Could Bigger Armies Train Smaller Ones?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – When presented the question given above, one could not help but mull over the subject for an indefinite amount of time.. a bigger army.. training a smaller army? How does that happen?

In a day and age in which armies in the Small Medium Army Press are in the borders of receding and growing, it begs the question of the level of experience the S/M side of the community. While experience does not fit in with activity and amount of troops all in all, the level of an army’s experience also includes the ability to recruit and how to lead events, but when looking at an individual army that is supposedly inexperienced, is the whole army to blame? Is every troop expected to lead and know how to recruit? To the latter question, no.. to the former.. yes. The troops are not expected to know how to form an army and how to lead events, but they must recruit. The bottom line is that it’s not the army as a whole that’s at fault, most times it is the leader(s) of an army.

“Chris, why isn’t this on SM Army Press?” Because this is an idea that both sides could use, so putting it here gives this post bigger chances by being seen by both sides.

Going back to the subject at hand, most small/medium armies are prone to ridicule, saying that they aren’t going to get off the ground or rise in sizes; however, like every army that is in the community, they are filled with potential.. they just need help bringing out their skills.

Think about army training camps in this community.. they are used for when troops want to earn higher ranks and gain knowledge about their army and the community. While many armies here in CP Army Central have done their very best in forming training camps, not a lot of them stick around for a long time. The most well known training camp in the whole CP Army Community is the Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment, or ACPTR for short. The ACPTR consists of training sessions, history lessons, and other things along those lines. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.23.29 PM

There’s so much to learn from even one ACP troop in their regiment

With the basis of these training regiments being laid out in front of us, how would a specific training session for armies work? I believe I have a good idea- hold on for a minute.

-Walks back from staff kitchen- Sorry.. I couldn’t resist the fact that Zakster was making coffee.

As I was saying, a good format for these training regiments would be extremely difficult to figure out; however, here is a good idea. If there ever came a day where an army from the S/M community wanted to really, really have experience in leading, recruiting, etc. that is where the bigger armies come in.

The thing is, there are many different ways to put this format into place. While there are some complications with doing this, this would fix the inexperience problem in the S/M army community.



Strategy #1

There is one strategy that includes an army in the S/M community and an army in this larger side of the community to come together, as if it was mentor and apprentice. To further explain this, let’s put some light on the subject.

Hold on.. I’ll be right back.. -turns back- GUYS! STOP SCREWING AROUND AND LET ME WORK!

Sorry guys, ever since we’ve got this new office, things have become.. a bit rambunctious.

As an example of the strategy, here’s how things can go:

Let’s say the Ice Warriors take the Light Workers under their wing, and let’s say that the Light Workers are just starting out, maxing 3 at each event and hadn’t even been around for even a week. The Light Workers have recruiting strength, but their power needs strengthening, and since the Ice Warriors is a huge army with enough experience, the Ice Warriors decide to start off the Light Workers with constant training sessions to measure the power of the Light Workers as they grow. The Ice Warriors can feel free to do this as long as they want until they see that the Light Workers is ready to start going into some real battles with other armies, and there’s a choice for their test.

Yes, there is a test, the small/medium army needs to defeat an army in a mock war.

The Light Workers have a choice:

  1. THEY can choose the opponent
  2. The Ice Warriors can choose the opponent

If the Light Workers pass, they get to be set free until they need help again as by the Ice Warriors army’s discretion.

For this to really work, any big and any small armies have to be allies, if they’re neutral, they need to get to know each other.. if it’s a enemy.. then why the hell are you helping the enemy?!

Strategy #2 

What if it isn’t the army as a whole that needs help? The army is doing fine with its recruiting and sizes, but the issue is.. how do you lead an army with over 20 troops?

Let’s say the Ice Warriors notices that the leaders of the Light Workers (their allies) are having a tough time trying to get troops to listen to them, the Ice Warriors and Light Workers would form a teacher/student relationship where the Ice Warriors show them how to lead the Light Workers correctly, telling them how to appeal to the troops and telling them what drives them away, and what currently needs changes.

Strategy #3

While this method of teaching isn’t very interpersonal between a big and a small army, this does have purpose to this.

Every week, two or more bigger armies here at CPAC could hold seminars for those of smaller armies and this could be every week. If every leader (and troop, if they want) in the S/M community was to attend weekly seminars about how to gain more experience and about how to grow their army, it would help the S/M side of the community grow and strengthen.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.36.57 PM

A big army and small army represented by a tall penguin and a short penguin


Even after explaining this, I must now remind you why this post is here and not on SM Army Press.

The smaller side of the community is the backbone of all of the Club Penguin army community, and that’s because all great armies come from small packages. I want you to now look at the Army of Club Penguin, the Ice Warriors, the Nachos, the Dark Warriors, RPF, etc. and they all have something in common, they all started out as little groups until they became something huge!

Without smaller armies, the community would be extremely weak and may collapse under a short period of time. One day, all of these big armies will cease to exist, and the newest armies to take up the titles of being the bigger armies will be the smaller ones. If the community is to last any longer, the S/M community needs to be strengthened and assisted.

“Chris, there are so many ways this could fail..”

It’s a sad fact, these ideas may not work because of a few things.

  1. There is no way to make any seminars mandatory for leaders to go to, what are we going to do, revoke the leader’s position as leader of their army?
  2. Like any other idea in this community, this is full of potential; however, it is an extreme rarity for anyone to become and remain committed to it.
  3. Nobody likes to be hovered over, so if a small army was being micromanaged by a bigger army that happens to be their ally, that smaller army would get annoyed and would probably shut down if there was no escaping the constant hovering, or a war would break out and the small army dies.

But here’s the beauty of it.. this whole idea would work if commitment was shown.


In order for this to work, the community must really want this to happen, all of the big armies depend on the S/M community to be the backbone, and it is time to help that backbone stay strong and avoid osteoporosis.

The small army community acts an indicator of our survival, and when the bigger armies get weak and/or die, it’s the smaller armies that will step up to the challenge and be the ones of the front lines. We often take the S/M community for granted since we think it’s just two sides of the community, but it makes up the Club Penguin army community as a whole.

So the answer to my question.. could bigger armies train smaller armies? Yes they can, but we need to show commitment to our ideas.

Sometimes, the most important things are the smallest things you’ll ever find.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.06.15 PM

Commitment may be hard, but when you stick through it, it really helps in the long run.

Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinion! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Central Philosopher/Historian/Reporter 


22 Responses

  1. Credit to Possum for suggesting this topic! ^_^

  2. pussy move, but good post.

  3. Hey, even strong souls need some help too, you know. ^_^

  4. There’s barely any good armies nowadays. Today’s leaderships are just as good as SMAP ones just last year.

    Could some of this stuff you mentioned in this post work? Possibly, just not in todays community.

  5. If IW would do this, I would help out.

  6. thanks

  7. The s/m community has also suffered a weakness in army sizes though I think it would do alot of good for a smap leader who has litlle to none experience leader to have some guidence from some of these club penguin army vets.

  8. Agreed.

    However when you actually take into account of how modern large armies recruit, there’s nothing these SMAP armies can do to actually grow other than calling from their friendslist. CPAC armies have no doubt smothered the entire small and medium army group with these recruiting scripts.

    It is TOTALLY unfair.

    SMAP armies no longer play a part in today’s major army wars simply because they would be fucking smacked. Instead they just go to war against each other as CPAC armies do against each other. They can no longer step up to our level because we have have gained a massive advantage over them.

    Back in 2008-2009 there were countless and countless small and medium armies that weren’t scared of major armies. Sometimes they even banded together and targeted a single large army. They simply can’t do that nowadays because we don’t allow them to. Giving them leadership tips and what-not won’t save them from dying. You could give them every little secret you know, and they still wouldn’t be able to grow without a script to actually allow them to recruit.

    Think of this: If one person in this community was given a script and they were told to raise the biggest army they can in a matter of 1 week they would easily out number the entire smap top 10. That is pathetic. It truly defines this community in a nutshell.

    We’re too busy pointing fingers at other armies and accusing them of multilogging when that isn’t even the MAIN problem we are dealing with. The only reason armies are multilogging is because we are failing at recruiting, the scripts are almost saturated. By putting several bots on servers it is destroying each other not by just out-recruiting but giving every player on Club Penguin another reason to hate us.

    Autotyping was bad, but not near as a bad spot these scripts put us in. At least every army in this God forsaken community had a chance to recruit, instead of just the top 3 or top 5.

    You can continue to keep crying about people multilogging but by sticking post’s on this site and calling them out for it sadly won’t help this community. If multilogging was never a thing the CPAC Top 10 would surely start looking like the SMAP Top 10 very quickly. You’re targeting the wrong issue.


  9. Thank you for the feedback, but I never mentioned Multilogging in this post. While I understand that the community has failed with its recruiting, I was never focused on the study of these bot scripts, the community is getting more advanced everyday.

  10. ^^^awesome ^^^
    nice idea possum btw

  11. “small and medium armies that weren’t scared of major armies. Sometimes they even banded together and targeted a single large army.” Sounds like the NDA!

  12. ACPTR is dead, for now.

  13. ‘#killthescripts’
    isn’t your success fundamentally built upon bot recruiting?

  14. I had major success in Lt, Dw, and Pirates way before scripts were even used, so no. Iw also didn’t use a script until around late April-May.

  15. I’d also like to add something. Just because someone has had success during bot recruiting, doesn’t mean the community is growing or thriving… it’s just making things 100% worse. Which isn’t “Ok”.

    ^ That wasn’t toward you just adding onto something to my first comment.

  16. thanks

  17. LMFAO

  18. Waterkid was stupid for even firing you lmfao

  19. Can’t we just get rid of all the bad leaders first, not saying anyone in particular?



  22. Sure

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