Red Crowned New Dark Warrior Leader

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – With inactivity flowing through the Dark Warriors this past week, we see a familiar owner take the throne – Could the Dark Warriors get back on their former days?

The Dark warriors had been performing much better as of late compared to their former weeks, having constant events and maxing sizes better than before. Due to this, the Dark Warriors hit fifth on the Top Ten two weeks ago, but after that, things have only been sloping downwards. You may see a picture of last weeks’ Top Ten below:

After their note-worthy Top Ten position, the Dark Warriors only had two events – Maxing 30 at a battle against the Nachos, and maxing 12 at an attempt to take back their capital, Frosty. Due to lack of events, the Dark warriors fell 3 spots below their former ranking on the Top Ten. Unfortunately, the Dark Warriors have also experienced the removal of Verum as leader, and the unexpected leave of Cargo, further worsening the situation. With two former leaders gone, it would only be reasonable to inaugurate a new leader. You may see the next Top 10 below:

December 23rd saw a loyal owner take the helm. With Red as current Dark Warrior leader alongside Tirodoragon, they both hope to get the Dark Warriors back to their former days. Red has introduced himself to his fellow Dark Warriors with a post released on site which can be read by clicking HERE. In this post, Red states his methods that are going to be put into action upon his inauguration, and how he plans on getting the Dark Warriors back on top. You may see an excerpt of Red’s introduction post below:

“Hello Dark Warriors! On this day,(12/23/15) I, Red am your new leader. I’m very excited to be a leader in the Dark Warriors. I’ve been waiting a while for this, and I’m pretty happy I’m finally getting the chance to become the leader of the Dark Warriors. I’m going to do my best to rise DW to its former glory, and I need all troops to help on this rise!”

I manged to grab a personal interview with current Dark Warrior leader, Red, about his future goals for the army, and what his thoughts are about war.

Me = Red

Red = Black

Chip: Now that you are leader, what do you plan on doing for the Dark Warriors?

Red: I’m planning on making them rise again. I’ve been noticing laziness which I’m going to squash, and turn it into productivity to make DW rise.

Chip: Do you have any future upcoming war plans for the Dark Warriors?

Red: I would like to stay neutral with armies, but go to war with them if they are *ssholes or if they multilog.

Chip: What position do you predict the Dark Warriors will be in the next upcoming Top 10 provided by the CPA Central?

Red: To be honest, I don’t really care about the Top 10

Chip: Thank you for your time, do you have any comments to add?

Red: Burn the light – Dark Warriors forever!

With Red being inaugurated as leader alongside Tirodoragon, will the Dark Warriors get back to their glorious days? Or, will the Dark Warriors fall? What do YOU think? We want YOUR opinions. Comment them below!

~ Chip

CPA Central Reporter



19 Responses

  1. Really tired while I was writing this post, sorry if it wasn’t as high quality in comparison to my previous ones. Grats Red ❤

  2. why didn’t you make red in red

  3. whatever

  4. when ur pizza rolls r gone

  5. Congrats red. 🙂

  6. Another one bites the dust.

  7. phin let me finger u

  8. How about you go fuck yourself. 😀

  9. sure if u show me how 😉 😉

  10. that’d be like like sticking a baby carrot into a pothole. won’t really do ya much good.

  11. Noobs….. -.-

  12. you wish i’d do it to ur pothole


  14. I think you need more time with your sex toys….

  15. I knew he’d achieved that

  16. Heheh, inb4 red starts making trivia challenges for DW

  17. phin
    sucks 😮

  18. Jt swallows :O

  19. Goodluck Red. May the force be with you.

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