Old-School 2007 Battle Recap

Mammoth, Club Penguin Historical Server – While few people have witnessed the way battles used to work during 2007, many have not. Today, seven armies clashed together on the historical server, Mammoth in what you would call an ‘old-school battle’.

On December the third, seven armies (Light Troops, Ice Warriors, Night Rebels, Army of Club Penguin, Army Republic, Nachos, and the Rebel Penguin Federation) battled together in constant room changes, faced soaring snowballs, mass lockouts, and with collaboration, they even made Mammoth a two bar server. A few rules were set to the battle, although many people violated them it was still a respectable and enjoyable battle for many. New players to Club Penguin Armies also experienced a rather more action-packed event rather than just standing in formations, dancing, and doing emotes.

With over 130 troops online altogether, two rooms completely filled, no army logged off without facing another army. The rules were simple, and were as followed:

  1. No formations or tactics. You can still type on Club Penguin, and you can still use emotes on Club Penguin. But leaders are not allowed to “lead” tactics or organize troops into any sort of formation.
  2. No “starting rooms”. When you log on Club Penguin, the first thing you should do is patrol the server and find out where the other armies are. You are, however, allowed to inform troops where the certain battles are taking place and encourage them to go to a different room.
  3. The last army online wins. No matter how many you have on Club Penguin. If you stay on the longest, you win. Hiding is allowed, as this requires troops to scout the server to ensure that they are truly the last ones online. But unless an army commander officially surrenders or gives the order to log off, they are still in the game. Just because a lot of people log off doesn’t mean they lose. An order has to be given for it to mean anything.

As you can see, XAT communication was barely used as it was basically all through Club Penguin. The battle itself lasted over 2 hours, narrowing down to three finalists. Many armies logged off early and were considered defeat, however, the Night Rebels, Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation stayed on the longest. Size never mattered, it was all about who could stay on the longest.

Without further ado, let’s do the recap of the battle –

At around 2:50 PM est, the Ice Warriors and Army Republic decided to log on. The Rebel Penguin executed the troops in the battlefield at around 3:01 PM est, whereas armies like Night Rebels, Army of Club Penguin, and the Nachos came in strong, but with a disappointing delay.

Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation logged on around 3:01 PM EST, executing their troops to the battlefield as soon as possible. Although there was no official first room, most of the Rebels moved to the Ice Berg to group up and organize their military. The Rebel Penguin Federation managed to grasp around 55 users on chat, averaging sizes of 35 in the battle and maxing sizes up to an acclaimed 40. The Rebel Penguin Federation was considered one of the three dominating armies of the clash. The Rebel Penguin Federation mostly battled the Army Republic and Ice Warriors, in rooms such as the pool, boiler room, ice berg, and forts. You may see a picture of the Rebel Penguin Federation below:

RPF vs AR in ‘King of the Hill’ battle

In comparison to:

Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors decide to command their soldiers to log on ten minutes earlier than due time for easy preparation. The Ice Warriors first gathered and achieved organization in the forts. They were mainly battling the Army Republic, but however, at the end they seemed to battle the Rebel Penguin Federation continuously. The Icicles managed to max similar sizes to the Rebel Penguin Federation, however they averaged a little bit more. The Ice Warriors got the lower chat size out of all three dominant armies, however, they managed to get a lot on Mammoth. You may see a picture of the Ice Warriors in battle below:


Ice Warriors VS the Ghosts!

In comparison to:

Army of the Republic

The Army Republic decided to log on at 2:50 PM EST to prepare their troops earlier as well. The Army Republic mainly battled the Ice Warriors but later shifted to the Rebel Penguin Federation near the closing point of the battle. The Army Republic managed to get 50 on chat, but weren’t as dominant as the other armies in terms of sizes. The Army Republic managed to get a max of 35 and average around 32. You may see a picture of the Army Republic below:

Light Troops

Although the Light Troops were never really invited officially by the host of the battle, Twitchy – they still decided to log on. However, it was a poor presence and I believe they never really ordered everyone to log on. The Light Troops were seen with a max of approximately 10. The Light Troops never really focused on one enemy but watched the battle supervene. Unfortunately, due to them not caring about the battle, no pictures were found.

Night Rebels

The Night Rebels are a rather newer army to the community, serving as what you would call a rebellion of the recently shutdown Dark Warriors. Despite their new faces to the community, the Night Rebels managed to log on and even secure a near victory as they were one of the last three armies to stay online. The Night Rebels mostly battled the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin at the Berg near the end of the battle. Due to them not having an official site yet, no pictures were found of the battle.

Army of Club Penguin

The Army of Club Penguin managed to log on to make the battle much more fun and enjoyable. The ACP managed to average around 10, while maxing almost 15. Although no pictures were exactly posted in favor of ACP due to them not posting the battle on their site, you may see a picture of ACP’S appearance in the battle below:


In comparison to:

Sorry for the blurry pic.


The nachos were invited to the battle, and they did attend. Sadly, they came in a bit late. Due to no post on their site and the lack of pictures provided by many, no pictures were found about the Nachos. I did manage to grab a 2007 battle picture from the Nachos as you may see below:

Who won?

The rules stated that the battle isn’t decided based on sizes, but decided on whatever army lasts the most. Four of the seven armies logged off around the two hour mark, leaving three armies – The Rebel Penguin Federation, Night Rebels, and the Army of Club Penguin. These three armies battled it out on Berg for around forty minutes. Later, we saw the Night Rebels change rooms. The Rebel Penguin Federation kept fighting the Army of Club Penguin in a 5v5. After a while, the RPF got tired off and logged off, leading to game over. Afterwards, the Night Rebels saw that it was only them and the ACP left, so they shifted to the room, Ice Berg. These two armies clashed and clashed until the ACP got worn off and logged off, leaving the Night Rebels the last remaining army and the army that stood out victorious.

1st. NR (Max of 10)

2nd. ACP (Max of 15)

3rd. RPF (Max of 40)

4th. Army Republic (Max of 35)

5th. Light Troops (Max of X)

6th. Ice Warriors (Max of 40)

7th. Nachos (Max of X)

My opinion

I believe this battle was extremely respectable. We’ve been doing tactics and formations for a while now and we haven’t experienced anything different. I have to say, when I was on the battlefield, the battle felt like a real battle. Unlike performing emotes thinking we’re the best, we actually saw some action like throwing snowballs, and chanting for our army. The whole concept of whoever stays on CP last wins is also a way you could experience the battle, because it shows what army forfeits quicker and what army resists the longest.

So with a rather different battle-style experienced by many, who do YOU think? Do YOU think this battle was fun? What army did YOU think won? Do YOU think there should be more of these battles for the entire community to enjoy? We want YOUR opinions! Comment them below!

~ Chip

CPA Central Reporter


8 Responses

  1. I loved it. I completely loved the experience. I was more content than drinking a cup of coffee. ^_^

  2. RPF will be hosting/organizing another 2007 battle for next Sunday. All armies are invited to participate once again.

    I think Sunday’s battle was extremely successful in comparison to other failed Mammoth Saturday battles leaders have tried to recreate.

  3. now only if we can go back to how it was in 2007 on a daily basis it would be much appreciated.

  4. Can I come? -goo-

  5. it was awesome I was on to the end id love to have another one

  6. Other than the concept of ‘last army to log off wins,’ I loved it.

    The sheer competitiveness of the community today kind of pushes that rule to a point it wasn’t originally perceived at in 2007 since people, you know, actually surrendered when they were obviously over powered.

  7. What you need to understand, though, is that armies have a hard time running like this with multiple leaders. Orders during these types of battles (when given) are very precise and can easily confuse new recruits who are arguably not as well-trained for these types of battles as were the recruits who actually joined armies in 2007, when these types of battles were prominent.

  8. These battles were really fun. We need more of these battles and perhaps more armies participating in them.

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