The Return Of Many Vikings

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – After a rather unanticipated fall for the Water Vikings, we see many former troops return. Due to this, could the Water Vikings pull themselves back up to world power status?

The Water Vikings have dominated the Top 10 for the past two months, but have recently taken a great fall. They were seen maxing sizes of 45+ around the Water Viking-Doritos war. The Water Vikings invaded the Doritos back to back and were showing the community that they are not an army to mess with.

Unfortunately, many WV leaders started losing motivation towards the army and were planning on going as far as retiring. The sizes of 45+ were no longer seen, as they struggled to even max sizes of 30+. Later, the Ice Warriors decided to declare war on the Water Vikings, leading them into a greater fall. From sizes of 45+, the Water Vikings started dragging themselves around the 25 margin, sometimes even cancelling events with sizes of 20. Not going out unnoticed, many vikings saw their current army state and decided to act.


December the 16th saw current WV leader, Katie, address WV’S current state in a protected post. Following the post, another current WV leader, DrMatt, announces that he’s officially back from a long temp-leave of two weeks. You may see an excerpt of DrMatt’s post below:

I have Risen,

The time is now. I have returned after being gone for two weeks. It’s our time Vikings. We will Rise and we will Dominate.”

It’s not the Wave that’s coming, It’s the Tsunami

Surprisingly, it wasn’t long after when we saw former WV leader, Stromae, return to the Water Viking leadership. Stromae was last seen assisting the Vikings, bringing them back from the dead to maxing outstanding sizes in the Legends Cup. In his post, he explains how he’s going to attempt and repair the slump the Water Vikings are currently in. You may a section of his post below:

“This post will not be as long, boring & pointless as Funks’, simply the leaders are in a tough situation – Katie has been left to her own devices, myself and Funks plan to help her. We’ll be focusing on recruiting and repairing.”

Straight after, without any delay, we see another former WV leader return to the throne. Kingfunks4, being the main figure of WV’s initial rise this generation has decided to try and bring the army back up and running. In his post he explains what he expects and what should be done in order to bring them back. He also states that he will try and improve foreign relationships with other armies. You may see a cut of Funks’s post below:

  • Flame posts from other armies will be mainly ignored, unless it is a major claim against our army and the way we are run.

The army has been mainly focused on responding to flame posts, rather than focusing on the performance of our own army. We know that we play by the rules, and unlike some other armies do not need to multi log to achieve success. The constant unfounded claims against our army must be ignored, because constant claims without any evidence are only being fired at us to unstable us. Focus on our own achievements and our own ability to succeed.

  • We must be targeting at least one event per day and to that everyone must be active and focus on getting the army back to the very top.

This week in particular, some events have been cancelled and there has not been an event for four days. Everyone must check the schedule and make sure they attend as many events as possible. With activity and dedication to the army members and moderators can make it to the very top of the army, like Katie who worked hard to achieve the leader rank.

  • Our army will improve relations with armies that play by the rules, who hold a high morale ground and fight for what is good in CP Armies.

Armies that do not multi log, such as the Rebel Penguin Federation, Army Republic, Nachos and Army of Club Penguin must receive our admiration. Like us, they fight for what is right and achieve success without the need for cheating. I would like to improve relations with these armies to improve the army community and to make it something we are once more proud to be a part of. I appreciate that some of the armies listed are at war with each-other, but what is CP Armies without war if it is a fair one?

After the return of KingFunks4, we see a former owner return to the crew. Chip, known for being a loyal body to the Water Vikings also announced his return to the army. In his post, ‘We’re back, watch out”, he tries to hype the Water Vikings up explaining how everyone is returning to help the army. You may see a section of his post below:

“Following the temporary return of two former WV leaders, and two current WV leaders officially back from temp leave – I chip,  from the great Water Viking empire, officially announce my temporary/permanent return.”

With yet another viking back in the army, they weren’t done yet. Former WV leader, Buddy, has retired from the Air Force rejoining the Water Vikings for the rank of 2ic. Although there was no post by himself regarding his return, Funks did make a post. In this post we see Funks introducing Buddy to the rest of the army:

“I am pleased to announce that Buddy, former Water Vikings leader, has returned to the army to take the 2ic rank and we look forward to seeing what he has to offer once more and potentially leading the army again in the future.”

Shortly after, the Water Vikings decided to have a little “comeback event”. In this event we see the Water Vikings make a noticeable return maxing sizes up to 37+. You may see a picture of the invasion of IW server, Sherbet, below:


I managed to grab a brief interview with temporary WV leader, KingFunks4, about future plans of rising the Water Vikings and what he feels about a few things.

Me = Red

Funks = Blue

Chip: Following the return of many former Vikings, do you think the Water Vikings will reach their old position? If so, how do you plan on doing so?

Funks: The Water Vikings have already shown early signs that they’re back on track, reaching nearly 40 in our event yesterday. My experience as leader in combination with those leaders around me will guide the army back to the top spot.

Chip: As you may already know, the Water Vikings are currently at war with the Ice Warriors. Is the leadership planning on ending the war with the Ice Warriors or carrying on?

Funks: We are undecided on our future approach on the war with the Ice Warriors.

Chip: A lot of people have been accusing the Water Vikings of cheating. What is the first thing you’d say to the allegations?

Funks: They make me laugh. The Water Vikings will
play by the rules and stand for all the people in our community who want to get rid of the cheaters. The Water Vikings from now will not respond to the majority of false claims that are only lodged to try and destabilize the foundations that have been built.

Chip: Thank you for your time. Do you have any other comments to add?

Funks: I just have to say that this is not my permanent return to armies. I will only ever return on a temporary basis to help struggling armies that I’ve affiliated with (ACP, WV). Thank you.

With the return of various Vikings, what do YOU think will happen? Will the Water Vikings get back up or fall even more? Do YOU think the Water Vikings will possibly join in the Nacho/AR alliance? We want YOUR opinions! Comment them below!

~ Chip

CPAC reporter



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  2. deuxieme

  3. troisieme je’mappele “King”

  4. Nice post Chip.

  5. bias

  6. Yay Chip isn’t bitching about multi logging

  7. Believe it or not, I tried so hard not to sound biased. I wasn’t intending to sound bias too. I smacked them out pretty hard 3 par.

  8. posting about ur own army seems to me like bias.

  9. A Tsunami.. shit brb moving.

  10. It would help if other staff members other than Chip, Goblin and Matt would post, then maybe people wouldnt have to post about their own army.

  11. It’s not bias? At no point does Chip show favouritism towards WV.

  12. I had already started a draft on this topic when Chip posted it.

  13. When IW beat WV… Ok then

  14. The power is strong with this army indeed and its not biased of Chip to post about his army either

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