Trippy Retires From The Army Republic || Slip Appointed As AR Leader

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Capital – In an unexpected turn of events, Trippy, Army of the Republic leader and legend, has decided to retire from the army and hand the torch to Slip, new Army of the Republic leader.

The Army Republic was brought back around 2 months ago, on November, with leaders such as Burritodaily, Trippy and Flame. The AR started with mere sizes of 10-15 but after some weeks, they were able to rise to shocking sizes of 25-30 at almost every event.

AR Maxing 30+

After a war against the Rebel Penguin Federation, a war that hyped the army, motivated troops and is known as one of the main reasons for AR getting those sizes of 30+ quickly, the Army Republic even managed to attain the 2nd spot on CPA Central Top Ten, in which is described as another golden age for the Republic.

It was only two days ago, on January 13rd, 2016 when Trippy made a post on Army Republic’s site with the title of “I Will Be Back”. You may read the full post here:

Summer 2016

Trippy AR Legend

Forever and Always AR

*disclaimer: this is not because of how we’re doing, as you’ve noticed I CAN’T find the time to get on. I’m sorry Flame.

In this post, Trippy does not write a big, long retirement post but just some words, stating he will return to the Army Republic in the Summer of 2016. He also says that he is not leaving because of the current sizes the AR has had, but because he is not able to be active enough to keep leading the Army of the Republic.

With one leader retiring from the army, it would have sense that a new leader was appointed, and that is exactly what happened.

Just yesterday, January 14th, 2016 at around 4 PM EST, Slip, a former Army Republic leader and future legend, was given the rank of leader in the Republic once more. Here is an extract of the post regarding this on AR’s site:

So since nobody decided to post this, Flame and I have promoted Slip to leadership. Some of you may not know what Slip has done to AR prior to this generation, but Slip has led AR through it’s golden age. He also couped one of my least favorite leaders in AR history :$.

Slip is a future AR legend, and you should recognize that fact.

Please give Slip all the respect he deserves, and hey, go in strong AR.

Trippy, AR Legend

Forever and Always AR

This post was made by Trippy entitled “A Future Legend”, explaining that as no one had published a post in regards of Slip’s promotion to leader, he decided to make one. Slip led the Army of the Republic during a golden age before and everyone should respect him for that.

The Army Republic hasn’t been performing well lately. Some factors that could have affected their performance may be the retirement of Burritodaily some days ago, and the retirement of Trippy yesterday but with the appointment of Slip as AR leader we will see if the Republic is able to get back on.


What do YOU think of the retirement of Trippy and the promotion of Slip as leader? Will the Army Republic get back to the top of CPA Central Top Ten with Slip, or will they fall due to the retirement of Trippy?

Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central Reporter

SM Army Press Editor in Chief


9 Responses

  1. But…… Burr’s still 4’3, so how does this post change anything!

  2. 2nd lmao

  3. funny how you + trader claim its bullying, harassment, and demeaning when someone talks bad about your appearance but here you are doing the same thing to someone whom hasn’t done anything to you other than call out your multilogging.

    of course i wouldn’t expect anything different from the biggest, baddest boy we know.

  4. Short nigga, but my dick tall.

    What I told Bad’s bitch… wait, who am I kidding, this dude isn’t pulling shit.

  5. This genuinely made me laugh. Ty, Burr.

  6. Funny how you’re defending some kid who just left your army to get malled by RPF, but hey, he has faith in the 21 year old US marine to do his rightful duties!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. But…. Viagra doesn’t count mr.bilbo. Silly Burr! My bitch doesn’t like the KKK! All you pulling is milk cartons off the shelf to try and get taller 😦

  8. really grasping at straws to try and insult me, lol

  9. niggas named Chris Leone wipe they ass wit cheap toilet paper den keep going when the shit rips and he hand get doo doo butter on it

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