RPF vs Nachos: Invasion of Blizzard

BLIZZARD, Nacho Empire – The Nachos and Rebel Penguin Federation have been at war this week, and today the fighting continued with RPF’s invasion of the Nacho server Blizzard. Read more for the full report. 

Yesterday, the Nachos attempted to defend Fjord from RPF, but ultimately surrendered the battle and server. Both armies had a top size of about 20 troops for the battle. Today, the Nachos won in the Christmas Chaos Semi-Final against the Water Vikings, and were seeking their second victory of the day. The battle for Blizzard began at 4:00pm EST and was moved to Klondike due to the server size. Before the start time, the Nachos prepared themselves at the Cove, and RPF troops occupied the Ice Berg. At 4:00, the Nachos moved in to attack, bombing the Berg with a joke bomb. RPF countered the attack with E+9, lined up along the Berg. The Nachos then also lined up along the edge. After a couple of tactics, RPF did a joke bomb, and the Nachos responded with E+9. Another tactic exchange later, and the Nachos moved with a joke bomb, quickly followed by an E+4 rake while RPF chanted “fight the good fight”.


Both armies had around 21 troops at this point, and had returned into lines along the edge of the Berg. A couple minutes later, the Nachos moved again, this time doing a blender with E+W ice creams, running in a circle around the room with the emote. Afterwards, they got back into a line along the bottom of the room, doing E+T while RPF bombed out with E+M coins. RPF’s next move was to double up on the Nachos’ line, and the two sides did several tactics in these formations.


At 4:15, RPF moved their forces to the Town. The Nachos soon followed and bombed the room with E+9, and RPF countered with jokes in their semicircle. The Nachos circled the room and did E+2, while RPF chanted “RPF owns”. Now the Nachos had 23, and RPF was slightly behind with 20. Both sides put up tactics at a rapid pace, until RPF bombed with E+3 straight faces. The Nachos responded with “RPF weak”.


RPF then switched to a joke bomb, and the Nachos attacked with an E+8 bomb. RPF switched their emote again to E+W, then E+Q before reforming their circle. The Nachos had gotten into a diagonal and chatbar line, doing E+W. RPF was now spitting out their tactics at breakneck pace, using both emotes and words effectively. The Nachos were holding their own, however, not folding so easily.


The Battle of Blizzard was an extremely close contest. The Nachos and RPF had roughly the same sizes throughout, with the Nachos pulling ahead just a little bit at the end. Both armies performed very well in terms of tactics, keeping the pace quick and bombing/changing formations frequently. Both sides understandably claimed victory, leaving the server disputed. The war will continue tomorrow with the Nachos’ liberation of Fjord and invasion of Yeti.

Who do you think won the battle? Comment below with your opinion!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


5 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. good article

    I enjoy reading articles that go into more detail about the battles and what had happened in them rather than a general synopsis with an interview at the end.

  3. WoooHoooo Im just gunna join the Nachos today so Nice Job Nachos keep up the Good Work 😊

  4. Look at them cute penguins in the picture

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