CP Army World Media End of Year Gala

Saturday 2nd January 2016 

3pm EST || 8pm UK

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – We will be hosting an End of Year Gala on the CP Army Central Chat. The End of Year Gala will see several things take place, so please click read more to find out what is on offer.

Retirement of Mach

Mach has served as the CP Army Central Chief Executive Officer alongside Zakster for several months now. On Saturday, Mach will officially retire from his day to day role as head of CP Army Central. We will officially join to say our goodbyes to Mach on his last days in CP Army Central.

CP Army Central Awards

For the first time ever, we are going to be hosting the CP Army Central awards ceremony on XAT as opposed to a post. Each winner will get a trophy handed to them and a minute to make an acceptance speech if they are indeed on chat. If it is an army, then the highest ranking official will make the speech.

SM Army Press Awards

Our brother site SM Army Press will also be hosting their awards at the end of year Gala on the CPAC Chat. Once again, each winner will indeed get a trophy handed to them and a minute to make an acceptance speech if they are on chat. Much like the case with CPAC Armies, if the highest ranking official of a victorious army is online, they will make the speech.

Trivia Challenge 

Throughout the event, we will be randomly giving out five thousand xats to winners of Trivia Challenges. These challenges can be about the Army Community, and general pop culture! The trivia can be about anything so you need to remain on your toes. It can also come at any time. There will be a total of 50 questions.

Roast of Mach

Following Mach’s retirement from CP Army Central, there will be a Roast of Mach conducted by several members of the community. Invited rosters are a majority of the CPAWM administration, Eyes, Lild, Albaro, CSY, Alexandrova and Jodie. More will most likely follow. Mach has taken shot after shot after shot at SM Army Central, let’s see how they do at taking shots.

Food and Drink

We have decided that we will be serving Food and Drink at the CP Army World Media Gala. Such drinks as Dr Pepper, Coke, Orange Juice, Vodka, a collection of wines and spirits, Pepsi and Rum will be on offer. We have also asked Phin to deal with the food for the party, although now that I think about it, that might not be such a good idea so if there is no food at the party, please assume that Phin has eaten it.

The Mach Giveaway

On top of the XATS being given away by CP Army Central, Mach will also be holding his own give-away on the chat. Whether or not this comes in the form on a contest or something else will be up to Mach as he is going to be the person who is putting the prizes in. More on this is to come.

Find The Staff Member

CP Army Central Staff will be hidden around the Club Penguin island on our exclusive CP Private Server in various rooms. We will tell you the server and upon learning the server, you will have two minutes to find the Staff Member. The first person to find the staff member, will get an XAT prize!

More To Be Announced

That is just some of the stuff that we will have going on at the party on Saturday. Do make sure that you attend the party to see what else we have to offer!

Zing King To

CP Army Central Executive Producer


45 Responses

  1. Sounds good.

  2. It’s 9:00 PM UK because Zing has his bedtime at 10:00 PM UK.

    I think.

  3. Nigga we gonna be partying all night long!

  4. cool!

  5. Nice! Just please don’t invite phin 😦 I wanna eat

  6. I have to make a few speeches then. #popular

  7. Good thing the whale is IP blocked so she cant give us that ass attitude.

  8. Maybe you can deface this party too!!!!

  9. ” We have also asked Phin to deal with the food for the party, although now that I think about it, that might not be such a good idea so if there is no food at the party, please assume that Phin has eaten it.”

  10. Phin’s in charge of bringing the food to the party.

  11. U should have put me in charge. I wouldnt eat everything.

  12. im not going to lie to you, i spend a solid 10 minutes there

  13. i put my head up on your hip and you dip-da-dip-dip

  14. that makes the machoween too xXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

  15. dont bully phin you craven swine

  16. roses are red violets are blue
    hashtags are cancer
    and so are you

  17. the prophet has spoken!

  18. youd be making everything

  19. Shut up meta im not making u any rice so stfu

  20. then im not paying u u cant ban me here lololol

  21. No but I can ban u on dcp again. So if I were u i wouldnt come on dcp for a while

  22. alright ill make sure to never come again


  24. Shut the fuck up don’t insult my meta.

  25. “my meta” tho

  26. Er, i only made a quote to the Zing’s words.

  27. if you bully phin then that means you are buying into wv propaganda

  28. Did you even bother on reading my last comment?

  29. lol no u are an idiot doe

  30. You wouldn’t say that if you were not behind a box 😉

  31. i would because my savoir is gordon edwards

  32. So?

  33. so that means i have a destiny to fulfill to avenge phin

  34. I just, made a quoute… why do you take it wrong?

  35. because it was an ignorant comment

  36. As I just said, a quote.

  37. cumming

  38. Shut up troll

  39. Oh shit the whale changed her ip take cover everybody!!

  40. Nice job, sherlock. It’s easy to change IPs lmao.

  41. Yeah No shit but like can you fuck off nobody likes you xoxo -red

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