Top Ten Armies: 12/13/15

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After a week of three different wars being fought, many armies involved experienced a boost in performance, creating some shifts in this week’s interesting Top Ten. 

1. Doritos [+2] [82.61]

2. Ice Warriors [-1] [76.00]

3. Water Vikings [-1] [74.50]

4. Army Republic [+1] [73.00]

5. Dark Warriors [+4] [68.00]

6. Nachos [+2] [62.00]

7. Rebel Penguin Federation [-3] [56.00]

8. Redemption Force [-2] [54.09]

9. Army of CP [+1] [50.25]

10. Air Force [NEW!] [45.50]

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 1. Doritos: The Doritos held an unscheduled US training session in which they maxed 30 and averaged 27, then had a US/UK training session wherein the army maxed 37 and averaged 35. The army maxed 42 and averaged 40 at a US training session, then held an unscheduled AUSIA training session whilst maxing 30 and averaging 28. A US invasion of Toboggan was held, maxing 35 and averaging 33, then a US raid of breeze was held where the Doritos maxed 38 and averaged 35. The Doritos invaded Berg with the UK/US divisions whilst maxing 34 and averaging 30, then held a US training session, maxing 32 and averaging 28. To end the week, the Doritos maxed 24 and averaged 22 at an AUSIA training session.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.27.59 PM

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors began their week with a US invasion of Snowmobile in which they maxed and averaged 35, then held a US invasion of Beanie wherein the army maxed 36 and averaged 32. the Ice Warriors faced off against the Water Vikings in a US battle where they maxed 30 and averaged 20, then held a US invasion of Snow Plow maxing 27 and averaging 25. The army then held a US training session in which they maxed 22 and averaged 20, then their last event of the week was a US invasion of Down Under whilst maxing 36 and averaging 33.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 9.09.22 PM

3. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings began their week with a US defense of Sub Zero, maxing and averaging 23, then held a UK invasion of Snowmobile, maxing 30 and averaging 26. The army then had a US battle against the Ice Warriors in which the Water Vikings claim victory, maxing and averaging 25, then held a US invasion of South Pole, maxing 34 and averaging 32. The army had a US defense of Ice Rink against the Ice Warriors, maxing 30 and averaging 26, then had a US training session wherein the latter maxed 34 and averaged 30 to end the week.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.20.49 PM

4. Army Republic: The Army Republic maxed and averaged 27 and 24 at their first event of the week, which was a US battle against the Dark Warriors, then held a US defense of Winter Land and invasion of Thermal on the same day, at the defense, they maxed 22 and averaged 19 and at the invasion, they maxed 22 and averaged 20. The Army Republic maxed and averaged 27 and 22 (respectively) at a US battle against the Dark Warriors on Brumby to end the week.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.43.46 PM

5. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors began the week with a US battle with the Army Republic in which they maxed 30 and averaged 25, then held US battles of Winterland and Thermal, maxing 30 and averaging 25 at both battles, then held a US invasion of Zipline in which they maxed 23, then held a US defense of Frosty in which they army maxed and averaged 25 to end the week.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 9.13.01 PM

6. Nachos: The Nachos maxed and averaged 16 and 13 (respectively) at a US raid of Frostbite at the beginning of the week, then held a US training session wherein the army maxed and averaged 15. The Nachos held a US invasion of Shiver with a max and average of 15 and 14 (respectively), then invaded White House with the US division maxing and averaging 8, then invaded Aurora with the US division, maxing 15 and averaging 13. To end the week, the Nachos held a US invasion of Antarctica maxing 6 to end the week.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.57.26 PM

7. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation began the week with a victory in the Christmas Chaos quarter finals maxing and averaging around 40+, then held a US training session in which they maxed and averaged 15 to end the week. Although the RPF only had a couple events this week, they are determined in terms of raising in activity in the new week.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.47.00 PM

8. Redemption Force: Redemption Force had a total of 5 events this week, starting with an unscheduled UK training session where they reached 12 troops online. Then, their AUSIA division had a training session and maxed 12. RF maxed 15 at an unscheduled training session, then 25 for their cleansing of Thermal. To end the week, they topped off at 15 for another unscheduled training session.

9. Army of CP: This week, ACP had 4 events. First, they did a mining expedition with their UK division, maxing 15. They followed up with a UK recruiting session, reaching 10 online. At another UK recruiting session, they reached a top size of 18. ACP’s AUSIA division then logged on for a training session with 6 troops. They concluded with a recruiting session which saw them max 15.

10. Air Force: The Air Force makes another return to the Top Ten after a week of 3 events. They started with a UK training session where they maxed 9. Then, at an unscheduled training session, AF topped off at 13. Their most recent event was their cleansing of Hockey, where they maxed 16.


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CP Army Central Philosopher/Historian/Reporter 



89 Responses

  1. Heh, DCP back in their multilogging prime. Pathetic <

  2. Finally, CPAC is on time

  3. Good job IW 🙂 GET BACK TO THE TOP!!!! #1
    Why is DCP first? All of their penguins are multilogs.

  4. Great job IW

    Nice multilogs DCP

  5. DCP and IW multilogging to the top 10/10

  6. um endo87??? ginger554 u there bro? xd

  7. DCP’s AUSIA is legit guys, ok??

  8. Brace yourselves, the “DCP MULTILOG” and “BAN DCP” comments are coming.

  9. Nachos are on the rise! Keep it up!

  10. Hide your wife and kids!

  11. Nice job, Air Force. Next week, we rise even more 😉

  12. Great job dcp for getting number 1 again. Good job to all other armies too 🙂

  13. DCP’s sizes are as fake as Phin’s stories.

  14. Dude all you do is whine about multi logging armies. It’s just a game so chill out man

  15. You didn’t count the RF Ausia event

  16. Prepare for WV rage loool

  17. Great job RF, DCP, and Nachos. Keep up the rise. Fear the shield.

  18. yeah but chip, myself, and a lot of other people hate cheaters. u make a good point. it is just a “game”. so why go to such extremes to be number 1 on the top 10?

  19. I knew we would be 1st once again Doritos before Christmas! With the help of me, Possum, Trader, Brad and Sprite and all of you guys we couldn`t done it without you! We will be ready for whatever is next for us. We are unstoppable.

  20. Good job to everyone and Air Force! Keep it up!

  21. You guys did not include AR’s invasion of Frosty on Saturday.

  22. he’s not wrong

  23. Good job DW and AR.

  24. let’s see what you look like lol

  25. That’s not true.

  26. HIDE!

  27. what about me!!! 😦

  28. Gj all armies. ♥ ~Soph

  29. doesnt even look like the nile river
    disliked and reported

  30. Proper Good Job Mate! Keep up the Good Work!

  31. Was this supposed to be offensive? The fact that you had to go on a new wordpress account to post this comment, Andrew24, makes me laugh. Just make sure you use your hair to mop your tears (if you know what I’m talking about) when IW get exposed for excessive cheating then complaining about DCP when you guys multilog far more.

  32. pretty sure it is

  33. i dont think tht was drew

  34. The people who cry about cheaters all day long are normally the ones doing it. Look at ACP under Flipmoo and various under armies.

  35. are you that desperate that you take a picture of someone, add text and a picture of the nile river next to it, and then post it in cpac comments because you just can’t fight them in any real way?

    are we really at the point where we make fun of people’s looks instead of just tearing them and their arguments apart?

    “haha, look at his face! he looks different than me! pay attention to him and how he looks instead of me!!!”

  36. Wasn’t me dumbass. I don’t even know how to comment pictures..

    Don’t be mad cause you’re getting smacked by IW :mrgreen:

  37. Not necessarily, maybe we’re just annoyed because we’re the ones putting in the most effort while certain other armies cheat and still unrighteously earn the title of ‘1st’.

  38. I don’t come over too much anymore, but I check CPAC and some armies weekly, now I don’t wanna be like one of those “th1s community iz dying 0MG wot do we do” guys, but i really feel like there are maybe 100 active people here who don’t even care about anything they just come to events of multiple armies because the leaders ask them for help and half of them multilog to make that army seem bigger, even CPAC somehow looks like it losts its soul

  39. Yeah, I have no problem with cheaters but people who complain about it can just uhh….well you know

  40. omg its tha lenco

  41. what wife :O

  42. shut the fuck you kangaroo lookin ass motherfucker you aussie faggot, you the type of nigga to finger a joeys ass you queer fuck

  43. DCP will fuck you up nerd

  44. maybe we do, idek if we. But I’m sure that not ALL our penguins are multi’s

  45. “DCP Back in Their multilogging game” < Pathetic.

    I wonder where WV is. Pathetic.

  46. stfu phinny no one likes u

  47. dont use nerd as an insult trader. U know that i am a nerd 😦

  48. u are retired

  49. Dude. The australian kid in my class said he moved to the US to get away from u so stfu

  50. ik it was a joke, duhh 😥

  51. it was at that point like 3 years ago

  52. surprise motherfuckers.


  54. i actually thought these australian insults were quite amusing but yours is just dumb lmao

  55. kek i could say the same to u


  57. the fact dcp had to come and spam likes on comments multiple times LOL

  58. These insulting hate comments and shit are just old and typical now in the most annoying way possible but good job to all armies this week and yes even the Nachos because at this point I have no true idea who could be the real and fakes

  59. Dashhhhhhhh ❤

  60. except when i do it, its the truth.

  61. l00000l just stop

  62. She makes a good point, Sydney.

    NO-ONE likes you, LITERALLY NO-ONE.

    Possum is a nice person, who wouldn’t like her? Wait, aren’t you the one who gave out nudes for XATs? Oh yes, you Sydney.

  63. CPAC treat all divisions the same now, AUSIA doesn’t get you any extra points… Sadly.

  64. Yes sir! Hi Lorenzo. How do you do?

  65. Thats bullshit.

  66. Possum, who Trader or that Cykablayat,

  67. Well it’s true

  68. Yeah I know.

  69. best comment on here😂

  70. cpac ip san fran ca

  71. carsyn* get it right

  72. and i was busy during holiday- how could i have done it? i was barely on xat all holiday lmfaoooooo


  74. you’re whalecum

  75. woah did u do that all by yourself??

  76. Congratulations to all armies who have reached the CPAC top ten. Excluding DCP who don’t deserve to be here

  77. You look old.

  78. Dude thats a huge spoiler

  79. thats like easy as f*ck an 8 year old could figure that out using a fexbot lol

  80. I’d LOVE to see you try and get someone’s IP

  81. bitch please thats some simple ass shit stop acting like you can hack thats so 2013 🙂

  82. You’re the failed abortion of parents who make £12 a year. Stfu, and stop trying to act cool whe you’re some irrelevant dw owner.

  83. “irrelevant” more relevant than you hun and at least i dont try to be a pro hax0r xdxdxd l337 coding skills dox and ddos rip offline.

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