too many sheeps here

  38. no pls

  39. I have to admit…I actually trusted Sprite at first. He was surprisingly the reason why I joined DCP. Badboy, when I heard of him, I was really doubting. A lot of the leaders that were used to be in the army turns out to be r*t*rds who either leaves because of scared that the army dies when they are in leader, or cheating like multilogging and unreasonable banning. Now not a lot of people are in DCP because of the fact that they are not getting ready to see this army rise from the ashes just like you. UMA is (not literally) r*t*rded but we’re not going to let you take over the army because you will make DCP yours. So we will be back, and when we do, don’t even dare try to destroy the army. Because we are The Doritos. Fear the Shield b*tch.

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