Bam117 Joins ACP Leadership

Breeze, ACP Capital – The Army of Club Penguin were considered to have the biggest and most dramatic fall of 2015. While the Army of Club Penguin sit at the back of the crowd, we see a familiar face join the ACP leadership alongside Sidie.

On January 1st, former Dorito Leader, Bam, made a post on Dorito’s site about him returning back from AWOL. In this post he explains what his goal for the Doritos are and what he currently has done. You may see an excerpt of the post below:

“Hello! Guess who’s not AWOL currently – ME!

Anyways its good to see everyone again and once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Nicely done to everyone this year who helped contribute to that amazing accomplishment.” 


Surprisingly, three days later, Bam left the Doritos, and decided to to join the Army of Club Penguin leadership alongside ACP’S Ausia leader, Sidie. Many troops have accepted him within the army and are all hoping for a bright new future throughout the entire army. You may see Bam117’s post regarding the possible rise by clicking HERE or by viewing the excerpt below:

“Morning all soldiers, Its exactly 2:22 AM EST – I Bam117 have officially returned as Leader 

I will be leading alongside Sidie in hopes of a achieving even greater heights this year.

IF you don’t already know, I am Bam117 – I lead ACP alongside Ahmed for a bit and ended up leading Solo thoughout the entire summer, During that time we saw our US division spark back in place and saw a consistant top 5 + at ALL times. “

-Bam, Current ACP leader

Bam has been ACP leader before, and this time, he feels more self-assured than ever. Bam last got inaugurated as Army of Club Penguin leader on May 27th, 2015. You may see a picture of an event three days after Bam117 received leader below:

Bam is also quite well known for his great leadership skills in the Doritos, leading them to sizes of 50+ in the ‘orange summer’ of 2015. You may see a picture of the Doritos under Bam117’s regime below:


I managed to grab a quick interview with Bam117 about what he plans to do with the ACP.

Me = RedBam = Green

Chip: Now that you’re leader, what do you plan on doing for the Army of Club Penguin to make them rise? 

Bam117: Destroying my enemies and bribing new recuits.

Chip: Recently, you joined the Doritos, why did you decide to depart from them and join the ACP leadership?

Bam117: DCP has a stable leadership currently [from the looks of it] and ACP is in need of a strong f*cking sexy man like me.

Chip: With a new leader on board, what position do you predict the Army of Club Penguin will be on the next Top Ten?

Bam117: In the name  of all the fire lords before me, ACP will be first fucking place next week, F*CK THE BULL SH*T.

Chip: Thank you for your time, do you have any comments you would like to add?

Bam117: No. (*I lost the real answer -wary-*)

Now that the Army of Club Penguin have a solid new leader, what do YOU think? Will the Army of Club Penguin truly rise and dominate once again? Or, will they see no changes within the army? Do YOU think Bam is a fgt? We want YOUR opinions! Comment them below!

~ Chip

CPA Central Reporter


18 Responses

  1. nice

  2. you LOST the real ANSWER? Never taking another interview from you again you bitch boy!

  3. welcome back Bam

  4. its good to be back

  5. this is amazing…

  6. #MakeACPGreatAgain

  7. DCP ACP
    8====D ~~~~ O:

  8. Chip did this post shocker

  9. Maxy aka WV’s bitch boy since day _#1

  10. Rocky commented on this post shocker

  11. I said that becs

  12. Damn sensitive keys I was trying to say I said that because he hates the Doritos and apparently the army that started this community too

  13. Urgh

  14. This community is lucky I can’t access Xat through mummy new phone otherwise I would be calling out people right now lols

  15. It’s because I am not biased.

  16. I’ve not been involved with WV for a long time

  17. Fair enough Chip but I was just a little shocked that you actually wanted to post about DCP lols

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