Doritos Announce Return || Badboy Hired As DCP Leader

SUMMIT, DCP Empire – Exactly seven days ago the Doritos announced their temporary shutdown following the retirement of Sprite. However, after tensions with the New World Order Alliance boil over to a full-scale war, the Doritos announce their return with a few familiar faces returning the helm.

On December 15th, the community witnessed the lock down of the Doritos, who were a dominate World Power. The collapse of the Doritos was first announced when Sprite decided to retire from the community. Sprite continued to proclaim his decision to shut down the Doritos permanently, claiming that armies were dying and there was no point in continuing.

However, the decision was almost immediately vetoed by Mustapha10x, Doritos legend. Mustapha announced that the Doritos were on a temporary lock down until things were more situated and that he would be returning to lead the Doritos upon their return. Mustapha concluded by stating that the Doritos had no intention of stopping anytime soon. You can read CPACs coverage of these events here. 

On December 18th, the community saw the formation of the New World Order Alliance, which consists of the Nachos, the Army Republic, the Army of Club Penguin, and the Water Vikings. The alliance, in similarity to many alliances that preceded it, formed with a common goal in mind, to put an end to Multilogging within the community. They planned to accomplish this goal by declaring war on all armies who they believed to be guilty of the crime, starting with the Doritos. You can read CPACs coverage of these events here.

All of these events led up to the grand reopening of the Doritos on December 21st. The highly anticipated return of the DCP was announced in a results posts that followed the very first battle of the war. The following is an excerpt from the post written by Mustapha.
“Nachos, AR, and WV will all be destroyed by the end of this war. Consider this the official reopening of the Doritos Empire. Your worst nightmare has awoken and you’re in for a rude awakening.”
– Mustapha10x, DCP Leader

Mustapha concluded his post by linking images of the Doritos performance during the battle, one of which can be seen below.



Doritos First Event Pre-Battle Sizes


The spontaneous return of the Doritos sparked the question, who would be returning to lead the Doritos alongside Mustapha?

This question was answered in part in a post on the DCP site titled “Bang Bang Doritos Gang” published by Badboy. The post went on to officially announce that Badboy had accepted a leadership role in the DCP. You can read an excerpt from the post below.

“Musta has given me a once in a life time opportunity to lead alongside him and others, and to help get this army back to where it should be; the top of CPA. Some say we were the army of 2015, and as of late we’ve been on somewhat of a slide. This matters not. We will regain our strength, and we will push back our enemies and regain all that was once lost. We will become #1 again and no one will stop us.”
– Badboy, DCP Leader

Bad continues his post by explaining his stance on the war at hand and the New World Order Alliance as an entity.

“To this “new world order” alliance, you’re all a bunch of hypocrites….You claim this, you claim that, you throw accusations everywhere yet you fail to understand one thing; you all do it, you all continue to do it, and yet you have the nerve to blame innocent armies of committing this crime just solely based on the fact that they’re better than you”
– Badboy, DCP Leader
And finally, Badboy concludes his post by using his former position of SWAT Leader to transfer all of their former Empire to the Doritos, which is comprised of a total of 35 servers.

The question of who would be leading the Doritos was answered in full after the Doritos updated their ranks page, making major changes to the ownership lineup.

Screenshot at Dec 22 21-39-57.png

Screencap of the current DCP ranks page

In the image above, we see many former major DCP leaders and legends pave their way back into the community. We see Sprite and Trader, who led DCP prior to their most recent lockdown, Bam, who has not led DCP since his departure from the army which led to his welcoming in the ACP, and Jester, who has not led any army in a matter of years.


Now, we want to know what YOU think! Will this DCP all-star lineup be enough to rival the efforts of the New World Order? Can Doritos stay united, and not allow the army to fall into another lockdown? Why was the alliance given the name “New World Order” as opposed to literally anything else? Comment YOUR opinions below! 


Club Penguin Army Central Executive Producer


132 Responses

  1. the name goes back and forth between nwo and aa (i tried 100 different names but WV likes NWO and everybody else is fine with AA), but its the same group.

    anyway, i can say for all members of the alliance that no matter how many fake accounts are made and trash talk posts are created on the dcp website that we have nothing to fear from an alliance that stays in one room during an invasion and then only shows up to defend for the last 10 seconds as AR are logging out.

  2. Don’t mess around with Bad. He spent his days on the underground areas of Club Penguin.

  3. Thug

  4. Quick Question: Why the fuck are DCP wearing sombreros?

  5. That moment when you realize every single leader in DCP are former exposed multiloggers

  6. HOLY SHIT! With Musta AND Bad, the multilogs are COUNTLESS!! WOOOO FEAR THE MULTILOGS!!!

  7. Bam was exposed for multilogging??

  8. Trader: multilogged in ACP
    Badboy: multilogged in SWAT
    Sprite: multilogged in IW
    Musta: multilogged in DCP
    Jester: multilogged in DCP
    Brad: multilogged in DCP
    Bam: hes a cool guy

    ”innocent armies”

  9. Sit down – as I said you and life are similar – too short to be doing that.

  10. I don’t think Badbitch liked my post :,(

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  12. They’re making an effort to be more fashion forward.

  13. With phin AND phin, the rolls are COUNTLESS!!!

    no srsly, fear the rolls. ive heard you can get lost there, and never return.

  14. 7 leaders and they still have to multilog to reach over 30


  16. We are offically back guys. LETS GO!!! We will be 1st again.

  17. listen goober that was my example post for cpac application, but overall i did like this post so shut up .

  18. Well, in that case you’re hired as CPAC CEO !!!

  19. Badboy, you’re fired.

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  34. Someone of your intelligence wouldn’t understand the joke but its quite upsetting you spend your downtime on CPAC comments section.

  35. I left IW bc of Sprite. NO I DONT give pics bc I have a life.

  36. I dont?? In case you cant read times, theres time gaps l0l. Unlike you and the rest of this community, Im not on xat every fucking day.

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  85. 😀

  86. Yet you were just in DCP, then SWAT, and now you’re in romans, Shut up please. Criticize other armies when you can manage to stay in an army for more than a day please.


  88. Because I’m checking my wordpress

  89. For the last time, since your brain is too small to understand anything, I’m NOT lying!!! Let it sink in.

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  91. Someone who would send nudes on a CP game, get exposed for it, and still try to cover it up is one with half a brain to begin with. Obviously you haven’t let the truth sink in yet, but we’ll see how long it takes.

  92. The only “nudes” I sent were taken off google or edited. That’s the bloody truth and idc what you say.

  93. LOL K Phin. I can go get the whole pastebin right now and show it to anyone and see if they believe that its “off google”. And no one would go through all the trouble to edit nudes for someone who plays CP, idk what kind of bullshit that is lmao

  94. I edited them because I knew it was Trader, and I know he’s a mental retard. XD

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  120. Want proof it wasnt me-

    If you ever link another fucking ip grabber on this site again, you’ll be IP banned and thrown back into the ocean before you can say “anybody got any cake?”. I don’t know who the fuck you think you are or what fucking site this is.- Goblin

  121. No Gobby, you don’t warn Miss Sydney Hanson so that she can just post another link tomorrow. Effectively immidetly, Sydney is IP banned on CP Army Central. I advise all sites to do the same.

  122. Phin was on kik, in tha Nacho chat…and she stole a pic of some blonde slut that used to be on some really edgy Disney show. It took someone like 10 minutes to find the person on google. #LolTryHarderNextTimepls #WhalePoachers

  123. Sorry this is late but first of all I’m not really in CP armies I definitely hang out on xat though. The point is at least armies actually want me lol.

  124. Ahahahah. Looking back @ this, people thought Gob and Zing were heroes. Gg. What they DIDN’T realise, was that I can change my IP. Ggnore Gobby. #TryHarderNextTimeMate

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