Editorial: Every Leader Can Be A Good Leader

KLONDIKE, DrMatt’s Desk – Hello and welcome back to DrMatt’s Weekly Editorials. Today were discussing on the topic of how every leader can be a good leader. Click read more to follow on.

Leaders are the stars of this community. They are the dictators of the army they lead. But at this point in CP Armies, it’s possible for all leaders to be a good leader. Now they can’t naturally be a good leader, they need to have their sources.



What is one of their main sources? Recruits,but there are many ways they get recruits. Each army leader has so many methods of recruiting. But one of the key recruiting methods has to definitely be Bot recruiting. There’s also auto typing, or chat recruiting still. But seriously who chat recruits anymore? That’s so 2012. Let’s begin with our steps on how to be a good leader!

Step One: Recruiting

Recruiting is a main key on how to be a good leader. A main key on how to rise your army. Basically if you have a really good bot script and you know how to work it,  then you know how to rise an army. It could also be a method of working with cpps’s. For example, the Light Troops are known to be extremely good at recruiting when it comes to oldcp, a cpps run by DSGHQ.

Or you could really try to go old school and autotype, but that won’t necessarily get you much troops. Or you could even chat recruit but there’s really no other place to recruit from.

Step Two: Appearance

When being a leader, you want to make yourself look feared but at the same time make yourself look like the good guy. Since there is so much multilogging going on in the community no one knows who’s a good guy and who’s a bad guy.  You wanna come off as a nice guy to the recruits and wanna come off as a reliable leader. You wanna show people you have what it takes to be the best leader in this community.

Though there are leaders in this community who don’t have that well of a reputation. There are some who bully, some who are racist and some who are just simply out of there goddamn mind.

Step Three: Strategy

You have to have good strategy. Meaning good battle tactics to win in a war or in a tournament. Or new ideas on how to make this community much more fun. Or even ways to improve the community. There’s way too much cheating going on. Leaders always wanna search for new things no matter what.

Strategy is basically what this community is all about. Without strategy this community would just be extremely boring. There’s always new strategies coming out anyway.

Step Four: Loyalty and Trust

You wanna grow loyalty and trust in an army. You wanna stay in an army you know that you’ll love. An army that you want to call your home. It’s also important to have trust with your owners and your other troops. You wanna let them know that your there for them and that your willing to do whatever it takes in the army.

You don’t want to be a leader who leaves an army and hops to another and just do it over and over. You wanna actually find a home army and be a leader that everyone looks up too.

Step Five: No Cheating

Definitely one of the most important thing about being a good leader, is that you don’t cheat. Cheating like, multilogging defacing and etc is what ruins your reputation. It’s what makes the troops hate you and just basically ruins you as a whole.

But who knows who cheats in this community anymore. It’s all a big secret for some or it’s right out there. Hopefully if you wanna become a good leader, you’ll be smart and not cheat.


Hopefully you all enjoyed this post, and hopefully I gave some sort of good advice. Be sure to leave your opinion in the comments and to give a like. Be on the look out for more editorials especially a special edition to come out on Martin Luther King Day. Thanks and Happy New Year – DrMatt


CP Army Central Editor in Chief


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