Ice Warriors vs Water Vikings – A Week in Review

A look back at a week of high intensity battles between the current number one Ice Warriors and the long reigning Water Vikings.

With the Ice Warriors knocking the Water Vikings off of the first place position and into second place previous week, this war was established as a campaign between two titans. Unsurprisingly, this high-spirited war has led to a dispute in the war score leaving a majority of the battle’s victors undetermined.

Sunday, December 6th – Water Vikings invade Snowmobile; Ice Warriors invade Beanie

Following successful battles in the Christmas Chaos tournament for both armies, the two would begin their week with a UK-based battle for the server Snowmobile.

The results? IW would go on to claim victory with a reported max size of 35. The Water Vikings would claim a max size of 30 and would remain indecisive on the outcome.

Hours later, the Ice Warriors would begin their march onto Beanie for an invasion of their own. The Ice Warriors would claim a max size of 36 while the Water Vikings would decide not to attend.

Change, WV leader, also left the following message for IW veteran and leader, Andrew 24:

Myself and the IW leadership agreed on limiting 1 invasion and 1 defense for each army per day. You violated this agreement by scheduling 2 invasions per day throughout next week. If IW want to countermand this decision and revert to 1 invasion and 1 defense per day, please contact me. Until then, we will be scheduling invasions corresponding to the amount IW choose to schedule.

Although not directly stated, this dispute over a set agreement at the beginning of the war may have been WV’s reasoning for choosing not to attend their defense of Beanie.

Tuesday, December 8th – Ice Warriors invade Ice Age

On Tuesday night, the Water Vikings would move on to defend Ice Age. The Ice Warriors decided not to attend this battle and Iceyfeet, IW creator and army legend, surrendered the server to the Water Vikings. An issue, however, was met between Iceyfeet and WV leader, Bep, over the proper war score with Iceyfeet stating that the battle shouldn’t count towards the overall score. The Water Vikings disagreed and tallied it as a victory.

The Water Vikings reported an average size of 25 throughout the battle.

Wednesday, December 9th – Water Vikings invade South Pole; Ice Warriors invade Ice Rink 

The Water Vikings invasion of South Pole would be relatively straight forward with another no-show by the Ice Warriors. The Water Vikings reported a max size of 34.


Late that night, the Ice Warriors would make a move to invade Ice Rink from the Water Vikings. This would turn out to be one of the closest and most exciting battles of the week with both armies reporting a max size of 30. In the end, the Water Vikings would surrender their territory to the Ice Warriors, thus rendering an IW victory.

Friday, December 11th – Ice Warriors invade Snow Plow; Water Vikings defend Pine Needles

As the week began to wrap up, the Ice Warriors would make an impressive showing at Snow Plow. The Water Vikings struggled early on leading to an early surrender.

Also on Friday, the Water Vikings invaded Pine Needles. The Ice Warriors only managed sizes of 5-6 soldiers leading IW second in command, Firestar08, to surrender the server to the Water Vikings.

Saturday, December 12th – Ice Warriors invade Down Under; Both armies hold training sessions

The final day of the week would prove to be an unusually slow one. Both armies held a training of sorts with the Water Viking’s parade of Frostbite and the Ice Warriors training on Klondike.

Later, the Ice Warriors would end their week with an invasion of Down Under. The Water Vikings failed to show up, while the Ice Warriors reportedly managed sizes of 36 on Club Penguin.

While this week seemed rather short paced when compared with last weeks battles, this war still doesn’t seem to be coming to a close. With the Water Vikings already for a week filled with both US and UK invasions, there are sure to be many battles in the coming week as well. Also, open disputes between leaders on both sides seem to express a willingness to prevail regardless of either armies current situation.

So, which army will come out victorious and which will plunder under the weight of battle? Will the Ice Warriors remain on top through it all? Or will the Water Vikings claw their way back to the number one spot? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

Thank you for reading!




6 Responses

  1. I’d say the real winner here is Taylor swift

  2. Good Post

  3. I think it would be less confusing if one of the armies changed colors for the war

  4. The limit of invasions was settled a day before the invasion of beanie. I was un-aware of that agreement… but i don’t even think there is an agreement on that but whatever.

    Just to clear up some confusion: That isn’t Iceyfeet in that picture, its me. I’m also not the leader of the Ice Warriors.. just helping out Ghost and Icey.

    Anyway good post. Not hard to tell IW is winning this war.


  5. Savage

  6. Totally agree

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