Apollo Fired From The Water Vikings

FROSTBITE, WV Nation – When his stint with SWAT came to a turbulent close, Apollo found refuge as a Water Vikings 2ic. However, that too has come to a turbulent close.

Apollo has been a figure to notice this year after finding himself co-leading one of the most successful SWAT generations to date alongside names such as Badboy, and Ganger, and Fort59. However, the reign was cut short after Apollo quit SWAT, and presented evidence against SWATs nefarious activities. You can read our coverage of Apollos evidence here.

However, Apollo is in the headlines today for a reason completely unrelated to SWAT. The events that led to his removal began when Apollo released a post on the WV site mocking Moopsie, DCP 3ic. In his post, Apollo released pictures of Moopsie during a Skype session. The post was titled “woah dcp cool your owners”.

Less than three hours later, the post is removed from the WV site and is replaced by an apology post authored by Apollo. In his post, Apollo plainly states that the intent of the post was jocular, not scorn. You can read the contents of his follow-up post below.

I apologize if my post on Moopsie was seen as cyber-bullying as it was not intended to be. The view of my side was as a joke because Moopsie is actually really nice and she was obviously joking. I apologize that it was taken in an other direction than intended. 

but i didn’t look half bad. 

– Apollo, SWAT Leader,WV 2ic.

Not long after, Apollo found himself in a very familiar place – a hostile departure from an army he once called home.

The decision to fire Apollo for his remarks against Moopsie was announced in a post released by Bepboy9, WV leader. In his post, Bepboy refers to Apollos actions as disgraceful, he continues by criticizing Apollos actions during his SWAT reign, and concludes by firing Apollo. You can read an excerpt from Bepboys post below, or view his full post on the WV site here 

Apollo publicly made fun of Moopsie’s appearance and used the Water Vikings site as a platform to do, what could only be described as, a form of cyber bullying… The Water Vikings site is supposed to be a friendly place, and I would be damned if I let someone try to turn it into something it is not. … He is fooling no one when he tells us that he was the innocent one in SWAT who didn’t multi log, yet he was able to pull all this evidence out of no where – if you at least knew they did it and did nothing, then you are just as bad as the others… Apollo is easily one of the least productive owners I have had in WV in a long while. He is fired.

– Bepboy9, WV leader

We want to know what YOU think! Was Apollos Apology post legitimate? Did Bepboy make the right decision firing Apollo?


CPAC Lead Forensics Ignorer


36 Responses

  1. I can say that there are some people in this community who ask for bullying and insults. People like Phin, and Alessandro, who go out of their way to be hated. Moopsie isn’t one of them. Which makes Apollo the hole of an ass.

  2. Making fun of someone for their appearance? Imagine that. He honestly can’t insult anyone due to the fact I’m pretty sure he weighs 500 pounds. Some people go out of their way to be hated such as Phineas 3776, Alessandro, etc. But not Moospie who is getting bashed on by a fat kid to make his life feel better.

    Oh, I almost forgot:
    {Link removed by Goblin because my post isn’t going to be used to perpetuate the very thing it was condemning.}

  3. A sincere apology post was made for my wrong doings but if you’re going to put yourself out there, make sure it’s not weird shit.

    I’ll just expect those sweet dislikes for some of you who can’t handle the truth.

  4. The truth that you’re a shit of person?

  5. >Apollo apologizes
    >Still gets fired

    If I do not get my coffee, I will go on a ramble about how the community no longer forgives.

  6. yeah apollo would be the one to make fun of MOOSPIE’S appearance…. ok …..

  7. >asks the community to be cleaner and pure again
    >makes a longass post on cpac
    >cybers waterkid

  8. Never made any long posts about cybering, and by cleaner and pure, I’m taking strictly about Multilogging.

  9. what is true? that you are trying to take your anger out on a 10 year old, or that you multilogged in SWAT and backstabbed them, then blamed it on everyone else around you?

  10. SWAT was multilogging way before I joined them, but Apollo was the only one doing it. The same penguins in the list i gave out of SWAT multilogs were used in Ice Warrior events under Apollo’s leadership which led to him being fired from IW. I was honest about how I set SWAT up, but you’re just blaming everyone around you.

  11. Why did you remove the link?

  12. The hell are you on right now lmfao?

  13. i can apologize for something i did, but that doesnt make what i did any less disgusting and vile

  14. He cries when people bully him, yet do it to others for no apparent reason. Smh, hypocrite.

  15. I guess Apollo APOLLOGIZED heh heh.

  16. Because you’re a fucking faggot

  17. you’re not excused fucklord

  18. haha mine turtle, i dont get it

  19. how did u not get that wtf

  20. idk i dont get anything

  21. He called you a fucking faggot.

  22. APOLLOgize

  23. Funny how I covered for Bad and Ganger by blaming you but in my exposing SWAT post I admitted you suggested it as a way to kill SWAT instantly, which I now respect. Prior to your introduction as SWAT leader I was unaware of the acts. As a fool I contributed penguins but I lied as in multilogging. That was how the list was obtainable to my possession.

    But whatever you say, just take this as an apology for blaming you for the acts.

  24. The fact there are people in armies everyday who judge everyone, don’t apologize and get no shame makes me sick. I apologized for my wrong doings sincerely. People such as Change, 11 and Chip decided to talk shit about Moopsie behind her back, without logic.

    I understand my mistake and I apologized. The fact no one can accept an apology, forget and move on just shows how dead this community is. The post was not intended to be cyberbullying as it was a joke. Moopsie and I have been friends and I’m sure she wasn’t as hurt as she has had worse things done to her. I apologized sincerely and realized my mistake a while after. The post was taken down.

    And don’t you dare say that I am the only one who has done such things in this community as it’s utter bullshit. You want the community to survive and last longer but you don’t bother forgiving people for simple mistakes. Again, I’m waiting for more dislikes as all of you are indenial of pure fact that you are all cowards.

  25. the difference between you and change is that change doesn’t go around making posts publicly shaming people for the way they look/who they are as a person. the fact that you continue to be belligerent about having people decline your apology just shows how unapologetic you are. it isnt a simple mistake when you continue to be an utter dick to random people who have done nothing but be nice to people within the community. you expect a warm welcome when you apologize for your wrongdoings, but how many times have you actually apologized for something like this? three? four? i mean honestly, its pretty disappointing seeing the fact that you havent grown off of any of your mistakes and still point fingers at others to cover up the fact that you’ve done a lot of inappropriate things to the people in this community. you havent realized your mistakes, you’re still the huge piece of shit you were before you made the apology letters. instead of expecting a warm welcome and loving embrace from the community, maybe grow from your experiences and quit being such an asshole?

  26. don’t you love him lmfao

  27. Damn, Apollo is a gay asshole. LITERALLY.

  28. go on a treadmill faggot

  29. That’s rude.

  30. Nice observation Genius.

  31. You didn’t cover for anyone but yourself, every attempt you make to lie takes a toll on your character. The mere fact that you quit over losing powers and betrayed me as a friend and gave WV a list of penguins YOU complied saying they were mine and Ganger’s is beyond pathetic, and now I see this up on CPAC, and I can’t even begin to explain how much of an idiot I was for trusting you let alone giving you a legend status. No one multilogged in SWAT but you, not going to say Verum is completely innocent, but he is right, those penguins are yours and you even told me you used them in IW. You’re a pathetic army leader, aswell as a person. Your personality is shit and you need to figure out some new motives, because this game isn’t for you.

  32. Oh boy…

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