Top Ten Armies: 1/17/16

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – In a generally poor week all around, we see a number of new additions to the Top Ten, including one army that skyrocketed against the competition.


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0][84.99]

2. Night Rebels [NEW!][52.99]

3. Nachos [+5][52.00]

4. Army of Club Penguin [+1][51.00]

5. Water Vikings [+1][50.67]

6. Club Penguin Crew [NEW!][50.00]

7. Doritos [+1][46.50]

8. Army Republic [-5][44.50]

9. Elites [NEW!][41.00]

10. SRA [NEW!][37.50]

Here is where one would click if they wished to see the full stats.


1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation executed their week by having an event on their new server, Tobbogan, and saw sizes up to 40. To continue their week, they had raiding an event, and saw a max of 40 once again. Finding themselves at war with the Nachos, they RPF claimed to have defended their server, Ice Palace, with a size of 35. They later then defending Cozy seeing sizes up to 35 once again. The Rebel Penguin Federation decided to have a training session for their invasion tomorrow, maxing sizes of 40. To wrap up their week, the RPF invaded Nacho capital, Fjord, claiming to have maxed sizes near to 55.


2. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels have had a busy week, they first got their start on January 14th with a UK training that saw sizes of 15+. The next day, they had another training session with similar sizes. January 16th held an AUSIA event that saw sizes of around 13-14. The Night Rebels finished their week with a battle against the SRA, where the NR triumphed with sizes of 19+.


3. Nachos: The Nachos kicked off their week with a recruiting session in which they maxed 12. Then, on January 12nd, the Nachos declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the first invasion was the invasion of Brumby maxing 17 and averaging 15, taking home the victory. The Nacho Army then invaded the server Ice Palace with 19 troops online, even though they performed good, RPF won this battle. With cero defenses yet, the Nachos clashed on Bobsled against the RPF maxing 17 and averaging 14, but the battle ended on a draw. On the same day the invasion of Bobsled happened, Akabob22, CP army veteran from 2007, retired from the Nacho Army once more.


4. Army of Club Penguin: The ACP had a quite inactive week, but improving in size. The Army of CP raided Ice Warriors maxing and averaging 26. Their second event was a training session on their capital, Breeze, in which they maxed 22 and averaged 20.


5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings only held three events this week. Starting with the reopening of their AUSIA division in which they maxed 16 and averaged 14. Then, they held a training session maxing sizes of 18. To end their week, the WV held another training event, this time they increased in sizes with 24 troops online.


6. Club Penguin Crew: The CPC started their week with a victory on the round one of SM Army Press Winter League II against the Jalapeno Army maxing 13. Then they invaded the server Cabin and maxed sizes of 11. Three days later, on January 15th, they held a practice battle against the Star Wars Army maxing 10 troops on CP. To end their week, the Club Penguin Crew invaded the server Cold Front with sizes of 12 soldiers online.


7. Doritos: The Doritos started their week on the server Summit, with sizes of 35+. Their week continued on January 12th when the Doritos held an event that averaged sizes of 42+. The Doritos concluded their week with a US training session that again saw consistent sizes of 43. The Doritos week seemed almost too good to be true. 


8. Army Republic: The Army Republic is another army that didn’t have a lot of events this week, only with a training session on the server Berg maxing 19 with decent tactics. This week also saw the retirement of Trippy from the army and the promotion of Slip to leader.


9. Elites: The Elites reopen their doors to the community in the middle of this week, and held their opening event two days later. Their opening event was a US training session in which they maxed 10 and averaged 9. Although the Elites only had one event this week, the army aims to rise to new heights as time goes on.


10. SRA: The SRA fell victim to a defacement earlier this week. Due to their loss, event results could not determined. The only event included in this weeks Top Ten was the battle against the Night Rebels where the SRA achieved sized of 14+. FATlshQ





An anonymous account offering multilogs to Apollo.


Chip, CPAC reporter, logging onto the accounts in question – along with others – validating the claims that they are in fact multilogs.



Doritos event held on Jan. 14th.



Doritos event held on the 10th.



CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Reporter

SM Army Press Editor in Chief


CPA Central Reporter


57 Responses

  1. Well, rip to armies

  2. Good job NR!

  3. No 10th and a 30 point lead for RPF? Good job RPF but this is a bad sign for armies. We had a good run

  4. Good work RPF. We have a 30 point gap between second place.
    However, our score was poorly calculated unfortunately. Please fix our size average, it should be much more. Read reply for break up on our events.

  5. First event: Max of 34.
    Second event: Max of 33.
    Third event: Max of 33.
    Fourth event: Max of 34.
    Fifth event: Max of 39.
    Sixth event: Max of 53.
    According to the pictures in which I marked our sizes, 34 + 33 + 33 + 34 + 39 + 53 = 226 divided by 6 is 37.66.
    Our score should be 2.67 more. It should be 87.67.
    Thank you

  6. The 10-2 armies combined couldn’t come close to rpf. Fight the good fight.


  8. How come there are 6 armies on the SMAP top ten? surely one of them should be 10th on this.

  9. loool RPF 1st maxing 40 and the second army maxing 15

  10. The Rebel Penguin Federation will still keep rising, this is just the start of the year and the start of the Rebel Penguin Federation becoming a world power.

  11. And now, watch as every army multilogs and reach sizes of 50.

  12. You can read the original post containing more evidence against DCP on WV.

    Guess you could thank me for getting critical evidence and helping clear up this community instead of sitting around being the fat fuck I am?

  13. I don’t understand that evidence^ but uhh, GJ TO ALL ARMIES♥

  14. I don’t know about you guys but I’m not shocked these results are horrible. GJ to Rpf, Nr and Cpc tho

  15. Special CPAC Report: Today is an awful day for the army world, as we see the loss of more than 5 major armies. The evil Isis or other know as the Small Army Community has been making gains on the CPAC top ten and has pledged to destroy the big armies in the name of Allah. Researchers worry that these massive gains may result in the extinction of the Major Army world and may lead us back into the dark ages. I’m Brian Williams, we will be back after the break as I tell a story of a tragic Helicopter ride I experienced in Afghanistan.

  16. shammeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. Good work? You idiots are killing armies by not allowing us to recruit.

  18. This top 10 is all over the place.

  19. so if i just made an army and maxed 1 at 1 event i’d get in the top ten?

  20. consistency matters, cyka

  21. Good Job CPC

    Bad Job CPA

    ~Crew Army Leader~

  22. Why are you so angry? RPF hasn’t mass recruited in the past 3 days but your allies, the Nachos, have put 5 bots on every server and you don’t cry to them? RPF has 2-3 bots on each server now that Flen is on leave. You don’t even know what’s going on yet you claim we’re killing all the other armies. They haven’t even had events. Apologies that the RPF are the world power.

  23. Almost to good, to be true ❤ Good job Doritos! We're the best SMAP Army to ever live!

  24. good job nachos, acp, wv, ar, nr, and cpc

    the NWO/AA is alive and kicking and you scoring on this list is proof of that fact.

  25. This week was an embarrassment. Although it’d be naive to take it as a sign armies are dying.

    Yes. The size average did drop drastically, but so did the event quality. When I scrolled down other armies events, I saw many events that just flat out went unposted. Probably because armies were worried how their less than acceptable size would impact the Top Ten.

    The Top Ten isn’t supposed to be something you manipulate. It isn’t supposed to be something you try and use to your advantage. You’re supposed to try your best, post your events, and we tell you how you stack up.

    Morale to the story: Post your events. Worry less about the Top Ten when you log onto CP.

  26. R.I.P IW

  27. You’re a year late.

  28. 2nd place = maxes -20
    3rd place = maxes -20
    4th place = maxes 26
    Tactics pretty much the same.

  29. #dcplivesmatter

  30. just gotta wait til this exposing thing dies down then the multilogging resumes lil moopsie

  31. that’s probably because you’re stupid

  32. Andddd IW is in shut down

    Damn armies be dying

  33. Fantastic job, Nachos! We’re going to take #1 next week!

  34. Gj RPF

  35. dcp is 7th on both top tens smap and cpac … well looks like gob kept his promise

  36. Anyone who is shocked is either an idiot or a noob.

  37. check again, friend.

  38. $100 that cpa will dump DCP and turn to fight RPF lmao

  39. Btw guys, after I thought about it, this is a top ten when all armies stop multilogging.. looks creepy tbh….

  40. About that; Goblin, Nachos had adefense ofFjord on Saturday but we didn’t post it on time. Can you fix the scores please? Here’s the link

  41. looks at ACP pics
    looks at night rebels pic

  42. 2 posted events.

  43. I’m pretty sure I commented this before they officially shut down..

  44. Holy shit armies actually dying now lmfao

  45. Because multloggers are getting removed vastly ofc

  46. Yeah

  47. Haaha

  48. Hammered that one on point

  49. Armies aren’t dying. Stop saying it. Check a top 10 from like 2011.

  50. We came pretty close to you. We had the balls to declare war when we were the number 7 army. We’re winning this war too.

  51. Nah, I understand it now, the 1st time nope cause I was rushing through

  52. We’ll see about that.2016 isn’t over yet.>:)>:)

  53. I never knew world power was maxing 30.


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