The Launch of CP Army Servers

PLEASE READ:  The Christmas Chaos Semi Finals have been moved to next weekend. We at CPAC sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Zakster will be sure to speak to all army leaders affected by this problem. We are currently working on releasing the Tournament times sometime tonight or tomorrow. We will make sure that this does not happen again.

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KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Ladies and Gentleman, I can now announce as of 6th December 2015 – CP Army Servers is open to the Club Penguin Army Community! This is not a move for the army community, but something completely different.

About CP Army Servers

CP Army Servers was created by Bester with the guidance of CP Army Central. Zing King To served as project leader for the Private Server and has been conducting several meetings with Bester in order to discuss the Private Server’s opening. The tagline for this server, is “We know armies.” This is a server for you to enjoy, and for you to have fun on. It’s not about controlling the Club Penguin Army community.

We at CP Army Servers are always open to your suggestions and comments about the CPPS and we hope that you do indeed comment on this post with suggestions about what you’d like to see implemented on the server and we will get back to you on your idea.

How Will It Be Used?

Firstly and foremost, the server is for your enjoyment. You can use the server to speak to your friends. Now, the Mammoth server currently allows swearing to take place. Due to this, you will be able to talk dirty to people (yes I’m looking at you Bepboy). We are therefore going to make the game resemble the Club Penguin Army community as much as possible.

Some CP Army Central tournaments will be held on the server. We will be holding our usual tournaments, such as Legends Cup, Christmas Chaos, March Madness and other things on Club Penguin for now – but there will be snowball tournaments that come up, once we’ve made the Snowball battle server.

For now, only events on normal Club Penguin will count towards the Top Ten, however – CPAC are aware that Club Penguin recently fired majority of their staff and therefore, they have been having many technical difficulties. In order to try to keep this fair, if Club Penguin suffers down time – we will be allowing you guys to hold events on the server. Due to this, you should attempt to get all your troops to sign up.

What servers are there? 


Right now, there are two servers. The first server, is that of Klondike. Klondike is the capital server of CPAWM – with it being the server of CPAC and SMAP. You will be able to swear on this server. There will also be a server that we make which doesn’t allow swearing for the younger users to chill on.

There will also be the addition of a Snowball Server with a scoreboard in which armies can battle on. This will decrease multilogging and hopefully, bring some fun into battles once again! This server will not be available upon launch, but it will be soon!


I mentioned before that I’m attempting to get this server to resemble the Club Penguin Army community as closely as possible. The main news sites in the community have been given a headquarters. For CPAC, the headquarters will be the EPF HQ – for SMAP, the headquarters will be the Coffee Shop. In order to better represent the whole community, we’ve also allowed a Headquarters for that other SM Army news site.


Room Changes

We have decided not to decorate rooms such as Snow Forts, Ice Rink, Ski Villiage and Dock with party decorations due to the fact that it ruins formations when you want to hold events on the server. It looks just as it did in the time of Old Club Penguin. I hope that this CPAS allows you guys to hold battles conveniently.

Due to popular demand, we have brought back the historical – original Dojo to Club Penguin. While the Dojo Courtyard is still there, if you go into the normal Club Penguin Dojo, it will be there as it was when it first opened up. The Dojo has served as a very important room in our army past so we’re pleased to have brought it back.

The Map

We’ve elected to go with the standard Club Penguin Map due to it’s easy use. The only change that has been made to the Club Penguin Map is the addition of the CPAC logo. Upon clicking the CPAC logo, you will be automatically transported to the CPAC Headquarters. This was done due to the fact that only PSA and EPF agents could access the Headquarters.


We hope you enjoy the CP Army Community Server. If you don’t – don’t use it. 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Executive Producer


30 Responses

  1. k

  2. mkay. There should be a feature, like Mach has, under his name it says CPAC Ceo, if ur in an army it says ur army name…


  4. Snowball battles will be much more effective, strategic and fun than CP. Hopefully armies will eventually stop clinging on to CP(vanilla CP is a beaten, dead horse now) and open up to things like this.
    However, how on earth do you expect to recruit? If we moved to other games as clans, we could recruit on forums. However, CPPSes are small communities based on CP, and it’s hard enough getting CP recruits to join armies.

  5. There should be a feature where a server is outlined by the color of the army who owns it and you can capture servers etc. add ranks and army below the person and uh, add more battle features i guess but overall, very nice cpps

  6. This took way too much unecessary time wow

  7. SMAC’S HQ is in the Pet Shop lmao

  8. *sees hanger and bad on mammoth* *sees bad swearing cuz he thinks he’s Hitler and the best leader ever*

  9. That is why we’re not fully moving to this… because recruiting can still be done on Club Penguin’s main site.

  10. We’ll be adding this within the next 10 Days!

  11. we should go back to using the dojo just like in the old days

  12. More like the Dance Lounge. Jodie does some dirty shit for the right price. She’ll tie you up and whip your genitals for hours and hours. After this, she’ll be sure to grapefruit her man. His cock will become so erect, that it will somehow flip itself inside out. It shall end up completely turning the man completely inside out, causing him to completely disappear. He is simply gone, and will never be seen again..not that I would know….this is just a guess….of course…

  13. I love the way you have been so kind to allow SMAC to be part of this new feature.

  14. Bias

  15. you nasty child

  16. Maybe that should be where the Nachos belong (WARY)

  17. ^

  18. True

  19. How?

  20. Ohhh shots fired or nah?

  21. Bwaha

  22. Nasty? Child? Bitch Please, I’m Hugh Hefner.

  23. I am really sorry, but this CPPS is SHIT. I can make you a way better one with even !UP command with which you will turn up wearing any army’s uniform (for example !up acp will make you have acp uniform). You can see my current cpps at . If CPAC is interested in hiring me email me at

  24. If you are going to run a tournament it only takes 15 minutes to write a post informing armies what time they will have their battle, but now you are going to give them like what, 5 hours notice? That is very very poor.

  25. Holy shit…. this is brilliant. Thank you so much for creating this.

  26. New CP is over rated. 😛

  27. Lmfao

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