Nachos Invade RPF Capital & War Recap

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – The Nachos and RPF have been at war this week, invading each other’s servers and getting several battles out of it. Today, the Nachos made an attempt to capture Tuxedo, RPF’s capital server. Read more for the full report.

RPF troops prepared to defend the server at the Town. The Nachos began their attack at the Beach, lined up along the room with about 19 troops. At 3:30 EST, RPF moved to the Beach to attack their opponent with an E+9 bomb, and the Nachos defended themselves by telling Elmikey to “go to college”. RPF then quickly got into a plus formation with about 30 troops, and the two sides began exchanging emote and word tactics.


After a few minutes of impressive performance from both armies, RPF soldiers moved to sit on the Nachos’ line and did E+I igloos. The Nachos responded with E+T, then moved out with a joke bomb. During the joke bomb, RPF switched into a circle around the room and put up E+3. The Nachos chanted “LOL”, then moved to the Stadium, where they were joined by a handful of Army Republic troops.


RPF troops began to pour into the room, but, realizing that with AR added to the mix, they would be unable to bring in their full force, and instead set up at the Ice Berg. The Nachos and AR had about 20 troops each in the Stadium. This was the last the two sides saw of each other. Alone at the Berg, RPF was able to swell up to around 46. After doing their own thing at the Stadium for a while, the Nachos and AR moved to the Forest. At 3:54, RPF claimed victory and logged off the server.


War Recap

January 12

B Batman3, leader of the Nachos, posts the declaration of war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, with the reasons being hypocrisy on the issues of multilogging and bot recruiting, and general dislike between the two armies. They scheduled invasions of RPF territory for the next two days.

January 13

In the first battle of the day, the Nachos invaded Brumby with their UK division. They maxed 21 during the invasion, and in the end the two sides agreed to a draw. RPF kept the server.

The second battle took place on Ice Palace, again with the Nachos invading. RPF maxed 35, and the Nachos 20. Both armies claimed victory, leaving the server disputed.

January 14

The first battle on this day was the Nachos’ invasion of Bobsled, which pitted their UK division against RPF. The battle ended in a tie and the server remained under RPF control.

During US times, the Nachos attacked RPF again on Cozy, but were unable to overcome their opponent and surrendered the battle.

January 16

RPF launched their first attack on the Nacho Empire, going straight for Fjord, their capital server. With an impressive top size of 55, they overwhelmed the Nacho’s force of 25, and won the battle and server.

So far, the war has gone fairly smoothly, the only disputes being the battle on Ice Palace and today’s battle on Tuxedo. Currently, the next move for the Nachos is to reclaim Fjord on January 18.

Who do you think won the battle? Who is winning the war? Comment with your opinion below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer







8 Responses

  1. RPF will win

  2. RPF.


  4. Great post, bro, gj.

  5. Lol, not even the Nachos can deny our true might.

  6. Ice Warriors


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