Change Retires From The Water Vikings

FROSTBITE, WV HQ – After being one of the best leaders, the Water Vikings have ever seen. Change retires from the Water Vikings and armies. Click Read More to follow on.

It was only this summer, when we saw Change become one of the greatest WV Leaders. As soon as he immediately took helm, he rose the Water Vikings to heights they haven’t seen before. With the help of Kingfunks and Bep, Change was unstoppable.

Then after 7 months of leading the Water Vikings, Change said his goodbye and retired.  As soon as Change retired, Funks had promoted 3 new leaders. Buddy, PJ and Mortico. You could see Change’s retirement statement below.

I have taken it upon myself to retire from CP armies. I’m too busy in real life to lead Water Vikings, which has been evident due to my inactivity. Although we have been a slump for a while now, I am positive that the leadership of Buddy, Katie, Mortico and Pj will bring this army to the heights we once saw.

I’d like to thank everyone in the Water Vikings, for even though we’ve only been around for the last 6 months of 2015 we still triumphed in the CPAC awards, winning both Largest Army and Biggest Rise. This was only possible due to all of your dedication. I honestly am proud to say that I lead you guys to 1st numerous time and to victory against DCP (twice). However, my time is up, leaving the future of the army in the hands of our new leadership.
This retirement came as a surprise to many. Change has previously stated before in an interview, that he would not be retiring in a year or more. Change had retired due to being busy with real life things.  Change exclaims that he believes that the new leaders, will bring the Water Vikings back to great heights. Heights they haven’t reached in a while. Then he thanks everyone in the Water Vikings for their dedication.
Change,Funks,Bep and Tymatts leadership in the summer of 2015.

Change,Funks,Bep and Tymatts leadership in the summer of 2015.

What will become of the Water Vikings now? There has been mixed emotions about their new leadership. A lot of people feel like it’ll be a good thing and a lot of people feel like it’ll be a bad thing.  The Water Vikings currently haven’t had an event in almost 3 days and Katie, the new main leader of the Water Vikings has made a post exclaiming that the Water Vikings need to shape up.

Most Recent Water Viking Event

Most Recent Water Viking Event

So what will happen now for the Water Vikings? Will they rise or fall? Will the new leaders reach great heights again? Comment Your Opinion! YOU Decide!


CP Army Central Editor in Chief


3 Responses

  1. thats not cool

  2. Change was a great leader for sure

  3. i guess wv was too scared of change

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