Possible World War Commencing?

**UPDATE** The Nachos have declared war on the Rebel Club Penguin Federation, further arising the possibility of a World War. With seven out of Top Ten armies currently at war, its impossible to tell what the future holds for December.

**UPDATE 2** It is proven that the Rebel Club Penguin Federation declared war on the Nachos, not the other way around.

Klondike, CPAWM HeadQuarters – After a rather boring past few months, we see December say otherwise. December has been the month of omnifarious wars, exciting events, and now, a possible world war?

As global tensions arise, we see many armies enter war. Coincidentally, the armies that have entered the state of war have good diplomatic relations with armies in other wars, which adds onto the emulation. From brother alliances, to sworn enemies in various wars, what could possibly occur?

November 29th saw the Ice Warriors, an army that has miraculously surged in the Top Ten following a heavier presence of the retired leader Andrew24, declare war on a consistent World Power, the Water Vikings. With many invasions and defenses, alongside disputable victory in the preponderance of the events, the war still continues to this day. Below is an excerpt of the Ice Warriors declaration.

“The Ice Warriors Hereby Declare War on the Water Vikings.. blah blah blah.”

Followed by the blue war, the Army Republic decided to declare war on the Dark Warriors a week later. The Army Republic have had an unexpected rise these past few weeks, while the Dark Warriors, not falling much behind have also had a phenomenal rise, making the war extremely interesting. You may see current AR leader, Burr, formally declare war below:

“We planned this a little while back, but it wasn’t supposed to be personal. Then your leaders had to act like the typical leaders in this community and rage all day and night over a simple raid. Oh well, this should be a fun war.”

It is without a doubt that the Nachos have had a longstanding friendship with the Army Republic. Formerly a JLA partner with the Army Republic, the Nachos have decided to join in the WAR against the Dark Warriors. The Army Republic and Nachos duo were last seen battling against the New Dawn Alliance – could they abolish the Dark Warriors?

Now, these wars are no ordinary wars. The Nachos are brother allies with the Army Republic which led them to declare war on the Dark Warriors, despite having no problems with them.

It hasn’t come unnoticed that the Doritos have also threatened to join in the war, but this time, alongside the Dark Warriors. The Doritos have already sent a warning by invaded AR capital, Toboggan. The Doritos have had great diplomatic relations with the Dark Warriors after they dropped out in the Power Alliance, an alliance now dead that served the purpose to wipe DCP out from existence. However, the Doritos might not fight for the Dark Warriors, but attempt to take out the Army Republic single-handedly if conflict continues any further.


As it goes for the blue war (WV vs. IW), the Water Vikings, a recent ally to the Army Republic, have recently experienced dilemma with the Dark Warriors. Although, they are at war with the Ice Warriors which somewhat restrains them from jumping into war. However, the Ice Warriors are brother allies with the Dark Warriors – It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Ice Warriors join in the conflict despite their action-packed war with the Water Vikings.

Hypothetically speaking – After 6 world wars with intense action, and ghastly events, we could possibly see WWVII occurring. With two former JLA armies taking on one enemy. While one of the two are allies with the Water Vikings who are at war with the Ice Warriors, a brother ally to the Dark Warriors, what could possibly happen? The cycle seems extremely terrifying.

I foresee that it will be the Water Vikings, Nachos, and the Army Republic VS. the Dark Warriors, as well as the Ice Warriors VS. the ‘lone wolf’, the Doritos.. Six major armies out of the 10 alive.

I managed to grab an interview with current Army Republic Leader, Darth Flame, about the current war state of AR vs. DW and what he thinks about a World War happening.

ME: Blue

Flame : Red

Chip: Who do you think is winning the war, and what is the first thing you’d say to the multilogging allegations thrown at the Army Republic?

Flame: The war seems like it is in the Army Republic’s favor. And, all the allegations are false. If they weren’t, I would remove the multilogger instantly.

Chip: Why do you think the Nachos decided to join in the war and aid the Army Republic?

Flame: The nachos joined our side due to the framing that the Dark Warriors attempted; also, because the dark warriors DDOS’d Army Republic leaders at every event.

Chip: Seeing as there are many close relations between the armies at war, do you think there is a possibility for another World War to occur?

Flame: If one side bands together, the other definitely will.

Chip: Do you think the Water Vikings will jump in and assist the Army Republic? Do you also think the Doritos (if they join in) will play it out alone or assist the Dark Warriors?

Flame: Water Vikings will jump in if it really gets dangerous, I am sure of it. If the Doritos were to join Dark Warriors’ side, then Ice Warriors would join the Dark Warriors and Doritos – thus starting a WW.

Chip: Thank you for your time. Do you have any comments to add?

Flame: No.

With many armies at war with close diplomatic relations with one another, do YOU think a world war will form? Who do YOU think will be the main figure of the World War? Will DCP assist the Dark Warriors or go lone-style? What do YOU think? We want YOUR opinions! Comment them below!

𝓒𝓟𝓐𝓒 (?)


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  1. how the fuck with sprite be able to move all his multilogs tho -hmm-

  2. Great post!

    Bonus points for avoiding shitty, uninteresting “philosophical” posts as well.

  3. Thanks famalam

  4. where’s my credit for doing your research

  5. Like the 10th one, that’s also only going to last 2 days.

  6. Shit is going down

  7. My WW predictions:

    Redemption Force, Water Vikings, Nachos, Army Republic, Army of CP vs Dark Warriors, RPF, Ice Warriors, Doritos

    All these battles would be deadly and have a close end!
    Brothers and brothers team, while enemies go to the opposite side…
    I would love to see a battle with over 100+ with all these armys battling it to the death…

  8. half of these wars are flame wars anyways. A world war is possible, but it would probably be a flame war mostly.

  9. great post btw

  10. Thank you

  11. As this is cp ARMIES, have a big world war. This community needs a spark somehow.

  12. But WV will win 🙂

  13. RPF declared war on the Nachos not the other way around.

  14. Yeah, with bots. IW is already crushing you, so why bother?

  15. lololololololololololololololololololol

  16. “Water Vikings, Nachos, and the Army Republic VS. the Dark Warriors, as well as the Ice Warriors VS. the ‘lone wolf’, the Doritos.. Six major armies out of the 10 alive.” Pretty sad because only those major armies can survive longer than any of the armies, and those who are dead after a long army rise… Anyways l really love to see that if that war is happening. All l see was PB and training everyday on the website. xD 😂

  17. CPAC, you little dumbass idiots, stop posting your wonderings and post the Christmas Chaos semi finals times, which is today. Jesus.

  18. Amen. May God bless you.

  19. You know, you could’ve structured that comment politely instead of making yourself look like a complete prick.

  20. This is basically a war of who can multi log the most penguins


  22. IW are crushing fuck all, you have no right to an opinion Phin, go sell more nudes for xats you whore.

  23. js u shouldnt believe flames comment on “the accusions are false” cus ar are a bunch of pussies who dont admit shit

  24. Only told me about the JLA, but thanks I guess. (wary)

  25. For once, I actually agree with you.

  26. This will soon be in history books


  28. Do not fucking use autism as an insult, nothing is wrong with having autism – if you have it it’s not your fault. You probably don’t even know what Autism is. It’s nothing to be making fun of you heartless bastard, and WOW! FORMER 3ic? Big deal.

  29. lol

  30. oh, look who’s talking 😮

  31. ‘heartless’ ok connor. united kingdom. unlike you- i have a heart

  32. I am the world war.

  33. Do not call me by my real name Sydney, you American bastard. How do you even know my name?

  34. lol

  35. You know an army is shit when they accuse Tiro of DoSing

  36. Somebody is a grinch now

  37. This war could determine who the true armies are in this community but also the fakeists of them too

  38. Ifkr

  39. True

  40. LMFAO

  41. “Tiro”

    SaW returned as adviser the night before it started happening (Not stating it was necessarily him). We know you’re too stupid to kick anyone offline.

  42. american? last time I checked I can change my iP address. but ya im UK. and i have my ways of finding ppls names

  43. No you’re American calm down

  44. hey look it’s your blog sydney


  46. yes you are sydney

  47. no. and my name is carsyn nigger


  49. the fact ur a complete nobody and u think u can hack

  50. never said i could hack… but look up carsyn sanders on fb

  51. Anyone can change their name on facebook but you know what i will

  52. look at the url sydney hanson

  53. Some of you really get on my damn nerves with some of these ridiculous comment wars, most of which included myself, offender and victim in these, Phin, who is always victimized, Goblin, who had a huge impact on me moving on from this shit, Step who I can’t tolerate, and Chip, who is the most annoying, but has been awhile since I saw one with him, and I have to tell you that if these comment wars, and I only mean the pointless ones don’t stop I am literally going to go full humbug about it the next time I visit which won’t be until after this month is over because I already made my visit to the chats last Sunday so fair warning I may be a bitchy asshole but at least I don’t lack of common sense either

  54. Rekted

  55. CARSYN**********


  57. notice the url in the picture

  58. you morons dont know what fake names are

  59. I do Carson Sanders is a fake name

  60. stop replying im TRYING TO PLAY GTA


  62. thug life playing gta when ur underaged

  63. im gonna be 15 in 14 days

  64. >url has sydney hanson
    >therefore it was the accounts original name
    you’re the dumbfuck

  65. just fuck off lmao there have been like 10 of these “world wars” this year they all end up lasting 2 days let’s be honest

  66. What the fuck am I doing lego.


  68. yikes 😮

  69. no.. just no

  70. Huh?

  71. Ok. Heres what I think. I think it would be awesome to have a ww considering ive never been in one. I think its going to be DCP,IW,DW,RPF,AND ACP vs WV, AR, NACHOS ,And the SWAT multiloggs after they return from the grave within days, maybe LT too. Either way this is gonna be awesome. Good luck

  72. Watch as each army suddenly maxes 15.

  73. implying SaW cares about armies

  74. Too bad SWAT won’t return and Nachos/LT hate each other more than anything.
    It’s going to be DW, IW, RPF, DCP, VS WV, AR, Nachos and RF.

  75. Christmas present i guess?

  76. Maybe this will be a christmas present for cpac

  77. Though I disagree with you about most of this comment, specifically your educated guess of there being 10 wars when the history page last time I checked tells you how many there actually were and that they lasted more than a few days considering the last world was was years ago back when armies were more intense and fun, I agree that people might be making too much of a big deal over this and I wouldn’t be surprised that if a world war does happen that this one would be only a few days tbh

  78. Now if anything could make ACP shut down it may be this war, but I do hope not of course

  79. Don’t you mean the real cheaters lols

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