Editorial: Do we truly care to put an end?

Klondike, Chip’s Basement – Do we truly care to put an end to all the cheating? While the practice of multi-logging becomes more known and takes over the entire community, is there anyone out there to actually care to fight against it?

Of course, we see many people accusing every other army of multi-logging, but in reality, they do it too. (This post somewhat connects to Zing’s ‘We’re all hypocrites’ post.) Sure, they try to bring up as much proof as they can to get the opposing army disqualified, deducted, or hated, but there is really no point. What point is there if you try to take out a multi-logging army when your own army multi-logs too? It’s a cycle in which you’re simply.. feeding onto.

I’ve seen many people battle against the practice of multi-logging, I’ve even seen an alliance form to stop it. I would like to point out a certain someone: Akabob has been truly trying to fight against multi-logging. Despite the hate he gets for it, he still continues to try and finish up his goal. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people like him around. The practice of multi-logging is becoming too vast by the minute to be able to single-handedly put an end to it. Take it this way – Obviously, it’s really hard to imagine yourself murdering someone. But, once you do it, once you start off the first step, as time elapses, it’ll become more natural for you to do and eventually you will be doing it back and forth without even caring. Back in the day (I’m pretty new but..) people were literally scared of multilogging (or at least most were). No one really multi-logged as they almost all believed that it’s a wrong thing to do.

Last year was different. People’s egos took over them and they just simply choose to multi-log fifteen-plus penguins for one event just so their army achieves a higher Top Ten position. Everyone thinks it’s a good thing to do and it’s just helping your army rather than harming it. The people who have tried to fight against multi-logging are slowly losing hope and sooner or later, they will join the other side. As this continues, there will eventually be no one that truly cares to stop this disgusting act.

I know this post was quite random, but think about it. As time passes, we see less people care about multi-logging, it’s almost as if they are condoning it. You may have read Albaro’s ‘legalize multi-logging’ post. He really speaks the truth – everyone is doing it. I, myself, used to truly hate multi-logging. I mean, I still do, but not as much as before. It’s really becoming something normal in the community that I just have to ignore and move on.

No, CPA Central does not promote drug use.

What do YOU think? Do YOU not think everyone is slowly condoning this disgusting act? Do YOU really think there is still hope out there? Maybe there are very few people left that dare stop multi-logging. We want YOUR opinions! Comment them below!



13 Responses

  1. First

  2. My logic is fuck this shit, CP’s basically dead and armies are soon to follow

  3. The army is clean of multi logs as long as we contain it in DCP

  4. Armies are**

  5. thanks for the shoutout

    i can tell you with certainty its much more than just myself here fighting the issue of multi-logging. throughout the time i have been here, i have made a lot of friends and enemies on each side of the conflict, and we will only continue to see the number of people supporting the crusade against multis grow in the coming weeks.

    if you give up hope or move back an inch, the enemy wins. we see today that the DCP has once again gone into lockdown because they don’t want the secrets of their army leaking out due to freezie and healthy leaving. they’re against the wall, and the NWO/AA+LT are only going to keep pushing forward.

    we will see if the shield of multi-logging will be able to hold against the sword of justice.

  6. if you think dcp multilog you are gullible because u believe all the propaganda. You’re being manipulated by a weak army because they cant take out dcp themselves

  7. I think every army should shut down forever

  8. It’s already been proven DCP multilog. If you don’t want to accept the recent evidence, look at the evidence from earlier last year instead.

  9. that post was terrible and proved nothing. All it showed was that wv was desperate to prove us wrong so they looked at every little detail and called it multilogs!

  10. tru dat

  11. I agree. This whole CP Army game is becoming a joke nowadays.

  12. Chip’s basement? Kinky…

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