Armies Start Petition Against Doritos

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – With the whole community standing against the Doritos, they have now took the bigger step in starting a petition against them. Numerous armies. Click read more to follow on.

The Doritos have had a rough year. With constant wars, and constant multilogging allegations. It was only recently where multiple armies formed an alliance again the Doritos.  Each army has taken their input on a war with the Doritos and each army has taken their input in accusing the Doritos for multilogging,botting and nulling. The Doritos have been caught this year for multilogging.

It all started with the Army Republic taking stance. They posted a post called “The Doritos Recognition”. In the post they basically explain the proof of the Doritos multilogging. You could see the statement written below.

Throughout the duration of the last year, and many could argue even longer; armies have been at war with Doritos of Club Penguin. However, not a typical war in which armies are adjusted to, but a war consisted of criticizing mixed with rage. However, during the past few months an overwhelming amount of evidence has been brought up against DCP and their stance on how credible they truly are when it comes to following army rules. With such evidence provided, it is safe for armies to state that the Doritos of Club Penguin have violated CPA rules by multi-logging incessantly in recent times.

Since the Army Republic has posted the statement along with the proof. Other armies such as Nachos and the Water Vikings have reposted. In fact almost all of the top 10 has reposted this. They all look at the Doritos as an invalid army and would like action to be taken against the multilogging immediately. The Doritos have also made a statement against this which will be shown below.


There is a petition going around to have DCP unrecognized as an official army. I’m going to list a few facts that make this totally irrelevant.

  1. DCP causes fights with every army, of course everyone’s going to sign this dumb petition. We like to fight.
  2. DCP is currently at war with 80% of the Top 10. This would be more bias than actually fair.
  3. No armies have been removed before for being “attacked” by multilog accusations. Why should DCP?

In the Doritos statement, Trader argues that no other army has been removed for being attacked by multilogging accusations. He also calls this bias as armies are at war with DCP. The Doritos stand strong with this petition going around.

What do you all think? What’s your STANCE on the Doritos? What do you think will happen in the future? Personally, i’m not sure on what will happen in the future. I’m curious to know though. Comment your opinion!


Here at CPAC, we will be investigating the proof provided agains the allegations towards the Doritos. We will have further statements out later on. Thank you ~ CPAC Staff.


CP Army Central Editor in Chief



85 Responses

  1. Can you have a link to this petition?
    DCP is a not bad army in my word. But… Army since so many have died because of them multilogging, it’s something I feel that any criticism of the DCP by themselves are dead!

  2. This wouldve dependened whether or not “ahem* ” International” army law is enforced or not. Seeing as it hasn’t for the past few years, there isn’t any way to enforce a petition. The last time something like this could be done was 2011.

    At one point, we need to accept that this community will come to an end and instead enjoy the time we have left.


    I made one of these a while ago is the link i believe

  4. This is a bit too far now I am annoyed more and it’s Club Freaking Penguin who really cares?

  5. These types of conflicts will destroy our entire community

  6. hey rocky. just wanted to make a personal response to you and everyone whom doesn’t understand the goal of this treaty.

    it might be hard for a lot of the retired people to understand where we’re coming from with all of this, but the nihilism and giving up on armies doesn’t solve any issues. this game isn’t dead until the community dies, and as we can see by the fact that we’re still on websites discussing CPA, then its not dead. if 3D-CP or CPNext comes, or if every server is turned into ultimate safe-chat mode, then THAT is the time to start wondering if the end has come. anything else is speculation and should be put aside for a later date.

    past all of that, its also easy to say “who really cares?” when you no longer have an investment in whether or not the community lives any longer. after all, you’re retired! why should you care that a community that has been going on for 10 years(!) goes down the drain? other armies and people in them should never have their chance to write a page in this big story we’ve all created for ourselves here because you’ve retired, right?

    if you’ve read the statement in full, there are 25 compilations of pictures, videos, and statements from ex-Doritos against DCP for multi-logging. people dont want to play with others whom cheat us and the system in place, ESPECIALLY when the group in question does it so blatantly. if we did, then 122344a, myself, icey, and other leaders+legends wouldn’t have written this treaty, the NWO/AA would have never formed, the special reports wouldn’t have come out, and this movement would have never gained traction. on top of that, all the armies that have posted it (more to come!) wouldn’t have agreed with its message and posted it as well.

    we have a choice whom we want to play with in this community, and its wrong to deny armies the choice of whom they want to interact with. if everyone doesn’t want to interact with DCP, we aren’t going to force them to acknowledge them. hence why the treaty was made.

    but hey man, maybe you’ve got a better counter-argument than i do. feel free to tell me it here or on xat. i’d love to hear your reasoning.

  7. I retired from DCP in April way before these accusations and I get what you’re saying but I think it’s ridiculous to not consider them as s Club Penguin army entirely

  8. I myself am against multi logging if might add

  9. Okay I can talk there but meet me at a non army chat then

  10. That all I have left

  11. If we as armies don’t recognize DCP, CPAC will not either. Dcps connections to this website can’t save them this time. Times up Jack

  12. Mark my words DCP, like I said, you guys might be able to multilog, but trust me, enjoy it will you can because your time will be over one day, and others won’t be 🙂

  13. even if you ignore doritos as an army they can still invade you & you just can’t make an army pop out of existance.

  14. Exactly wheres the common sense in all of this?

  15. >Tries to remove a whole army from community for multilogging
    >Doesn’t try to get rid of those certain people within that possibly or possibly not multilogging instead of ruining the whole army like a complete douche
    >Tries destroying an army’s legacy because of this either way that you look at this
    >Doesn’t use enough common sense
    >Tries to go outta proportion

  16. #ThatIsHowIFeel

  17. Thats the truth at those disliking my comment and you can’t even say am lying because I don’t and its against Christianity to lie so cry me a river of excuses

  18. Douchebags

  19. this is not the be all end of all of the problem. if the army wont take it upon themselves to remove the people that degrade its name, openly cheat, send death threats on top of ddos+dox threats, etc. without any repercussions, then what do you suggest we do?

    the ban isn’t permanent (you can see this if you read, but something has to be done or else this kind of thing will keep going on and on forever.

  20. Somebody with wisdom and actual ass common sense, gives an oreo cookie for the good comment lols

  21. Fact

  22. this community has been destroyed, where have you been

  23. LMFAO

  24. I laugh at whoever decides to dislike this comment lmfao

  25. “The Doritos have had a rough year”
    Oh, poor them!

  26. You can consider them a bot raiding group (which, given how much they bot and multilog, they are already a borderline bot group) and treat them as such.

    The point of this petition isn’t presumably to pretend DCP don’t exist. It’s a call for CPAC to remove the DCP (and cheaters in general) from their Top Tens, which they haven’t yet done for some strange reason. It’s also presumably a call to boycott DCP and treat them as an invalid army.

  27. You mean rough few months ever since September came and gone

  28. True but they cant consider them as non existant

  29. Point

  30. im at the cpac chat

  31. I will talk to you tomorrow or Sunday then because busy right now and I am seriously sorry for insulting you before

  32. Unless you would like to kik me its gonna have to wait until then

  33. You can pcs somebody in that case for it like Mortico lols kik wise

  34. i don’t see this ever happening tbh..

  35. You’re watching it happen

  36. CPAWM, even though they don’t try, usually are the deciders of many things in CPA. Until CPAC/SMAP take action, nothing will be official and nothing will happen.

  37. inb4 CPAC gives 20 point deductions

  38. If armies dont recognize DCP, CPAC can’t. times up jack, im sinking the pearl

    release the kraken!

  39. Honestly the only reason the 24 hour rule is still acknowledged is because people wouldn’t know how to react if it stopped being acknowledged.

  40. musta is strong.. he’ll stand up to this
    oh wait.

  41. No. I fucking hate DCP, but you can’t do this. CPAC is NOT the government of armies, even though they act like it. That applies in this situation as well. And armies not “recognizing DCP as an army” (whatever the fuck that means) means that DCP isn’t an army? WTF? That is not how it works. DCP are still an army, whether they’re on CPAC or not, as I said CPAWM is not the government of armies. If you think DCP is taking the fun out of armies, everyone who signed this petition is hypocritical and ten times worse.

  42. we know cpawm isn’t the government

    thats why we’re doing this separate of cpawm.

    if dcp can prove they are a legitimate army to everyone and not a rouge group of 6 people that bot and multi, then as the treaty states we will take it from there and make our own decisions. this isn’t centralized at all so anybody is free to revert what they said once they believe the dcp issue has been taken care of.

    as I said to rocky, if you have an idea to get this solved, please tell us here or on xat.

  43. This is so stupid to laugh at. I don`t care about this petition cause im the good one in DCP who doesnt multilog. Mark my words

  44. You live in the comments section of CLUB PENGUIN ARMY CENTRAL. Your comments are legit retarded. You are 20 years old…..Now, Akabob22 might be 20-21 years old, but he doesn’t live in the comments section and this isn’t his life. Shut up. Just shut up and never comment here again please.

  45. DCP sucks, they should not be recognise, all they do is bot raid and mutilog, those son of bitches

  46. Can you mind your own business I don’t comment on this shit every day like you do some of you and if I do comment a lot it’s usually once out of those 2-3 days that I may or may not comment per week so kindly with all due respect stay out of my way please, ohh looky I didn’t swear something practically none of you can control lately 😒

  47. You may have pissed me off in your reply but this comment made me laugh

  48. Truth

  49. Nailed that one real good

  50. Meet me tonight if can

  51. i am on right now.

  52. Don’t have access right now

  53. Wow DCP troops are dumb:

    This is so stupid to laugh at. I don`t care about this petition cause im the good one in DCP who doesnt multilog. Mark my words

    This is a bit too far now I am annoyed more and it’s Club Freaking Penguin who really cares?

    >Tries to remove a whole army from community for multilogging
    >Doesn’t try to get rid of those certain people within that possibly or possibly not multilogging instead of ruining the whole army like a complete douche
    >Tries destroying an army’s legacy because of this either way that you look at this
    >Doesn’t use enough common sense
    >Tries to go outta proportion

  54. I will have to come tomorrow busy lols

  55. Sorry

  56. You heard it here first. This post proves that sprite was trying to frame us all the entire time. If you do not belive it than you are letting your bias opinions about dcp as an army blind you

  57. Cpac dosen’t act as the government though.
    People like thinking they do though.

  58. CPAC is not the government but they have every right to remove CHEATERS from their competitions. It’s completely absurd that they’re actively allowing cheaters to participate in their competitions. Removing cheaters from their competitions is not “governing”, it is doing the right thing. CPAC would only become a government if they did things like attempting to invalidate an army or do things beyond their power.

  59. Yes, but the rest of your army does multilog. CPA won’t stop this petition because there’s one person in DCP who doesn’t multilog.

    You aren’t the “good one” at all. You described this petition as “so stupid to laugh at”. If you were really the good person in DCP, you’d be taking the concerns addressed by the position seriously regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the claims, and you’d be expressing concern about the multi logging in DCP. However, you instead choose to mock the concerns and the petition, which makes you just as bad.

  60. Come on, Rocky, use your brain. Can you not see the utter stupidity and hypocrisy in Moopsie’s comment? Don’t inflate Moopsie’s ego.

  61. Lmfao

  62. >Uses green text on CPAC
    >It’s 2015.

  63. Lol hi Burr green’s sexy color though

  64. Lmfao this kid, you literally have no life. Everything I hear you say is against DCP. You’re just some autistic faggot that sits on your PC all day complaining about armies. You’re probably going to die at a young age because of how stressed you are over this bullshit hobby. You literally do nothing else but talk smack. You act like we care. DCP is still stronger then any shit army you’ve ever joined.

    Come at me

    Ill flex all over you

  65. Fuck your treaty. DCP kicked all of your asses. Keep crying and hiding behind ignore invasions. Your army is legit 6 people, i don’t know what you’re saying. Go back to making videos and playing minecraft, Nachos.

  66. God dammit guys, for weeks now, you’re all flame posting on your army websites against DCP. Why do you do that? Imagine being a new recruit in an army. You see 5 posts on your site that have cussing, insulting and out of cpa topic things. You would say “wtf is this, cp armies suck. I quit”, and you would be right. Stop fighting like little babies and chill out. As long as you keep “fighting” with DCP, they will be the spotlight and they will fight back. Leave them alone, and they will stop doing whatever they do and it makes you guys mad. This is CPA guys, a community to have fun, chatting with people around the world, and having adventures, winning or losing. Again, chill out. I’m not taking sides I this, as I have nothing against each sides. I’m just sick of this shit going around.

  67. Nobody’s that stupid, Possum. DCP have been proven to multilog multiple times prior to sprite joining DCP. Stop forcing Sprite to take all the fire and accept that DCP is wrong.

  68. I would approve of that

  69. You’re implying everyone else that isn’t a little kid right?

  70. Sick of the drama too

  71. I take back my earlier comment given that Mach is cleansing DCP, however, Musta should also be put under investigation since he’s one of the primary multiloggers in DCP

  72. Lmfao

  73. I would approve of 50 point deductions…maybe

  74. LMFAO I would honestly go as high as 30 max on an army that multi logged for that week truly

  75. A whole community is truly a dangerous enemy indeed…

  76. Wow 6 over 1.

  77. lol i am not even involved with this.

    I also agree with Legofan. Armies are already going to die, nothing is going to change that. the main reason i retired and stepped down from armies was because everyone has been acting shit.

    If you want to try and hack CP to unblock those recruiting lines i would be satisfied.

    Armies are meant to be for fun.

    As Acp was meant to start armies as family friendly. All though i take no side in this.
    If DCP cheats, so? If someone cheated in sports they would be disqualified, if they deny and refuse, they get ignored and other players still have fun.

    Obviously CPAC did not make armies, They only help govern the community. you idiots are treating this like a serious issue


    Go ahead and click that dislike Button. but what i am saying is probably true.

    Good Luck in surviving.

    Watching you suffer is like a Sad Movie <D:

  78. To bad they only signed it because dcp destroyed them multiple times

  79. #ExtremeWaysToAvoidPeople

  80. The community ‘dying’ has a lot to do with how people act around each other. Most of the people in the CPA community really will believe whatever they’re told to believe.

    If you look deeper into the issue then you’re going to find the underlying problem of people believing things that they *SHOULDN’T* believe.

    It’s just a shame what this community is coming to. Just goes to show how we pay for ignorance with tragedy. But I’m just a minority, right?

  81. ur fucking god

  82. Green?

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