CP Army Advent Challenge Day 16

Welcome to the 15th day of the CP Army Central Advent Challenge. Each day, CP Army Central and SM Army Press will feature a fun activity on both sites. These can include things such as Hangman, Graphics, Trivia, Who am I? and other fun things. 500 Xats will be given away each day on CP Army Central, likewise 500 xats will be given away each day on SM Army Press. You can enter the days contest three times, your first three times will count.

I’m extremely sorry to all. Advent Challenge Day 8 will be made up sometime this weekend. I had current internet issues and other things on top of that. Thanks – Matt

Winner for Day Fifteen: Luis

Congratulations, It has been decided that we will be giving all winners there prizes after the Advent Challenge. I have kept a sheet with all winners names. Please contact me for further information either on or my kik : thatkidmatt127


Day Sixteen :Trivia Challenge

Who has the motto “Fight the Good Fight”?


Good luck to everyone who enters. This contest will continue until December 25th, meaning between CPAC and SMAP – 25k xats will be given away.


CP Army Central Editor in Chief


28 Responses

  1. Rebel Penguin Federation

  2. Rebel Penguin Force (RPF)

  3. Federation*

  4. u serious

  5. is sad cus theres a stupid limit 😦


  7. Dr matt that shit ain’t fair though cus I didn’t even get a warning this contest went downhill when zing left like where is the fairness now like wtf

  8. How is it unfair? Red it says in the post that your only eligible to enter 3 times for both SMAP and CPAC. You can’t always win everything.

    I’ve been more then fair to you and more then fair to everyone else. Your lucky I’m even doing this because if I weren’t then there’d be no challenge and no prizes.

    Zing isn’t apart of CPAC anymore and I had to forcefully take over his advent challenge.

  9. No, it doesnt say I can only enter 3 times.. thats how many answers i can give. 2nd you never gave me a warning for this 3rd day 8 hasnt been made up ahhh!

  10. Yeah its unfair how you win every time. I agree Matt.

  11. If you dislike me winning get faster like luis has managed to done

  12. Well I don’t wait on the site for it to come out. Thats just sad.

  13. actually i dont, i get an alert when a post comes out
    please tell me more about how much you know about my life and how happy you are for me to win!

  14. Alright no more limit. Hop off

  15. Still you come right away lol.

  16. Yeah I agree, there should be a limit. 3k is fine.

  17. and your point is that im faster than you? bitch please i think we already knew that

  18. ok thanks babe

  19. Alright bitch well I don’t wait on site like you do at least.

  20. believe what you want faggot just know ill win more than you will ever


  22. Everything is very open with a precise explanation of the challenges.

    It was really informative. Your site is
    useful. Many thanks for sharing!

  23. calm the hell down i dont even know who you are

  24. well ur really dumb

  25. still dont know who you are sorry u must be irrelevant

  26. Actually I’m not you are, for not knowing who I am.

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