CP Army Advent Challenge Day 21

Welcome to the 21th day of the CP Army Central Advent Challenge. Each day, CP Army Central and SM Army Press will feature a fun activity on both sites. These can include things such as Hangman, Graphics, Trivia, Who am I? and other fun things. 500 Xats will be given away each day on CP Army Central, likewise 500 xats will be given away each day on SM Army Press. You can enter the days contest three times, your first three times will count.

I’m extremely sorry to all. Advent Challenge Day 8 will be made up sometime this weekend. I had current internet issues and other things on top of that. Thanks – Matt

Winner for Day Twenty:Meta

Congratulations, It has been decided that we will be giving all winners there prizes after the Advent Challenge. I have kept a sheet with all winners names. Please contact me for further information either on or my kik : thatkidmatt127


Day TwentyOne :Trivia Challenge

Who created the Dark Warriors?


Good luck to everyone who enters. This contest will continue until December 25th, meaning between CPAC and SMAP – 25k xats will be given away.


CP Army Central Editor in Chief


17 Responses

  1. ambrosha

  2. Ambrosha

  3. *blush*

  4. Ambrosha and Elite 910.

  5. Note: In DW history, there was a slight dispute regarding who should be regarded to actual creator. History writes Elite 910 made the name, but Ambrosha made the first site.
    In Elite’s retirement post, he felt they were both founders.
    The current DW hall of fame clearly refers to Elite 910 as “co-creator” under year 2007. By definition, “co-” just means “jointly/mutually”. In other words, it has the same status as creator.

  6. Ambrosha + Elite 910 + Lorenzo Bean (1st and 2nd Generation for Lorenzo)

  7. Oh and Donut67890 (For creating the 3rd Generation)


  9. From my understanding, Lorenzo, while being described as key to DW’s creation, didn’t directly create it(not was this ever claimed), but he did later lead alongside Ambrosha.

  10. Ambrosha?

  11. *nor

  12. Ambrosha

  13. Steve/Ambrosha2

  14. Ok I respect that

  15. I honestly doubt you needed to put both of them but props to you for finding that out! *claps*

  16. I vote for Ambrosha

  17. Steve/Amborsha

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