Changes Get Installed in the Ice Warriors – Battle ensues

Husky, Ice Warriors Capital – When the Ice Warriors surged and took the throne on the Top Ten on December the sixth, they have only went downhill. With inactivity encompassing the Ice Warriors, surprisingly, a bunch of new leaders were appointed to lead.

The Ice Warriors have been protracting themselves at positions lower than most armies for the past few weeks. Fortunately, they never gave up and always saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

On December the 31st, the Ice Warriors witnessed something great yet unexpected. Toysoldier, former Dark Warriors leader, and legend, formally announces that he will be leading the Ice Warriors alongside his fellow partners, Spi101 and Freezie. Making the leadership consist of five leaders, the Ice Warriors are feeling extremely self-assured about their possible rise within the community. Without anyone foreseeing such, now former Ice Warriors leader, Sir PJ, was fired from the Ice Warriors upon the new leaders joining. You may see an excerpt of Toysoldiers’ introduction post below:

“The official list of leaders in the IW army are the following:

// Xxtoysoldier, Spi101, Freezie66, Ghost, Cargo //


The Dark Warriors army has come to an end, and as a result, the legends that helped make DW who they were have decided to join the fight in the Ice Warriors. Our goal is to eliminate all cancer in the community, all while having fun. Our leadership consists of highly trained individuals, who are experienced in the field of leading. Do not be surprised when the Ice Warriors begin to dominate all of their enemies. We are no longer an army, we are thearmy. Fear us.”

-Toysoldier, current Ice Warriors Leader.

As of the day the new leaders took over, the Ice Warriors have been posting rapidly on their site, reminding everyone about their ‘returning’ battle shall I say, on the second of January.

With all the hard work put into the army, we saw the Ice Warriors log onto former Dorito capital, Summit to start off the battle. This battle saw the presence of a few Light Troops and the Army Republic.

  • Starting off at the stadium, the Ice Warriors circled the room entirely and locked out many enemy troops maxing sizes up to 37 and an apparent 57 users on chat.
  • The Ice Warriors later moved to the town, losing sizes and hitting 32.
  • Afterwards, the Ice Warriors decided to move to the Coffee Shop to ‘allow the other armies to prepare’. In this room we saw around 27 Ice Warriors.
  • After spending two minutes in the coffee shop, the Ice Warriors decided to shift the battle to the forts. In this battle-room, the Ice Warriors managed to return to their previous sizes, maxing up to 35.
  • To finish up the battle, the Ice Warriors moved to the ice berg to secure their victory, maxing around 32.

You may see a picture of the battle below:


Following the event, another person was fired, and even banished from the Ice Warriors. Former Ice Warriors Second in Command, Astro/Jazz was accused of endeavoring to ban everyone on chat and later received strict consequences. You may see a strip of the banishment post below:

“During the last few minutes of our battle, Astro aka Jazz decided to attempt banning everyone on the chat room using the bot. The First Order (IW Leadership) has decided to banish him from this army. His crimes are unacceptable and we will NOT tolerate any behavior similar to this. We have no idea why he would do something of this nature as he was a good owner under our past leaderships. Regardless he is to be banned and remained banned forever on the chat room.”

-Andrew24, Former Ice Warriors leader

After the event, the Doritos have been throwing back-to-back accusations at the Ice Warriors claiming that they are mass multi-logging because they returned with a bang. This of course, did not go unnoticed, while a lot of Ice Warriors posted rapidly on their site explaining their innocent as well as trashing the Doritos and even threatening war.

With three new leaders joining the Ice Warriors, we also see a fourth. Also a former Dark Warriors leader, and legend, announces his inauguration as leader to the Ice Warriors. You may see current Ice Warriors leader, Drake, show that he’s confident and willing to rise the Ice Warriors to the top below:

“I’ll be introducing myself as the new addition to the current Ice Warriors leadership. I’ve led the Dark Warriors to successful heights along with Toy, Spi, Freezie, and many other familiar faces. What other armies lacked back then was an unstoppable and sophisticated leadership that treated armies as they would a full time job. With our experience, I believe IW will be one of the first to rise out of the army community’s current slump. Not only will we be upholding ourselves to our new responsibilities, we will be beginning a new era here in the Ice Warriors. “

-Current Ice Warriors Leader, Drake.

Even though the Ice Warriors only had one event this week and managed to only get up by one from their former position, they are confident for their upcoming weeks.

I managed to grab an interview with current Ice Warriors leader, Cargo, about his predictions for the future and et cetera.

Me = RedCargo = Blue

Chip: Now that the Ice Warriors have installed many great fragments to the army, what do you position do you predict the Ice Warriors will hit on the next Top Ten?

Cargo: I believe we should range between third to first consistently.

Chip: As you may clearly see, tensions have been arising between the Ice Warrior and Doritos. Will there be any war plans for the Ice Warriors? If so, what army will you guys be waging war upon?

Cargo: There will be plans but I wouldn’t want to spoil who it is at the moment. Best to keep the element of surprise, you know?

Chip: Is there anything you would like to say to the constant multi-logging accusations the Ice Warriors have received these past couple of days?

Cargo: I could explain how we are legit, but there will always be people who claim otherwise. The only way we can really dispel these rumors is by showing our tabs in event pictures.

Chip: Thank you for your time. Do you have anything you would like to add?

Cargo: Yeah. CPAC fix your freaking Top Ten you bunch of chimps.

Chip: Ouch 😦

Throughout the time the Ice Warriors prepare for their next event tomorrow, for a what you call ‘old-school battle’ against the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Army Republic, what do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors secure a top spot in the first official Top Ten of 2016? Or, will the Ice Warriors see no changes within the army? Do YOU think the Ice Warriors have any upcoming war plans? We want YOUR opinions! Comment them below!

~ Chip

CPA Central Reporter


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