CP Army Advent Challenge Day 7

Welcome to the 7th day of the CP Army Central Advent Challenge. Each day, CP Army Central and SM Army Press will feature a fun activity on both sites. These can include things such as Hangman, Graphics, Trivia, Who am I? and other fun things. 500 Xats will be given away each day on CP Army Central, likewise 500 xats will be given away each day on SM Army Press. You can enter the days contest three times, your first three times will count.

Winner for Day Six: DWRED

Congratulations, Please contact me on any army chat on or kik me at thatkidmatt127. Please note that so far no one has approached me about there winning prizes, I will be waiting all day this weekend.


Day Seven: Trivia Challenge

Who won the award for biggest savage this summer?


Good luck to everyone who enters. This contest will continue until December 25th, meaning between CPAC and SMAP – 25k xats will be given away.


CP Army Central Editor in Chief



8 Responses

  1. Waterkid

  2. Waterkid

  3. Waterkid100

  4. 1. Waterkid
    2. Mustapha
    3. Verum
    4. Bam

    nope i wasnt going to stay up until like 11:30 so im doing it now

  5. Waterkid101

  6. Well, at the 31 days of trivia, I stayed until 2:30 AM but you still beat me :/ …wtf is wrong with you lol.

  7. im in a different time zone it was probably only like 6:00 pm for me hahah

  8. it’s the 9th. where is advent challenge number 8??

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