Silent night, Holy night…

Make sure to read Everybody Multilogs, which is the post below!

All is calm, All is bright

Round yon virgin mother and child

With the present situation that our community is in, it is without a doubt that a savior is needed, and the song Silent Night, composed by Franz Xaver Gruber, perfectly describes the perfect setting for the arrival of a much needed messiah. Plagued by cheaters, liars, scammers, hackers, and multiloggers, our community is hopeless without a saving grace, an eternal force from the heavens to come down upon and forgive us. The scenario is almost religious, but the reasonable comparison can certainly be made. 

At the same time last year, our community was nearly in shambles; the toil of our communities greatest writers, the Bluesockwa brothers, had been faded away as their successors worked to recover a then falling site and community. It is with great pride to say that on this day, CPA Central stands strong, and has done a fairly good job of holding on after having to pull up the increasingly smaller community. This week we saw more armies existing than last year, but under worse terms.

Armies have gotten smaller, and Club Penguin has lost both it’s relevance and traction: the golden age of the community has long passed, the peak of troops bursting in from hardcore recruiting is gone, the soldiers that used to fight nobly have taken leadership and made a mockery of it, the philosophers of my young time are gone, and those of yours are struggling to carry on a message that has continued to gain weight and disobedience. The holiday season, and these past few months, have not been without their fair share of trial.

In a 13,000 word post, featuring commentary and collective evidence, the issue was highlighted;

In numerous deductions over the past few months, the issue was highlighted;

With armies disqualified from our tournaments, the issue was highlighted;

With careers ended, armies dead, legacies ruined, and time wasted, the issue was highlighted;

Mutlilogging has defined the year of 2015, there is no questioning this fact. Never before has such a topic seen the spotlight of every single army, of hours of effort, days of writing, and months of compilation, it has become a necessary evil in the minds of some, and a general evil to the hearts of us all. Giving, recognizing, appreciating, and being reborn are all in the spirit of Christmas, and those are the principles that will guide us into the next year if we intend on carrying on. From the post titled simply Everyone Multilogs, multiple influential figures were asked about other crimes within CP armies, crimes of the past:

Has their ever been any crime within Club Penguin armies more daunting and detrimental than multilogging? If so, has it been eliminated, or can you say with certainty that we have trouble solving our problems?

1. 122344a (AR Creator)

I’d say the crime of doxing and DDoSing is worse than multilogging in terms of the impression of the community as a whole. Over the years the rate in which people doxed or DDoSed eachother has gone down severely but hasn’t vanished from the community. It’s still around, and that crime has scared many people, to the point where they didn’t even want to be in armies anymore. However, in terms of playing the game fairly, I would say botting during battles would be severely detrimental to armies; however it isn’t done that often. Armies have a fair amount of trouble solving their issues because once they feel they have brought the illegal action down enough, it’s not as bad because it isn’t as noticed; yet it’s still there. The community struggles to comprehend the difference in denouncing a crime, and eliminating it as a whole. If they want to prevent crimes such as this from reiterating themselves they need to eliminate them entirely, not just rule that it’s wrong and move on.

2. Iceyfeet1234 (IW Creator)

Long ago botting used to be a crime within CP armies, and people were afraid to do it. Now people don’t care anymore since everyone is desperate to help their armies survive, which I don’t blame them. Back then CP’s population was FAR greater than it is today, which gave us a massive player base to recruit from. On top of that we had the best lines to use to recruit. Unfortunately overtime those recruiting lines were abused, and CP’s population declined rapidly over the years. With very few recruiting lines and fewer people to recruit from, CP armies don’t have many tricks up their sleeves to reach sizes like we did years ago.

To sum everything up: In the future, there will be a time where we will be unable to use Club Penguin as our means our warfare. When this day comes, I am 100% certain everyone will NOT jump to the same game. Because of this, we need to be prepared and coordinate ourselves to salvage whatever we have left of this community. Different groups of people will want to play different games, and will break off from their old armies. When this day comes, hopefully everyone is mature enough to forget about their passed wars with each other, and can work together to face whatever challenges are ahead of them in their new game.

3. DrMatt (BMA/LT Legend)

Definitely, there has been doxing,ddosing,defacing etc. These crimes do still happen today but not as often. We will most likely continue to struggle with these crimes no matter what. People won’t ever stop these crimes.

4. Akabob (Nachos Legend)

Like a stone in the Colorado river, I’ll stand in the middle of the current and defiantly try to hold the river back until the water erodes everything around me or it pushes me downstream. Its up to everyone reading this if you will stand with me and solve the problem by throwing enough REAL bodies at the problem. Maybe we’ll never get rid of multis, Mach. But I’m not going to abandon my position this far in.

5. Antonio (Golds Legend)

Well there has been lots of ‘crimes’ as you stated before multilogging became this ‘famous’ again, one of which was bot recruiting that made CP ‘angrier’ or DDos threats to fear off the smaller members in this community. Things like this will still continue but the difference is how effective it becomes from time to time in the community until it dies.

The doctrines of global religion included forgiveness from repentance. If we all come to the conclusion with ourselves that multilogging is wrong, and act on changing it, 2016 can be told as a year of success, not a year of failure. On Christmas morning, when you sit in front of your tree, opening presents and spending time with your friends and family, trying out the new things you got, just know that 2016 for CP Armies is right around the corner, and every last one of you have a voice in determining it’s outcome.

Round yon virgin, mother and child

Holy infant, tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace.

CPA Central will continue to work hard at finding a solution to the problems at hand, but we need your help, because we can’t do it by ourselves. Words can only do so much, we spread the word, bring knowledge to the afflicted, and remind everyone of history in order to help inspire the future. Our weapon is the pen, and while it can start the war, and can fight alongside the sword, a warrior is needed to deliver the finishing blow. Multilogging is like a dragon, it takes a true hero to slay. In a truly heartfelt manner from all of CPAC’s staff to you;

Merry Christmas.


13 Responses

  1. I’ll be Jesus

  2. I’ll be at the front.

    Will you?

  3. Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. Ibthink it is certainly a great post and everyone should start changing.

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas to one and all!

  7. Hope is lost, Mach. I’ve tried stopping multilogging for six consecutive months by writing hate posts directed at the armies, providing evidence backing up my accusations, throwing hatred daily at the culprits. I’ve battled against the disgusting method as multilogging for too long, what do you see? – DCP multilogging to 50+ after coming back the community from a 1-2 month absence.

  8. known as multilogging *

  9. “by writing hate posts directed at the armies, providing evidence backing up my accusations, throwing hatred daily at the culprits.”

    u ever think like “hey, maybe i could go about it a different way, yknow?

  10. Reblogged this on CP Vikings and commented:
    When i say worst cpac ceo ever… you say mach!!

  11. And yet the entire time WV was doing it themselves. So keep putting DCP on blast when WV was literally doing the same thing at the same exact time you were throwing accusations at us. But it won’t be long before this comment section is flooded with dirty water from the nile cus after this kid sees my comment he’ll rip me a new asshole am scared

  12. tf?…these are CLUB PENGUIN armies.

    and you waste your time doing this?

    you can do better stuff like ” have a merry Christmas” But

    you decide to do this piece of shit.

    some people do not believe in heaven at all.

    However you are right about the fact that we should not cheat.

    People such as youtubers who work for a living use two tabs to sometimes record scripts for editing and stuff.

    If this community dies. we have a life no problem at all.

  13. Haven’t cared enough or been around since last Wednesday to care and now this has to be one of the smartest comments ever

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